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 Post subject: On Satan's hand
PostPosted: Fri Jul 18, 2008 7:49 am 

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"Wow, It's soooooo big here! I always wanna flying in the sky with this size of ship!"

A white kitty girl about 14 years old jumping playfully on the bridge, she uses any kind of way to bother the crews and their "looks like a great fun" control panels. Causing lots of troubles that made the poor bull captain great headache.

"No, please, Sakuya. Don't touch that, I said Don't! Ah! {static}....." Manson, the captain of Hands of Satan, one of the most deadly pirate captain in Demonphobia, now been beaten by a 14 years girl. As she press the "unload" button and lots of cargoes rolled out the ship, sunk into deep ocean, this helpless captain swears again.

"But it's fun! I wonder what does this big red one do..." Sakuya totally ignore Manson's swearing, reaching another red bottom.

"No!! DON'T PUSH THAT! You'll get us killed!" Manson grabs Sakuya's hand. She gives Manson a clearly "slap!" in return.

"You shouldn't yell to her like that, Manson." The wolf on Manson's side is Micheal. Today he brought Sakuya to HoS by Marduk's order. "Boss hopes she can have a great vacation here. If you're gonna stop her act, do it politely."

"Politely? She almost killed us and you want me to be politely? To her?" Manson's eyes became red, like it's going to burst fire to burn Micheal down.

"....And boss said, she can use YOUR room to be her temporary bedroom...You better do some cleaning, now." Micheal replies with a cold voice.

"I'm not going to sleep in that big stupid bully bull's room!" Sakuya stick out her tongue to Manson, which cause him even more angrier, but remains silent. He turns back to the front gate and leaves the bridge.

"Sakuya, be a nice girl. You don't want to m make boss angry, right?" Micheal smiles to Sakuya, warmly, it's a little bit weird to see a cold blood pirate smiles like that.

" about I sleep in your room, with you?" Sakuya makes a face to Micheal as he shocked by Sakuya's words. "Just kidding! stupid!"

After bothering all crews in the bridge, this naughty lady finally got bored. She turns to Micheal with a long face.

"Micheal, I'm bored, totally bored, I wanna get out here, prepare my plane, I'm heading out for some leisure. Quick!"

"Understood, Sakuya." Micheal pads out the bridges immediately, like a faithful servant.


Later in the sky, Sakuta's personal plane, a pink Inger with special weapon custom, flying upward and downward like a bee in the air.

"WHAAAWHOOO~~~" Sakuya yells happily, doing another barrel roll, than she afterburn the Inger, feeling the speed, like there's nothing more in the world but she and her plane.

Suddenly, from a building's roof in the nearby skylet, a rifle bullet fly toward Sakuya's Inger. Her strange instinct told her to do another loop, then she found where did the bullet came from, it's an old house looks like a tavern. Sakuya sees some people with rifles on the roof, aiming her plane.

"Now there's something FUN Finally!" She makes a naughty smiles, a little bit evilly, like a cat found her mouse, she afterburn the pink Inger again, directly toward those people on the roof

"You guys wanna play? Let's play!"

Pilot of Felia Zero Shiki
A pirate that both pirates and Skyrates put bounty on his head.
Leader of pirate clan "Gekkostate"

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