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With the recent retirement of Lurker, Narbot and Skylight, quite a few people have migrated over to an IRC channel, #skyrates. More details can be found on the Skybrary under 'Radio'.

In honor of Singlehood Awareness Day, I've re-added a few Titles to the Store and outfitted my blimp to fiddle with the luxury market. I'm hitting Diamonds at Romeo and Juliet first.

Back into the fray!
The Seasonal Legendary Combats have been reactivated, a few more titles are now available in the Store (some for gifting to others) and ''Happy 2014-15'' has been added too!

Skyrates is a game where you play an airborne privateer (a sky-pirate) that makes their way to fame and fortune by trading, performing missions, fighting pirates, and exploring a fantastic world of floating islands.

If you're looking for a light-hearted online world where you can adventure with friends or be a lone corsair, all while requiring little time investment throughout the day, then grab your aviator goggles and come fly with us!

Start Flying!