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 Post subject: Singular Purpose, Tuesday, June 3
PostPosted: Tue Jun 03, 2008 6:15 pm 

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Deyo: [radio] This thing on?
[radio] Booyah.
[radio] This is the Singular Purpose, lighting up the sky like a Christmas Tree in summer! Hang on to your hats, those with the sense to wear 'em, 'cause the air just got weirder.
Darkstar walks over to the radio. "... Can I 'elp ya, mate?"
Deyo: [radio] Can you believe these guys? I'm talking about the swarms, of course. Some are calling them "1000 cuts", but I barely got three. I want my money back.
[radio] Oh, that's right, you're payin' me.
Darkstar: ...Mate, I'm gonna need ya to do me a favor, and actually communicate for a second. What can I 'elp ya with?
Deyo: [radio] I gotta say, I love that Ellington character. "Pirate radio!" I am in awe.
[radio] One thing though. I've been on Fuseli a lot lately.
[radio] And I mean a lot.
[radio] If you happen to be roosting on the old bird next time Ellington hits the air, just press your ear to the door marked "Governor".
[radio] You'll swear there's an echo. The Governor gets better reception than I do, though.
[radio] Practically sounds like he's hearin' it live.
Darkstar: [into the radio] Mate, what can I 'elp you with?
Deyo: ((Deyo has the button taped down, and can't hear diddly. ;)))
Darkstar: ((oh... that's always fun.))
Deyo: [radio] Oh, and Remy?
[radio] You got yourself a bet.
[radio] *prolonged silence*
Darkstar attempts one last time.
Darkstar: [to Deyo] Can I 'elp ya with somethin', mate?
Deyo: [radio] You think they bought it that time?
[radio] (female voice) Sweetie, you're still keying the mic.
[radio] WHAT?! Aw cra--*static*
Darkstar: [Radio] 'Ello?
Deyo: [radio] Hi there. Need something?
Mairi snickers at Deyo on the radio, shaking her head as she goes up to the bar
Mairi: oh, hey, that mine?
Talon Karrde nods, attempting to keep his composure.
Darkstar: [Radio] I was wonderin' the same thin' about you, mate...
Deyo: [radio] Nah, I'm good. Thanks for asking.


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