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About the Game

A World of Adventure

In Skyrates, you play an airborne privateer (a sky-pirate) that makes their way to fame and fortune by trading, performing missions, fighting pirates, and exploring a fantastic world of floating islands.

Play Throughout the Day

Skyrates is a light-hearted multiplayer flash game that can be played in your web browser. The game only requires a few minutes of interaction every now and then throughout the day, so it's easy to work into your busy schedule.

The Sky's the Limit!

If you're looking for a meaningful online world where you can adventure with friends or be a lone corsair, all while requiring little time investment throughout the day, then grab your aviator goggles and come fly with us!

Start Flying!

Best of Casual Gameplay 2008 - Simulation Game,

As odd as it may sound, Skyrates is a game about human-like animals flying biplanes between floating continents ... You're a young pilot out to make an impact by trading, performing missions, and fighting pirates. Here's the catch: flying between islands takes at least an hour of real-time. The game was designed by a group of then-CMU grad-students to explore sporadic play, something you check like e-mail a few times a day. The result is not only interesting, its good enough to thread its way into your life.


2nd Place Wizards of the Coast Award
for Strategic Gameplay

Every action players take has an effect on other players in the thriving online game world. Skyrates is an experiment in sporadic play, meaning the game can be experienced in several short play sessions rather than one large chunk of time. This accommodates players interest at all levels, regardless of whether they choose to be a peaceful trader, a careful diplomat, or a bold fighter.


Travel the world

Seek fame and fortune

Fight off pirates!

Pilot a powerful aircraft

Manage a crew of characters

Learn valuable life skills

Take missions

Master the economy!

Join a faction!

Skyrates was originally a graduate project at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center experimenting with the idea of 'sporadic play' -- the idea that a game can be experienced in several, short play sessions rather than in one large chunk of time. The goal was to create a game with a persistent and meaningful online world, but with an interaction that didn't demand huge amounts of a player's time.

-The Skyrates team and their Faculty Advisors-