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 Post subject: The Goddess Cat Bistro
PostPosted: Sun Jun 01, 2008 10:59 am 

Joined: Sun Oct 28, 2007 10:04 pm
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Location: Left Coast,USA
Faction: Flight School
Lomondra comes into the Goddess Cat Bistro and plops down her plate of stroganoff and her cup of coffee

Lomondra: hmmm, I wonder where Selene is, the place looks open
Selene: Hello Lomo, you just missed Carmen Banana, she came in and had breakfast, but she ordered hers from the menu...*looks disdainfully at Lomo
Lomondra: well, really Selene, Islo does have the best Stroganoff....*said between mouthfuls
Selene sighs

Selene: ok dear have it your way, here's a napkin, can I get you a specialty bread to go with your er, stroganoff?
Lomondra: oh, yersh, sure, *garble garble* I'll habsh sum banana bread prease
Selene: Toasted?
Lomondra nods

Selene turns to go back to the counter

Lomondra gets up from her table and wanders over to the display cases against the wall

Lomondra checks out the memorabilia in the display cases against the wall in the Goddess Cat Bistro

Lomondra: hmmmm, a picture of BL's duct taped laptop, and look over here, it’s an award for a fifteen minute kiss in the tavern and the fire dept didn't need to be called for oxygen!
Chatty Cathy walks up behind Lomo...*that was my parents, Ken and Barbie that won the kissing award.

Lomondra: oh really, hey come join me, I have lots of Stroganoff at my table and Selene is bringing Banana Bread to go with it.
Chatty Cathy: ohh, I like Stroganoff, could I order a different Bread maybe, and we need something to drink. Oh, who is that over there wobbling about? *points to the stair
Dolly Diplomat makes a grand entrance into the Bistro

Lomondra whispers to Chatty Cathy...*That's Dolly Diplomat!

Chatty Cathy: oh really?!! Dolly Diplomat covered the news article on my parents Ken and Barbie for the 15 minute kiss! Let's get her to join our table, pleeeease?
Lomondra: oh sure, wait here, I'll go talk to her

Lomondra starts over to the stairs but gets stopped halfway by Selene

Selene: Lomo, here's your toasted Banana Bread, and I noticed you have a guest at your table, need anything more, or did she bring in her own food too?
Lomondra: Thanks Selene, just put it at our table please, and yes, Chatty Cathy wants something to drink, she's rather young so I think milk would be best please
Selene: ok, I'll go check, she may want chocolate milk, it goes real good with Banana Bread…*walks over to the table
Lomondra walks up to Dolly Diplomat

Lomondra: Hail Dolly Diplomat, I understand you covered the news article for the 15 minute kiss award that Ken and Barbie did?
Dolly Diplomat: yes, I did and while the fire department didn't need to be called for oxygen, they were quite out of breath for the news it was rather short...not my best article
Lomondra: Please come over and join our table, I hope you like Stroganoff?
Dolly Diplomat: Yes, I do, it's my favorite! How very nice of you! *follows Lomo to the table
Lomondra: oh good, and I'd like to introduce you to Chatty Cathy, she's the daughter of Ken and Barbie who won the 15 minute kiss award.
Dolly Diplomat: I just covered the news article, I didn't know they were given an award, but I guess it's only fitting!
Dolly Diplomat: And I didn't know they had a daughter, this is turning out to be a very interesting morning!
Selene walks up to Chatty Cathy sitting alone at the table

Selene: Hello sweetie, Lomo said you'd like something to drink, chocolate milk perhaps?
Chatty Cathy: Chocolate milk would go great with this Stroganoff that Lomo brought, thank you!
Chatty Cathy watches as Lomo and Dolly Diplomat sit down at the table

Lapis Lazuli walks into the Goddess Cat Bistro carrying a large insulated box.

Lapis Lazuli: Anyone here order a Special Delivery Stroganoff, direct from THE Islo Tavern?
Lomondra raises her hand....*YES, YES, over here please!

Lapis Lazuli: All righty then
Lapis Lazuli walks over to her table

Lapis Lazuli: Yep, it’s twenty pounds make fresh earlier this morning, ma’am.
Chatty Cathy: Please let me Lomo, you got the first batch....*hands over twenty pounds to Lapis
Lomondra: excuse her, she is rather young, dear Chatty it's 20 pounds of Stroganoff, it doesn’t cost 20 pounds.
Chatty Cathy: *blushes....ok how much please?
Lapis Lazuli: well, lets see
Lapis Lazuli: That will be $159.80 for the stroganoff
Lomondra butters some hot and tasty Banana Bread for the table

Lapis Lazuli: Plus $11.99, for the governor
Lapis Lazuli: Plus $180.30 for the Special Delivery (only $0.10 per km you know, very reasonable)
Lapis Lazuli: So the total will be $351.78, please
Chatty Cathy faints

Lapis Lazuli: you would be surprised how often that happens, actually.
Lomondra looks at Lapis and smiles

Lomondra: good Stroganoff does cost, it's to be expected
Dolly Diplomat: I quite understand Lomo, my pleasure, here my good man, *hands Lapis the money
Lapis Lazuli: Thank you, and I'll have one super special banana daiquiri before I head back out, what a treat!
Lapis Lazuli notices the count is to the penny, not even two coppers for a tip!

Lomondra: Yes, The Goddess Cat Bistro does have a service window to Carmen Banana's Banana Daiquiri Lounge, I might order one as well to go with this delicious Banana Bread
Dolly Diplomat: Get me on too please....*bends down to see to Chatty Cathy still fainted on the floor
Lapis Lazuli: well I’ve heard about them, but I've never had one, so here is the perfect opportunity! Cheers!
Lomondra: Cheers!
Dolly Diplomat: Cheers!
Lapis Lazuli: You gals, sure know how to do a Sunday brunch, stroganoff and daiquiris, ha ha, whoever thought up that combination must have been working on juice from the night before.
Selene: This table is getting pretty popular, can I get another round of Banana Bread?
Lomondra: oh please and thank you Selene, and order a complete round of Carmen's delicious Banana Daiquiris’ too please...except for Chatty, she's too young
Selene: Coming right up....walks away mumbling...*sure they can pay the $$$ for outside orders but they only buy the bread here....*humphs
Lomondra: oh, and I heard that Carmen is having a special over at Alpha 3, we should ask Selene, she talked to her this morning, I just missed her
Lapis Lazuli: a special? What kind of special? Entertainment? oh never mind, I have to get back to work after my short break
Lomondra oh truly? *pouts* please join us!

Lomondra: when we finish lets all head out to The Banana Daiquiri Lounge to see what's happening, I'll ask Selene
Lapis Lazuli: I would love too, but sadly I still have two orders to go, one to Romeo and one to Gonk! I hope the pirates out there aren't thick as thieves.
Chatty Cathy wakes up from her faint...*pirates!??

Lomondra: calm down dear, we’re just talking *pushes over her chocolate milk
Lapis Lazuli: Hi there little gal, I'm sorry to have frightened you so badly, I didn't mean to, honestly...
Chatty Cathy: OK, thanks, it just startled me, you're nice... *Winks at Lapis as she gulps her milk down
Lapis Lazuli: Oh good, I'm so glad you're better now
Chatty Cathy blushes

Lomondra: Chatty Cathy have you heard about the special happening over at The Banana Daiquiri Lounge?
Chatty Cathy: oh Lomo yes, Carmen is hosting a Rick Astley special, you like him I know...*turns her attention back to Lapis
Selene walks over with 5 special order Banana Daiquiris'

Blade Skydancer: ((*wonders what a Skyrates Rick Astley would be in terms of species. . .*))
Mahmoth: ((Monkey, probably))
Lomondra: ((red-headed fox maybe?))
Lapis Lazuli takes his daiquiri and offers a toast

Lomondra holds her Banana Daiquiri high waiting for the toast

Lapis Lazuli: To good health, good friends, and good flying
Selene: *ahem...that will be $5 apiece please and you still haven't paid for the two orders of Banana Bread and the two chocolate milks...hmmmmm...*stands with paws outstretched
Lapis Lazuli: I have that, miss. Here you go *hands Selene a fifty
Lapis Lazuli: keep the change
Selene Thank you kind sir, I appreciate the nice tip after bringing in an outside order...*whispers "please ask next time"

Lomondra: well ok, on with the toast! Then we'll all walk next door and enjoy the Rick Astley concert
Lapis Lazuli: Ah no, sorry, I really have to get back flying
Lapis Lazuli: Nice to have met you all, hope to see you again
Lomondra: so sorry you can't join us Lapis, thanks for brining our order!
Lomondra: Can you join us Selene?

Lapis Lazuli slurps the last of the daiquiri and heads out the door waving a shy paw as he goes

Selene Waves goodbye to Lapis

Selene: Yes, Lomo, I fully intent on joining you, as soon as I can close down.
Lomondra: It’s settled then….*pushes over one of the extra Banana Daiquiris’ for Selene
Selene: Thank you Lomo, that's the best thing I heard all morning

Chatty Cathy sighs as she watches Lapis leave....*I'm just too tall
Chatty Cathy: ((Chatty Cathy is a Giraffe))

Lomondra: Chatty, please don't feel bad, we're all going to have great fun at the Rick Astley concert
Dolly Diplomat: Yes, Chatty Cathy, and if you remember it was at a Rick Astley concert that Ken and Barbie, your mother and father, won the 15 minute kissing award!
Lomondra: That's right Chatty Cathy, you might find your someone special at today's concert!
Blade Skydancer: ((A Rick Astley concert, the only place where people can be rickrolled willingly.))
Lomondra: ((heehee you got it Blade))
Lomondra looks over at Dolly and Selene, they all grin at Chatty Cathy as they finish their Banana Daiquiris

Chatty Cathy: Great! What are we waiting for? *Gulps down her chocolate milk
... Lomondra, Selene, Dolly Diplomat, and Chatty Cathy all leave in a group and walk around the corner to Carmen Banana's Banana Daiquiri Lounge...end of scene

In the distance one can hear the strains of…

We've know each other for so long,

Your heart's been aching, But you're too shy to say it

Inside we both know what's been going on

We know the game and we're gonna play it

And if you ask me how I'm feeling

Don't tell me you're too blind to see

Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down, Never gonna run around and desert you….

Never gonna make you cry, Never gonna say goodbye, Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

Lomondra, The Monkey with the Naturally Curly Hair.....*FLUFF FLUFF
Though I Fly Through the Valley of Death , I Shall Fear No Evil. For I am at 50,000 Feet and Climbing.


 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Jun 01, 2008 11:48 am 

Joined: Sun Oct 28, 2007 10:04 pm
Posts: 212
Location: Left Coast,USA
Faction: Flight School
Disclaimer: Obviously posted after contest, not meant to be part of the contest, just fun!

Lomondra, The Monkey with the Naturally Curly Hair.....*FLUFF FLUFF
Though I Fly Through the Valley of Death , I Shall Fear No Evil. For I am at 50,000 Feet and Climbing.


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