Grottopolis declares 'Cattopolis Day' on July 18th
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Author:  Lynx Adorienne [ Thu Jul 17, 2008 11:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Grottopolis declares 'Cattopolis Day' on July 18th

Long-standing governor Lynx Adorienne of Grottopolis announced today his retirement from the administration of the famous tropical skyland paradise. In his honor, the citizens of Grottopolis have organized an event they call 'Cattopolis Day' - 'Everyone's a cat for a day!'

Featured fair events include the Milk-Run (three-legged partnership relay races while carrying jugs of milk without spilling any), Cat-and-Mouse (a hide-and-seek tournament carried out in the town park), a fishing contest (prizes for biggest fish *and* for biggest fish story), and a 'Jellicle Ball' held at night with cat-masks de rigeur for its dancers. Some treats on offer include peanut-butter-filled mouse-shaped cookies and fish and chips.

Said the governor of his decision, "I've been glad to offer my assistance with whatever problems Grottopolis has brought me, and I'm proud of Grottopolis's people and how much they've achieved. But it's time to step aside, to make room for someone else to take the reins. As new winds blow across Skytopia, we must all remember, change is not only inevitable, it is a part of growth."

"The Governor's been a great assistance to us," agreed one timbuk farmer. "I sent him my notes on what I wanted to do with my farm and he sent back a whole bunch of great ideas! And he gave me a B, too."

Naysayers downplayed the governor's decision, saying "He was on the way out anyway", and cited his actual influence in government as minimal considering the legislature of Grottopolis has been Blue-dominated for some time.

Political pundits believe that Bali is likely to be the next candidate for the governorship of Grottopolis, hinting at more aggressive policies for this normally quiet skyland.

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