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 Post subject: Earthen Order Theology 101
PostPosted: Wed Feb 10, 2010 9:25 pm 

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((The following takes place in one of the many classrooms at Alcuin Academy.))

A young giraffe walks into the lecture hall and quickly finds a seat at the back. He isn't really sure of his faith but continues to come to class anyway. Soon, the professor appears in front of the room and begins teaching.

"A man came across two poor tribes who were fighting. He listened to the story from each tribe about why they were fighting. The easterners said, 'They took our food and promised repayment which they never gave.' However, the westerners said, 'They forced us off of our land and made us live on this arid wasteland.' The man, realizing that neither group really understood why they were fighting, proposed a meeting of the two tribes."

"A week later, both tribes begrudgingly accepted and met at the bottom of a nearby hill. As soon as everyone was gathered, the man climbed to the top of the hill and said, 'Are we not all citizens of the same land? Do we not share the same desires for friends, family, health, and peace?' He brought one member from each tribe up to explain to the masses why they were fighting. As soon as both speakers were finished, the man began speaking again. 'Clearly, this fight is not a matter of truth, it is a long held tradition that simply hurts both of your tribes. Don't you want prosperity rather than living in poverty?'"

"Again, he invited a member from each tribe to speak. This time it wasn't about fighting though, instead it was about their hopes. It was soon apparent to both tribes that they were the same when you looked at the other as people rather than a group. The man rose to speak once more, 'From this day forward, you shouldn't be at odds with each other. Instead, build a great community together and be glad that you can help your brother or sister. For we are not all individuals, we are one big family who need each other and must aid one another in times of hardship.'"

"Just as the man had said, the two tribes came together as one and lived in union with each other. Their fields flourished, they grew as a family and their generations of hardship came to an end. Now what do you make of this?"

For what seemed an eternity both the speaker and crowd were silent. The giraffe rose from his seat and bashfully said, "The man in that story is supposed to represent Alcuin and the two tribes are supposed to be all the people of Skytopia. It is saying that we shouldn't be at war with other people because people are all the same and if we work together then we will be better off." The speaker replied, "Yes, the great prophet Alcuin tells us, as is written in the Book of Alcuin, that Magnus' Second Kingdom will be one of peace and unity. As students to the teachings of the Order, it is your responsibility to learn and proclaim our ideals to those who will hear them. As you go about your daily lives this week, reflect on what you have heard here and see if you can apply it. You don't have to make dramatic changes, start by simply lending a helping hand to someone. May Magnus watch over us all, bless our actions and words, and grant us peace in our lives."

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