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 Post subject: Welcome back, Sadi.
PostPosted: Wed Feb 10, 2010 6:59 am 

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The massive Bismarck comes to a rest over her usual berth, an unseen smile playing over the muzzle of her captain, seeing all the other zeppelins here tonight. He apparently started a trend. Soon the massive gunship set down, and came to a rest. Her gangplanks extended to let her crew disembark, and they disperse to the nearby town, all save one figure, who makes his way to the tavern with a purpose. He enters the tavern with a nod to the masses. "Evening all."

A caracal woman wearing Crimson Armada flight uniform steps briskly into the tavern a few moments after Marcus does. She spots him and starts walking over, but then she spots Markus as well. She continues over to Marcus and taps his shoulder. "Could I speak with you for a moment, please? It's important." she muses before heading over to Markus.

Marcus Cunningham gives a nod to the familiar caracal, and follows her to Markus. Markus Jarnhann nods once back towards Leonore, as he looks towards Inko and Cunningham. "...'ave yerselves a seat."

Marcus Cunningham turns to Markus and has himself a seat, pulling out a chair for the caracal as well. Inko nods and pulls up a seat, leaning closer to Markus. She waits for Marcus to be seated, seemingly wanting to speak in a hushed tone.

Markus Jarnhann shrugs slightly, and shakes his head. "...Sae, wha' dae ye 'ave fo' me? I've been prsuin' me own lines of inquiry, and I'm gettin' somewhere... bu', if ye've go' sommat more... Gae 'head.". Cunningham slides a folded piece of paper from his coat over to Markus. It's marked with grid coordinates that correspond to most maps in use by the Armada, "Checked, and cleared.", while Inko nods "I was contacted on a pirate frequency. Long story short, I was given this little box." she offered, producing a small box from her person. She opens it, placing two objects on the table. A letter with the seal alredy broken and ... the 2 inch tip of a feline tail, with creamcolored fur and a red tip.

Marcus Cunningham has seen a lot of things, but he turns away from the tail...

Markus Jarnhann eyes this for a moment. "...Alright." Inko puts the tail away again, frowning. She folds open the letter and lets Markus read it first, giving it to Marcus afterwards as she remains silent. Markus Jarnhann takes the letter, and reads it, then passes it to Cunningham while considering the MGRS coordinates that Cunningham provided him, and nods slightly. "...Alright. I see how it's going to be." He shakes his head slightly. Recall your crews. We're moving now, then."

Marcus Cunningham reaches for the letter, "What's this?" Inko waits for Marcus to read the letter before speaking. "We picked the box up on a small unmarked skylet about three-quarters of the way between Tortuga and Olio. That's .. all I have." she frowns. Cunningham reads the letter, then frowns. He puts the letter down, then cups his muzzle in his free hand... he shakes his head, silent.

Markus Jarnhann turned to address Cunningham, "...Are those coordinates her location, Cunningham?" though the fox shook his head, "No." he started, "They're areas we've cleared. If she was there, she'd be here now."

The large bear gave something of a nod, "...Alright." He was silent for a bit, "That's easy enough." Inko spoke up, "I don't know if it's important or not, but .. As we approached the tiny skylet, just fifteen minutes after the call came through, I thought I saw a small, fast blip heading south-south-west from the skylet. Which - if that blip was our delivery guy - puts them in the vicinity of fuel XIII."

"Then we start there, I presume?" Cunningham spoke, still a bit in shock from the revelation. Markus Jarnhann considers that, nodding once. "...That... should nearrow it down, yes." followed by Inko's nod "I've sent Thunderchild ahead to scout out that area. I'll fire up my Requin and join them. I can expect the Iron Vulture and Eisernes Kreuz to rendezvous soon as well?"

Markus Jarnhann gave a nod to Inko, "I'll get my people out and about... And I'm calling some old favors, as soon as I can get airborne, yes." and Cunningham gave a nod, oddly quiet for a moment. The usual smile the fox carries is gone. What remains is the look of someone who plans to buy an orphanage just to fix the brick shortage. "My engines are still warm."

Inko nods to the two of them ".. They hurt the Commodore. My crew are lining up and taking numbers to see who gets to have a piece of them first." she offered, rising to her feet. ".. Thank you two, for your support." she added, turning to leave.

"This is just another demonstration that no matter what, almost every scenario devolves to violence when it comes to pirates.... well..." Marcus started, standing, "I for one have had enough." He turned to Jarnhann, "Let's send a message." to which the larger bear simply replied, "I fully intend to, Cunningham. We'll go in, blast our way through their defenses, and then I'm going to land my marines, and we'll kill every single one of them."

Already the fox was working the numbers, "I've got the range game figured." as he headed towards the door, he offered to Jarnhann, "Feel free to use my yacht to transport troops. She's a bolo." There's that pause in the universe... something about the guy who married a hedgehog having a personal Bolo, the Hedgehog of the Sky... "When you get Sadi to safety, give me a signal. I plan on bringing the fuel depot down." he said plainly, heading out of the tavern. He didn't look like his usual self. There was no smile there, no glee. Something had seriously irked the fox, to the point where he even *walked* angry.

Markus Jarnhann nods slightly, and rises to his feet, following in Cunningham's wake. He nods slightly; sizing up the situation. He turns to regard Hope with a simple nod, before pushing his way out the tavern, quickly moving towards the Open Air Berths. He fishes a small radio device from his pocket, and presses the singular button on it, and at that, various Armada troopers begin scurrying form the town, towards the berth that their ship was in... their own devices beeping, sounding the recall.

Skylark Cunningham walks up to the tavern, hustling through the cold and snow. She shivered and held her coat about her tightly and then looked up. She grinned a bit. The hedgehog spotted a husbando! Running through the snow up to him, she stopped and peered at him. Something was... off. "What's wrong?" she asked him softly, her mind immediately thinking the worst. Though, no matter how mad at the world he was, his grim facade broke seeing Sky. He stopped, "Sadi's missing, and.... and we think we found her, but she's someplace dangerous, with lots of pirates." he paused, reaching for her hand, "I... I'm about to do something terrible, to a whole lot of horrible people." he paused again, a tear forming, shining in the moonlight against the snow. "I... I want to make sure that you'll still be here..." he touched his free hand to his heart, "... with me... when I get back."

Skylark Cunningham eyes widen and she gulped a bit. Sadikins? Missing? Letting out a small whimper, she wrapped her arms around him and squeezed him. "Get our Sadi back. And.. a place with pirates? Tortuga?" she guessed, while he wraped his arms around her, "Very close. The pirates of Tortuga will certainly be able to see it." he whispered. The hedgehogette gave a nod and held him tightly. "I have a family home on Tortuga. There's some people I hired to keep the place working and all. Tell them you're my husband and if you need a quick hiding place, you can go there."

Marcus smiled. It was really something for him to be the one offered a place to hide out. Rather then remind her that the Vulture is a veritable flying fortress.... which would lead to her reminding him of the 'veritable' part, he smiled finally. "Thanks. I'll... I'll keep that in mind." Skylark smiled some and stood on tiptoe, and gabe him a light kiss. "I'll wait for you. And Sadi. Make sure you eat well while you're gone." she lectured him softly. "Half the reason I hired a cook." Marcus said with the beginning of a lasting smile. Skylark had performed a miracle. She brought the smile back to Marcus, and in the long run, probably stopped him from further contemplating the obliteration of the fuel depot. He turned to head to the Vulture when he spots Hope..... He gave a chuckle at the irony of finding Hope on his way to rescue Sadi. "Hope... take care of the place while I'm away." and a smile with an air-kiss to Sky as he ascends the gangplank. Within a minute's time, the crew had received their recall, and had returned to the mammoth gunship. Gangplanks withdrew, and the engines kicked to life, fans spinning up snowstorms all their own. Marcus' voice rang over the radio waves, "Markus, this is Other Marcus. Call the shots."

Markus Jarnhann strides up the loading ramp as crew and soldiers clamber aboard, giving them a nod. He quickly makes his way through the labyrinthine passages, coming to his bridge. He listens quietly, as the various bridge officers sound ready statuses, preparing the vessel for take off. "...Soon as e'ery'un's on board, I want us in t'air. Major Briggs, ge' yer marines ready. We've a fix on Commodore Krijgsman-McKinney."

Skylark smiled and watched her husband go back to the Vulture, smiling faintly. She nibbled her lower lip, worried. Of course she wanted him to go save their friend but... she was scared for him. She wiped her eyes and began to wave like a fool. Not like they could probably see her but... at least if they could, she would show them a bright smile.

Markus Jarnhann settles into his command chair as his massive Leviathan rumbles to life; massive propellers pulling the craft away from the R&P's skylet, the Red, Black, and Gold craft silouhetted in the night sky by the moon- Markus's Personal colors, those of the Armada, and various battle honors painted on the side of her hull, as massive turrets swivell to life, searching the sky as the craft moves out...

Marcus Cunningham makes his way to the bridge. Vicky, Marcus' second in command, announces his presence. He smiled, "Leofrin, make your course. Heading one niner six, altitude seven five zero zero, four degree ascent bubble. Sound general stations." and a small bell dinged throughout the ship. "Follow that Levi, above and behind." and the orders were echoed throughout the ship, as the crimson juggernaut ascended. The last thing Skylark sees is Marcus on the bridge, waving. He wasn't sure if she could see him...

Skylark Cunningham smiles. She thought she saw her husband waving. Maybe it was only her imagination. Turning, she shivered and went into the bar, slipping off her coat and hanging it up and heading to the bar.

Markus Jarnhann sits silently; his helm knew where they were going, and his crew knew their duty. There was an electric silence permeating the bridge; they could tell, based on the mood of their commander, that things were about to get interesting. Looming before the two monster Zeppelins was a second Bismarck; the CAS Thunderchild- the massive craft was in position to rendesvouz with her allies. "...Communications, relay to the Thunderchild that she's to take up station with the Iron Vulture."

Marcus Cunningham aboard the Iron Vulture, went to one of the observation decks, which he converted quickly into a makeshift war room. On the table he had placed schematics for the Waysky-Unteeni Series Thirteen Fuel Depot. A dark thought entered his head as he looked for structural weakpoints... then that smiling face of Skylark's crept into his memories, and his hand slid from the fuel storage tanks towards maintainence hatches and other tactical insertion points. He snagged the wall-radio, and set the encryption.. "Markus, this is Cunningham. I presume you already have what I have, but I want to be a little more then a mobile wallet with really big guns. *He paused*... I have a copy of the schematics, along with a few ideas on tactical insertion points. Over."

Jarhann answered after a moment's pause, "Affirmative. What points are you considering? We've got the schematics layed out on tactical, and Major Briggs is prepping the Marines. My other... people will be doing their thing, as they usually do. But, always grateful for more information." Cunningham looked over the schematics, "There's a maintainence hatch for the main prop turbine. D5 if you're looking at the same paper I am. Though, it'll involve going near the propeller, and I don't know how big the brass your guys are carrying are. For less slicy doom based insertion, there's an access hatch near the fuel tanks, E3."

That brought a chuckle to Markus "They work for me, Cunningham. The brass is large with this bunch. We'll send the marines in through E3. I'm going to be counting on You and Thunderchild to provide primary fire against enemy craft, whilst we're tethered."

Marcus's reply was nice and simple, "That won't be a problem." He cut the radio, then switched to internal comms, "Warmaster Kratos. I'll need you and your's to be extra vigilant. We're rescuing Jen's wife from pirates, and I'm sure the pirates won't give her up easily."

There was a pause as the orders were relayed, then it began. A whooping warcry started to echo within the halls and pipes of the Vulture. Then the deep voice of the shaman boar came on the radio. "Rest assured, the pirates are no bother. They live or die by your command"

Content in the answer, the fox picked up the radio, "Markus. Belts are loaded up and all are on station. We've got the Spirit prepped, and all we need now are targets." which he felt he'd have in no short supply. Jarhann's reply came back, "Roger. When we get on station... I'll initiate with... something you haven't seen yet. As soon as I do so, Iron Vulture and Thunderchild are released to pick targets at their discretion. Jarnhann out."

Marcus Cunningham gives a nod. It was interesting to see what the Armada cooked up. One advantage of the private sector was not having to worry about conventions or limits or pesky things like laws. He hung up the mic, then made his way to the kitchen. "Lucas, rum and pop if you would?" and the voice of the Alpha Plat ferret rang true, "In what skyland does Cook sound like Bah'tenda?" though the ferret scampers out with a drink for the captain, and one for himself. "Ten minnit break. You needs a talkin' bud." as the trip was spent in pleasant conversation. The more he talked to those around him, the less that horrid thought returned to the fox's head. It wasn't something he'd forgive himself for going through with.

The trio of craft arrive some time later, the Crimson Armada Ship Eiserneskreuz leads the formation of war Zeppelins inexorably onwards, while formations of pirates dot the sky, protecting the errant fuel platform. The three craft come to rest, holding a tight formation, as weapons jut outward- aiming towards the enemy formation. Markus Jarnhann, Brigadier General of the Crimson Armada, turns to regard his gunnery offier. "...Run out the Iron Fist. Let's demonstrate to the pirates what we're capable of."

A circular marked section of the underbelly of the Iron Vulture irised open, and for lack of a more accurate word... a cannon slid into place. The famed "Spirit of DD", the deadly cannon turned to take aim at the stationed defenses, but not a single shot was fired. "This is Markus' command... this is Markus' command..." echoed in Cunningham's mind as he was within visual distance of the place where Sadi was being kept. He wouldn't compare who needed to rescue her more, but he knew of a certain rabbit who would appreciate her return. Marcus hadn't told her about the tail yet. He didn't need her going through that. All she knew was that Sadi had been taken by pirates, and that they hurt her. The rabbit's sniffles kept telling him that this was the right thing to do.

With a bit of a nod, Markus raised a gloved hand, and dropped it. The Gunnery officer nodded once, and relayed the command to the primary gunner. The massive cannon that had produced itself slowly along the offset side of the Eiserneskreuz opened fire; it being not one cannon, but four, rotating as each barrel in turn fired; sending a strream of massive five inch proximity fused shells down range sounding nothing like so much as a continuous peal of thunder roaring audibly over an angry buzzsaw.

Marcus gave a nod with the first shot, and pulled up the radio for the Spirit of DD cannon, "Yvonne... fire on the third explosion." and her usual cheerful tone was replaced with the very business-sounding "Done."

With a report that sounded like one of Fuseli's smaller guns going off, the Iron Vulture lurched back a few feet. A fool would view her as withdrawing, instead the smart money knew that was just the recoil of the Spirit of DD. The jacket around the main munition discarded as it cleared the barrel, a several hundred pound explosive dart screaming towards the site of the third explosion, lodging itself inside one of the gun emplacements before detonation. "We'll handle the distraction, Markus. Cute gun, by the way." he complimented, while the Spirit loaded her next shot. Armor plates slide out of the way as the arsenal of the Iron Vulture presented herself.

Even as Eiserneskreuz moved foreward, her engines once more rumbling to life, Thunderchild, moved slightly ahead. Her own guns somewhat cut down versions of the Spirit of DD, they too ran out, firing volleys of 120mm death, as her banks of autocannons quickly tracked the oncoming pirate craft, spitting out rounds at a tremendous rate. For a few moments, the rotary cannons on the Eiserneskreuz went silent, as rounds spooled back into the ready hopper; even as a variety of craft bore in on her sides- the banks of eighty eights returned fire, firing as quick as they could, in ragged sheets.

The Vulture moved in to cover the exposed flank remaining, her own array of firepower online. Autocannons filled the air with tracer fire, discouraging enemy fighters and forcing them into range and arc of the larger cannons. The superior range and power of the Spirit of DD was reserved for larger problematic craft. There would be a time when the Leviathan was going to be deploying marines, and that's when the coverage would be most vital. Some of the autocannons plinked along the surface of the depot, to discourage pirate troops from manning the deck. This was all about resource denial, a game Marcus knew how to play.

As the trio of vessels plowed onward, Markus paced the length of his bridge to a rack waiting on one side. He shrugged his trenchcoat on, nodding once, as he looked to Major Briggs. "...Get your boys ready, Major. We'll be seeing you somewhere in the middle, I trust." With that, he retrieves his heavy thompson submachine gun, and moved towards his mooring point, a few grim, quiet soldiers following in his wake, trusting in his ship's crew to fight their battle. He smiled grimly, as the cannons pounded around him, pausing only periodically for reloads to be brought forth from the massive armored magazines deep within the bowels of the Leviathan. The communications officer spoke quietly into the radio- as he'd been instructed by his captain and general. "...Iron Vulture, Thunderchild, General Jarnhann is going to lead the assault personally. He requests that you keep smiting the pirates as you are doing. He relays his congratulations on brilliant shooting, and says to tell Marcus Cunningham, I believe it is, to 'not get such a big head about it.' His words, sir."

Marcus actually smirked, answering personally rather then through his radio operator, Jen. "I'm just the guy in charge. Other, more talented people pull the triggers. Let him know, when he gets back, that there'll be no head swelling here today." he set the mic down, then went back to his task at hand. Sure, he wasn't pulling the triggers, but he was coordinating fire arcs, turning the ship for maximum coverage. The moment of entry was going to be the point where everything turned to {static}, so this was where the firepower counted most. "Watch for planes breaking from combat from the depot." he warned, over the radio, "Any one of the breakers could be carrying Sadi." He chanced a glance over towards Jen. That rabbit had grown so fast, he could only imagine what she was going through, though she seemed to be handling it well. Three years ago, she'd be a tearful wreck. Now, she only had a box of tissues near her station, coordinating radio chatter with the Thunderchild.

Markus continued towards the boarding gantries, as autocannon fire from the Thunderchild raked the platform before them, explosive rounds going off like grenades along it surface. With a toothy grin, Markus turned towards one of his fellows, and nodded. "...Been a while since we've gone in, unde' fire like this, eh Jonas?" With a bit of a grunt, the shorter black bear nodded to his boss. His own hands clutched a similar submachinegun to Markus, as all of his fellows did. Meanwhile, crew members fired grappling lines, already informed of their target, under the fan for the acccess hatch. The explosive whoomf of the hook being propelled downrange towards an attaching point was lost in the din of battle; rounds clanging and exploding along the side of the Leviathan, her armored frame resisting most of the damage. As soon as the grappling line was in place and secured, the section depressurized; elsewhere this process was being repeated, even as Markus moved towards the rope bridge. Machine gunners on the gondola of the Zeppelin supressed pirates, firing bursts at any crazy enough to poke their heads up into the wall of flame, even as a number of marines and special operations soldiers harnassed themselves to the lines.... and began the treacherous bridge crossing.

Deep in the gunnery pits of the Iron Vulture, a sound like war drums started. Screams, whoots, hollars, and all form of savage noises were being made as the Warmaster boar, Kratos, started his crew up in a battle cry. Away from any exposed powder, a small brazier was lit. There, a knife would soon be placed, and soon, someone would earn their marks. Gunfire erupted from the autocannons along Pirate held areas, while muzzle flashes from the 5 inch cannons illuminated the skies like a second sun. Shells screamed across the heavens, turning pirate fighters into scrap metal.

Parachutes deployed, ushering the pirate pilots to the sea, and in a moment of darkness, Marcus nearly ordered his gunners to open fire on the parachutes. That hesitation allowed another cheerful thought to enter his mind, banishing the darker thoughts. "Carry on the suppression." was the order given instead. "Prep the bouys for those who hit the drink."

Markus's crew, on the other hand, have no such moral qualms; chutes deploying nearby are shot down handily- and as he crawled along the rope bridge, Markus nodded, somewhat approvingly, before turning his gaze back to the spinning blades of the propellor on the fuel platform. The moment he touched down on the solid metal, leading his way from the front, he removed himself from the harness, grinning slightly as he hunched over, avoiding the blades. Sometimes, being big was a problem. Silently, one of the soldiers with him, a boar with a heavy pack, moved quickly to the hatch. Working quickly, he rigged a charge, and stepped away, pressing the clacker. With a solid BANG, the hatch peels inwards, allowing access to Jarnhann and company.

Marcus didn't have words of disapproval. He knew that things were done differently in the Armada. With a nod to Vicky, the order to deploy the bouys was given. Four puffs of smoke shot out from the bottom of the Vulture, streaking to the water. Upon impact, they ballooned out to rafts. In a waterproof pouch were simple rations and clean water. Usually, a beacon on the black band would sound around this time, but the beacons on these were disabled. No help having pirate reinforcements show up. Another wing of pirate fighters disembarked from the hangar on the side, and as they looped into attack formation, coordinated fire from the Thunderchild and the Vulture forced the wing to break up. If Bismarcks could wing waggle...

As the battle raged around him, Markus dropped through the hatch, first; the din of the batte raging around him quieting somewhat as he moved past the whirling blades. He was followed quickly by others of one of his go teams, who fanned out, and took up sectors of fire. Communicating by hand signals, they fanned out quickly, moving in pairs, seeking out their quarry...

A few well placed shots crippled a Pirate Thor, which pulled into a vicious corkscrew, slamming into the hull of the Iron Vulture, leaving a nasty smoking welt. The wreck remained there for a moment, then the fuel caught, and it exploded again. The damage looked far worse then it actually was, a battle scar to mark the occasion, though the sight of three nearly unblemished juggernauts was doing more damage to pirate morale then the literal hailstorm of bullets. Marcus gave a shake of his head. "Shock and awe in four." and the maneuver began. The Vulture turned laterally, then all firing from her cannons paused, long enough for her two port-side five inchers and the Spirit of DD to perform a coordinated cannonade.

The shells whizzed over the deck, barely missing the structure as the three shots careened out to sea. From a tactical standpoint, the Vulture missed with all three shots. Though, the psychological impact was felt as for a moment, the pirates seemed universally distracted.

Quickly working their way through the internal structure of the fuel platform, Markus and his partner, Jonas, were taking the battle to the pirates. A flicked grenade here, and a burst of fire, there, they had the twin elements of suprise, and violence of action on their side. Simply put, anything that looked like it was resisting was gunned down in a hail of forty five caliber rounds. With a sarcastic grin, the top half of the engineering section was cleared- the civilians on the platform going to shelter, while the pirates either fled, or died in place. The sounds of gun fire permeated the area- as Markus and Jonas moved down a flight of stairs, moving towards where the makeshift jail of the platform was located. It seemed as good a place as any to have Sadistica held.

"Cap'n! They seem to be making a run for it." Victoria pointed out, and Marcus confirmed. "What are the odds we can collapse their hangar?" and Vicky pointed out, "Pretty good." Then Marcus jumped to. "Jen, contact the Thunderchild and relay the suggestion. Cut off those hangars." and the Vulture moved into a more suitable position to fire into the hangar. The rounds selected had no explosive charge, merely a five inch wide gumball, of sorts, designed to impress upon folks the concept that leaving through this hangar was a poor career choice.

As the Vulture fired the 'gumball' of doom; the platform rocked violently, nearly throwing Markus from his feet. He propped himself against the wall, and took a moment to reload his weapon, slipping the mostly spent magazine into a pocket in the trenchcoat, and starting forward once more. His hands clutched the weapon tightly, as Jonas bounded up to the intersection. If the schematics were right, Markus figured they were close now- he wasn't disappointed as they came up into a somewhat more secure hallway. With a grunt, he moved to the door, and gestured with his hands for Jonas to cover, as he opened it. With a great heave, he lifted the heavy handle, and yanked the door sideways- the other bear pressed through first, even as marines and other soldiers could be heard, fighting their way to this point.

"Well played, Vicky." Marcus complimented. The pirates in the hangars had decided to bunker down, rather then risk certain doom with the Bismarks just outside. Marcus radioed the Thunderchild, "Thunderchild, this is the Vulture. Looks like we have them well pinned to roost. Should make life easier. Over."

With the hangar closed for business, the air around the gargantuan craft thinned out noticeably. Inko, commanding the Thunderchild, relayed her thanks to Marcus- her own hands full, commanding the gunboat against the remaining pirate craft. One broadside was brought to bear against a barashiki, the massive cannons throwing rounds into the heavy cargo craft's super structure.

"That's an eighty six series 'shiki. Aim for the wing struts." he advised, having taken his fair share of them out in the past. He wanted to maneuver to assist, but Inko was a big girl, and he was covering the hangar here. Any change in his posture would break the blockade... not that the gnats of the aircraft around him were any sign of there being less craft about. He spared a five-inch shot towards the 'Shiki, masking it as a missed shot against a smaller craft, while dealing with the thinning swarm about him. "Hurry up, Markus. They're running out of pirate craft." Marcus mused to himself...

As the fighting grew quieter on the outside; the fighting inside was sharper, and more protracted. Casualties were taken on both sides, but the pirates were outfought and backed into a corner. Markus and Jonas moved into the cell block; and to Markus's suprise, he'd found one very unconscious pirate guarding a somewhat pissed off Sadistica Krijgsman-McKinney. With a bit of a grumble, he moved to the unconscious pirate, and searched him for keys. "...Choked 'im out, Sadi?" The somewhat battered, and battered cat simply nodded, her remainin eye half-swollen, and a small chunk missing from her ear. If Markus were to guess; she was likely having a hard time speaking. "...Alright. We're 'bout tae blow this joint. Cunning'am and Inko are on top cover at t'moment." With that, he drew his 1911 from a holster under his jacket, and extended it to his friend, as his partner moved to lead the way, letting Markus use his bulk to shield Sadi.

The last of the more dangerous pirate craft lit up like a Magnus Day tree. All that remained were of no consequence to the massive craft stationed there. "Prep another shock and awe, hold for my signal." he took a glance out the window of the bridge, surveying the scene. The Thunderchild had made short work of the Barashiki... as expected. Now everything was in Markus' hands.

The cadre of marines and soldiers moved in to flank and surround the general officers, having fought their way through the pirates in a hurry. As Cunningham and the others watched, a proper bridge was extended along some of the rope cables from Eiserneskreuz, being run out on some kind of cable system, and allowing the transport of wounded and soon, the group of soldiers and marines that had boarded the platform. As quick as the engagement inside had begun, it had ended...

Now was the OTHER time that everything would go to {static}, so the fox kept a weathered eye on the situation. If someone so much as hiccuped, there'd be a cannon in their future. "Wait for it...." he paused. "Come on.... just once, Magnus... let everything go smooth..."

For once, that inevitable god of battle, and ruler of all things messed up, Mr. Murphy, opted not to show his head. Either the bulk of the pirates were tied up with trying not to get killed, or they were in various states of disarray- on the whole, however, Markus, Sadistica, and his party were free and clear of the station, as they entered the Gondola. The temporary bridge was drawn back the moment the last marine was on board- and with that, Markus began making his way to his bridge; the rope cables being cut away.

Marcus held his breath, held his ground, and held his position, waiting for the all clear. "Just two little words, Other Marcus. With or without your silly accent. Two words...." the fox said in a hushed whisper, holding a pose like his body language could tell the future of battle.

As he strode to the bridge, Markus slung his submachinegun, and Eiserneskreuz began pulling away from the platform. With a bit of a grunt, he reached for his own hand-mic. He grabbed it, and keyed in. "...Cunningham, it's Jarnhann. We're good, and we've retrieved the package. Go ahead with whatever it is you've got planned, as soon as we're fully clear."

"I think they know they've been beat. We'll let them go with that." Marcus said, certainly less angry then before. "Take the lead, Markus. We'll follow suit. Let's go home."

"Your call on that. We'll transfer Sadistica to her crew after she's been treated, and we're free and clear of this mess. If you'd like, you can broadcast the message telling them that they've been spared and all that. Oh. And next time, you're supposed to tell Sky that I give her my regards and all that. Ass."

"Sorry, been through a lot. Heard someone like my sister was kinda kidnapped." he then switched to a general channel...

"Attention, remains of pirate cadre stationed on Fuel Depot Thirteen. It is by the mercy of the Jade Hand and supported by the military supremacy of the Crimson Armada, and by their authority, that you are hereby ordered to disperse. You have made a collection of enemies this day that will haunt you forever, and should our paths ever cross again, you will know ultimate defeat."

There was a pause, the a shot rang out from the Spirit of DD, buzzing past the hangars. "You have been warned. Threats against the Armada and ransoms against the same are rewarded with swift and decisive action. Vacate these premises and do not return." Marcus clicked off the public channel, then switched to the quieter bands, "It's only because of Skylark that they're alive now, so when you see her, give her your regards too."

"Helm bring us about one eighty, make maximum speed back for the R&P skylet. Comms, have ground crews and the hospitals on standby. Relay to the Thunderchild that the Commodore is alive, and intact. For the most part. Emphasis on alive. Major Briggs, I'd like an after action report as soon as practicable. Everyone else, good work." With that, Markus slumped back into his command chair, and simply waited for the return journey. The Thunderchild and the Iron Vulture pulled up alongside, the Spirit of DD retracting to return to her resting chamber within the hull. The gunports slid closed... and the gunship followed the massive Leviathan home.

From the mobile desk of:

Chancellor Marcus Cunningham

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((Very cool. Wish I could've taken part.))


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