Freefall (Webcomic) in Skyrates...would it work?
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Author:  Nate Quarter [ Wed Jun 24, 2015 7:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Freefall (Webcomic) in Skyrates...would it work?


A extremely brief summary of the original webcomic: Sam Starfall (a cloudcuckoolander/petty thieving squid in an environment suit) and his robotic friend Helix acquire a derelict shuttle and a sapient wolf engineer (Florence Ambrose, who is also the only sane member of the Savage Chicken's crew) following bureaucratic screw-ups and a sleep-deprived spaceport desk clerk. After repairing the shuttle and christening it the "Savage Chicken", the group goes on to perpetrate further shenanigans such as taking the principles of a pressure cooker and adapting it to involve high explosives, stealing the cell doors (and walls, and window bars, and floor...) after Sam is sent to prison, accidentally knocking a pedestrian unconscious and GRAND THEFT AUTO! after attempting not[i][/i] to commit petty thievery, and......preventing the mind wipe of 4,500,000 sapient robots by the corrupt CEO of Ecosystems Unlimited*.

*Acelepius Pharmaceuticals reported a 40% increase in aspirin sales following this event. Oddly enough, retailers have reported that a large fraction of the sales were contributed to law enforcement officials.

Besides the Savage Chicken perfectly transferring to a Kittyhawk, I have no idea if the setting would work or not. The last part about preventing the mind wipe of the 4,500,000 sapient robots could be turned into foiling a plan to destabilize the Unobtanium deposits on a skyland to fit Skyrates better. Other than that, I have no idea.

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