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 Post subject: Getting Married
PostPosted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 5:00 am 
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Jennifer is a little nervous bundle as she gets dressed. She can feel the gown, she can feel the decorations in her hair, she can feel her heart beating in her throat...

Sadi is likewise getting ready, in her dressing room. She has finished putting on her gown, and frets about her hair, trying to get it to do what she wants it to.

Talon tugs on his bow tie slightly and adjusts his suit as he waits for the two to be ready. He's only looks a little bit nervous, only has a little bit of tension on the surface; he's become better at hiding it recently, with all the practice he has had. He knows it's a good idea, just not whether he can go through with it...but as the moments trickle on, he realizes he has no choice.

".. No time for delaying, Sadi." she muses, trying to give herself some strength. She wanted to go through with this, more than anything. But the nerves .. She knew that she had to go first, that was just how the roles played out in this relationship. She knew that she was the dominant party in this relationship, and that she would best fit in the role of the groom in this wedding. And so, she presented herself first, stepping towards her designated waiting spot, wearing a gorgeous white gown.

The rabbit's ears twitch, hearing the music. Her heart flutters, and she heads towards the door, and stops, as they rehearsed.... Someone would be here to help her, to present her, to guide her....

Talon sees Jennifer and his breath catches for a second as he marvels in the beautiful sight that she presents. He pauses there for a full second, eyes on hers, though she can't see him, words dying in his throat as soon as his mind forms them. He will not break this up, he promised, no matter how much he would've wanted to, how much it kills him to go through it. So go through it he does, and he steps up to her side with but a single tremor in his step. "Jennifer...I'm here." He takes her arm, lightly, and faces the doors through which he will soon lose her forever, more than he's ever lost her before....

She takes his arm and smiles. She whispers to him, "Thank you, Talon. I ... I can only imagine how hard this is for you. Which means it means a lot that you're doing it. We... we'll never forget you Talon. Ever." and she stands ready, giving his hand a squeeze like they used to.

He almost shrugs, but decides it would be too casual. He leans down and whispers back, lightly, holding back all emotion, "Hard? Giving one of my ex's away to another? It's just...unexpected, I guess. But I'm...' he pauses, and then forces the word out, "happy for you, Jennifer, and Sadi too." He hears the bars of the wedding march and straightens up again. "Is this our cue? You look beautiful, by the way."

Sadi shifts her balance a bit from one foot to the other, then back again. Was her hair alright ? Was her gown properly straightened ? Were her shoes properly tied ? Were her gloves on straight ? What if Talon screwed up the whole thing ? What if Jennifer didn't want to go through ? What if her father would interfere ? What if, what if, what if - she almost whimpered a bit, impatiently glancing at the door that Talon would lead Jennifer through. Should lead Jennifer through. Should have already led her through .. It was taking too long. What was taking so long ? Why were they taking so long ? What was wrong ?

Jennifer smiles, "Thanks, by the way." with a giggle, and nods, "I .... I think this is our cue. Now watch out, I still have pretty big feet." She smiles, using humor to break the ice.... as always.

Talon chuckles briefly and nods, making sure his back was as straight as possible, taking a deep breath....and then walking forward slowly, stately, and in time with the music. He passes through the doors that opened smoothly as they approached them and continues up the corridor with Jennifer. He looks at Sadi, gives her a reassuring smile, and realizes that he is finally at peace with what he is to do.

Jennifer smiles, hearing the music, walking down the aisle. She can imagine Sadi in her mind's eye, seeing her in a lovely gown as elegant as the sunrise, and her smile widens.

There they were, finally. Sadi turns around to watch Talon walk Jennifer down the aisle, towards the one-eyed feline. And what a sight they made. Talon all dressed up fancy, and Jennifer .. the feline gasps softly, seeing the very image of absolute elegance and beauty before her, to an extent that it made her own gown seem simple by comparison .. But then, her opinion was a bit tainted by her love. She smiled warmly back at Talon, having nothing but gratitude and affection in her eyes for him.

Jennifer takes each step as they rehearsed, slowly, trying to hide how absolutely excited she was. Part of her wanted to just run up, hug Sadi, and declare her love on the spot, abandoning formality and the like. However, this was as much her day and it was Sadi's, and tradition would certainly hold this day... until the "I do"s.

Talon reaches the front of the aisle and stops, taking Jennifer's hand and putting it in Sadi's, squeezing both, and then taking a seat at the front, to the right, a smile growing on his face.

This was the moment of truth, to Sadi. To see how Talon would act, would behave. And as he placed Jennifer's hand in hers, her smile brightened, and she mouthed a quiet 'thank you' to Talon, still nothing but gratitude and affection for him in her eyes .. Now those eyes rest on Jennifer's beautiful face, taking in the sight. Married .. They would soon be married .. 'Soon' couldn't come quickly enough for the one-eyed feline.

Jennifer smiled wider as her hand met Sadi's. Soon, they'd be wed. Soon, they'd be together as they wanted to be. Soon..... wasn't soon enough, to the rabbit. Her image of Sadi, dressed in a radiant dress, bathed in sunlight.... made her feel simple by comparison, but she knew that it was only her unyielding affection for the feline that caused her to put her on such a high pedestal.

Coming along to the alter is the captain of the Iron Vulture himself, Marcus Cunningham. Dressed in a long black suit, the fox makes his way to the alter, and gives the two ladies a smile. "Ladies, if we are prepared?" he pauses for an answer, then proceeds... "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here in this sacred vessel in the presence of friends, family, and the power of Magnus himself, to bind these two souls as one, in the unions of matrimony."

Sadi smiles warmly, brightly, as Marcus makes his appearance. Still Jennifer's hand in hers, she squeezes softly, listening to her friend, the 'old man' start with the proceedings.

"These two," he continues, "have endured much. Pain and suffering, ridicule and torment, and through it all, like the mythical phoenix they have not only endured, but have been reborn, kindled in the flames of passion, and stand before us now, prepared to embark on the grandest journey of all." he flips a few pages... "Sadistica Krijgsman, do you take Jennifer McKinney to be your lawfully wedded wife? In sickness and in health, in poverty and prosperity, now and forever, till death do you part?"

Sadi chuckles softly as Marcus manages to nearly mangle her last name: there weren't many who could pronounce it flawlessly without a lot of tries, but he was forgiven. She glances at Jennifer again, flicking her floppy ear, before turning back to Marcus, gently squeezing Jennifer's hand. "I do."

He smiled, then turned to Jennifer. "Jennifer McKinney, do you take Sadistica Krijgsman to be your lawfully wedded wife? In sickness and in health, in poverty and prosperity, now and forever, till death do you part?" ... Jennifer blinks her pale eyes, near tears. She turns to look at where she hopes Sadi is standing, and smiles. "I...... I do."

Marcus smiles, "Be there any soul who has reason why these two should not be wed, let them speak now, or forever hold their peace." Marcus pauses.....

Talon makes eye contact with Marcus and smiles sadly.

Jennifer tenses, she never liked this part. Why was it even in the wedding? Who would attend a wedding just to say no, they can't... She gives Sadi's hand a squeeze, her heart in her throat as she waits.... seconds turn to millenia as the moment hangs in the air.

Talon doesn't say anything, knowing it's not meant to be...and at peace with it. Regrets didn't mean that he had the right to break this union up; so it was, and so it must be.

Sadi inwardly holds her breath as Marcus utters the dreaded words .. But at the silence from behind her, she exhales in a deep, relieved sigh, gently squeezing Jennifer's hand again, her warm smile returning to feline features.

Marcus gives a nod at the silence, a mere fifteen second pause by any clock, but not by any heart. "Then, by the faith entrusted to me, and by the privledges of rank and station, I hereby pronounce you .... *he pauses, with a smile* Wife, and wife." he chuckles, "You may kiss."

This was the moment she had been waiting for, for longer than she realised. And now it was done. She was married, to the love of her life. Married, to a blind bunny, that had captured her heart and her soul. And so, the feline turned to face Jennifer, gently caressing the bunny's cheek, savoring the moment before slowly wrapping her arms around her new wife, and kissing her with warmth, happiness and lazy promise of passion to come ..

Jennifer's hollow eyes well with tears at the words, and she finds herself unable to hold back as her tears slide down her cheeks, to be met by Sadi's hand. The rabbit, though unable to see with her eyes, saw with her heart, and saw Sadi there, smiling at her, as she always did. The rabbit's arms found their way around Sadi, and she leaned in, finding Sadi's lips and softly kissing them, as softly as the wind would tease the grass in the early morning, but hotter then the noon-day sun. At the moment their lips touch, and they have a moment of tenderness to themselves, the crew seated rouse into applause.

Behind Talon, an up-until-then dreadfully quiet DD explodes into cheers and applauds and whistles, bouncing up and down excitedly. Abigale just chuckles softly at the over-energetic feline, and wipes a tear from her eyes.

Talon keeps the smile on his face and claps slowly, haltingly.

Marcus closes the book, giving it a soft pat before bringing it to his side. Is that a tear in the eye of the captain? Nahhhh, probably just... something in his eye.

A friendly hand finds its way to Talon's shoulder, and a familiar voice whispers in his ear. "You be okay?". No doubt, it's Yvonne.

Talon shrugs, patting Yvonne's hand on his shoulder and whispering back, "It's a happy day, isn't it?" obliquely dodging the question.

Sadi eventually breaks the kiss, smiling warmly, purring like a diesel-engine on crack. "I love you, Jennifer Krijgsman McKinney .." she whispers, nuzzling her newlywed wife softly before hooking her arm in Jen's and starting up the aisle again, having all sorts of plans for their honeymoon.

Jennifer just smiles, thrilled at the name, and returns the nuzzle as she feels it, her arm tightening around Sadi's as she feels it, "And I you, Sadistica McKinney Krijgsman." she whispers back, following her new guide down the aisle.

The rest of the Iron Vulture's crew reach into their pockets or purses, and pull out handfuls of birdseed. They take aim, ready to bombard...

And so, Sadi and Jen are bombarded with confetti and birdseed from the various crew, including large wads of confetti from DD, who happily bounces after them, singing loudly and off-key "There goes the bride, her butt's so wide - " which earns her a giggle from Sadi and a whack upside the head from Abigale.

Talon smiles somewhat slightly more, but instead of following Sadi, Jennifer, and the others to the reception, he heads for the side of the chapel, intent on disappearing through a side door.

Marcus can only smile, watching the frightened young rabbit he found in Cidade by accident grow into a married and loved woman. He turns to face Talon, and gives him a smile and a nod, letting him leave undisturbed. As Talon stands to leave, Yvonne looks up at him, "You take care, Talon." and gives him another hug before he goes.

Talon chuckles and hugs her back. "Always, Yvonne. You too. It's a happy day, remmeber?"


OH NOES I think we borked teh love ferret !

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 15, 2008 5:28 am 

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While the feast after ceremony, Jack is chatting around with guests. After some drinks with them he sit back to where his seat is. Watching Sadi and Jen being bouncing by exciting DD and chatting with Talon and Marcus. He takes another sip of cocktail. He smiles at the happy couple, then sighs. When will he have a life partner to accompany with? Will there ever be one? If there will, Is he good enough to protect the one he love, and give her a happy life? After all, he doesn't know how to be romantic at all.

He drinks the glass to the bottom, put it back on the table. Then he decides to grab another plate of Mairi's waffles on the long table, not to think about these problems. This is a day for laughing and celebrating, for his good friends in his life.

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