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 Post subject: Hidden: A Skyrates Story
PostPosted: Wed Jan 01, 2014 6:29 am 

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2:45 am, 61 miles off of Cidade

In the dark night sky, several clouds floated in the air, covering the thousands of stars that shone brightly, like gems dotting a tapestry. Gliding through the air were two powerful Thunderbolt aircraft, each bearing the proud insignia of the Crimson Armada, their engines whined loudly as they sped through their patrol. In the cockpit of one of the craft sat Lieutenant Colonel Bastille Vance, idly surveying the skies around him. His co-pilot, a young ensign vulpine by the name of Tag, jotted down a few notes on a journal. The Lieutenant admired the ensign’s eye for detail and his ability to stay awake no matter how little sleep he had had previously. He and Lieutenant had been through a lot together and the old Cat trusted the fox with his life.

Once finished making the notes, Tag reached a paw out and flicked a radio. “Boxer 1 to Boxer 2, come in Boxer 2.” He said, pushing his mic closer to his muzzle, ordinarily the sounds of the Thunderbolt’s loud engines would’ve made it impossible to hear him, but the radios the Reds had on defeated that obstacle.

“<<This is Boxer 2>>,” Another male voice crackled over the radio. Tag glanced over the windshield and caught a glimpse of their wingmate. “<<Go ahead, Boxer 1>>.”

“We’re nearly finished the third sweep, then we can make the return trip back to Cidade and enjoy some well earned rest,” Tag smirked.

“<<Copy that, Boxer 1>>.” Vance could almost feel the smile from their wingman’s voice. The Lieutenant allowed himself a small smile.

“Permission to speak freely, sir?” Tag asked, glancing at his superior officer.

“Granted.” Vance answered without a second’s hesitation.

“I’m surprised at the lack of activity here sir, didn’t two leviathans vanish here?”

“Two leviathans, several Barracudas and dozens of other craft on their way here. Whatever this new Pirate gang is, they haven’t been letting anything bigger than a Barracuda to the city.”

“I know sir,” Tag nodded. “I read the briefing, and if we don’t do something soon, the city will starve.”

“We are doing something,” Vance said. “That’s why we and dozens of other patrols are out here, we’ll find these Pirates yet and knock them out cold.”

“But why haven’t we, or any other patrol, been attacked yet?”

Vance smirked. “Because sadly they aren’t stupid, you’d have to have seriously firepower to knock out two specially designed Thunderbolts with pilots trained for this sort of scenario.”

“With respect sir, you need a lot of firepower to take out airships too, especially Leviathans, I don’t two-”

“<<Boxer 1, this is Boxer 2! Radar’s showing 2 unidentified bogeys heading straight for us!>>” Tag immediately glanced down at the radar screen, while Vance’s eyes scanned the sky ahead of them. “<<Bearing point 1-7-mark-2-4, over?>>”

Tag looked over the radar, and frowned. “Boxer 2, we’re not getting anything over here, confirm?”

“<<Boxer 1, they are still on our radar directly northwest of- Hey, wait a second, they’re gone?>>”

Vance grit his teeth, he had a bad feeling about this, he clicked his radio on. “Stay alert, Boxer 2, things don’t feel right.”

Silent static filled their radios as all eyes and ears searched all around them. For several moments, all was quiet, until Tag saw two dark specks far ahead of them. “There!” He pointed upwards towards the specks. “Looks like two craft… I think they’re Ingersolls.”

Thank Magnus for that fox’s keen eyes. Vance silently spoke, before clicking on his radio. “Boxer 2, bogeys on our 11 o’clock above us, arm your guns and prepare to-” suddenly, the entire canopy of the craft shook as bullets penetrated through the thick hull and bounced around at the delicate machinery propelling the craft. Vance flinched, hoping that no bullets would hit a hapless pilot.

“<<AAAHH! I’ve been hit! I’ve been hit!>>” Boxer 2 shouted out, Tag twisted over his seat to see with wide, horrified eyes as their wingman’s entire left wing in flames as the Thunderbolt began twisting downwards. “<<Co-pilot’s out, left Howitzer gone! I’m going down, I’m going->>” And then Boxer 2 suddenly went silent as the Thunderbolt exploded in a bright ball of fire.

“Tag!” Vance shouted out, not bothering with the radio, yet his voice rang clear to his co-pilot. “Get to the secure channel, contact High Command, inform them-” He stopped and his eyes widened as their mysterious attacked flew past them, it’s silhouette shining before the moon’s light. Neither Vance nor Tag had seen anything like it, but the symbol of three shining searchlights on the tips of its forward, sharp-tipped wings revealed what it was.

“No…” Tag muttered. “The Hidden Fleet was defeated, we defeated them! Didn’t we?”

Vance wasted no time and immediately pulled the Thunderbolt up and brought his sights to bear on the hostile craft, and immediately pulled the trigger. Bright shining tracers exploded out of the two Howitzers, the tracers speeding toward their target, ready to rip it apart. Only for the craft to spin around the stream of bullets and disappear in a nearby cloud, clearing the way for two Ingersolls to dive down on the aircraft. “Brace yourself!” Vance shouted as he performed a barrel roll in a desperate effort to evade the attacks, be he heard the terrifying sound of bullets impacting the craft and dangerous creaks and groans.

“Tag! Get onto the radio and send an encryption to HQ!”

Tag nodded weakly as he reached for the radio and began tuning it to the Armada’s encrypted frequency. “Mayday! Mayday! This is Boxer 1 of the Boxer patrol 60 miles out from Cidade! We are under heavy attack from two hostile Ingersolls and an unidentified Hidden attack craft. Repeat, two Ingersolls and an unknown Hidden fighter! It has already destroyed Boxer 2 in the opening attack and we cannot hold them off for long!” Sparks exploded from the radio as the Ingersoll pair strafed the Thunderbolt’s cockpit.

Vance cursed as he felt searing pain in both of his legs. “Tag, are you alright?” No answer. A quick glance shot the limp and bleeding body of his co-pilot, the numerous bullet holes across his chest and head telling him all he needed to know. With a growl of rage, he flipped the plane with an Immelman, screaming through the blackness encroaching on his vision, and pushing the afterburners, charging right after they Ingersolls with burning rage. He saw the two aircraft growing bigger and bigger as he neared, neither diverting away or splitting. Closer, closer, until-

The Thunderbolt exploded in mid-air, the Hidden craft flying through the smoke seconds later, joining its companions in the night sky.

AN: So yeah, here's the prologue to a Skyrates story I've got high hopes for. I hope you all enjoy it now and as it progresses, if you have any comments and/or criticisms don't be afraid to share them with me.

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