The Path and the Way of the Court of Violets
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Author:  Shining One [ Sat Jan 31, 2009 9:39 pm ]
Post subject:  The Path and the Way of the Court of Violets

Our hearts have been filled with the life of your presence.

Yet within you we sense questions, mysteries, wonderings.

Who are we?

Who am I?

What is the Court? And how did we become such? From what path did we emerge?

It is the greatest gift to guide the unformed such that they may shape themselves into wondrous art.

I shall speak of the Court, of myself, and of Art.

You know of the Great Breaking that took our world and changed it into what it is today. Those who had survived the Breaking huddled on small scraps of earth and soil. Smaller than your lands, we knew them as gardens of the sky. On these quiescent surfaces, we healed.

Yet even gardens must fear the turmoil of the skies, and the people weathered them as best they could. We were unversed in the ways of battle and conflict, preferring a life directed towards the quiet betterment of the self. Because of that, we felt the sting of loss, but better to lose some small material thing than to harm the makeup of one's being.

As the gardens began to contact one another, the chaos of the Breaking, the darkness of the unknown, the sturm und drang of the skies began to recede. Not banished, but no more a threat hanging ever over our heads.

Yet as the people grew together, some of them began to grow apart. Some sought to uproot the peace and stability that had been established, saw that they deserved power over those who chose not to fight.

Before, we had seen no use in conflict, and saw it as an obstacle on the path towards excellence.

One saw different.

When attacked by those around him, he struck out and in that instant found a new path of betterment and refinement. He gazed at those who attacked him and saw that they had chosen this path for base and ugly reasons, caring not for their selves but for a material trapping, mere rags to wrap around their own sense of being.

He Who Had Found the Way beat back his attackers and taught his message to those who would hear it.

As a people, we gazed at those who would destroy us and looked upon them with pity and contempt. We struck back, yet with each blow we let not the violence and conflict consume us, but looked upon it with the same passion and dispassion as one would judge a sculpture.

No longer several fractured beings, our people were now a movement, sweeping through our lands like the wind of a great storm. We cleansed our air of the vile stink that sought to destroy us.

Afterwards, we raised our faces to the sun with greatest joy and exhaltation. We had done more than save ourselves, we had created a unified people who celebrated the path of excellence. We had created the Court of Violets.

In that time, we discovered that the path to perfection and personal enlightenment could be found in many ways. Just as we had found it through painting and sculpture, and as the First had discovered it through conflict and war, still others found new methods of reforging and reforming the self. Diplomacy, farming, oratory, smithing, barter, and a myriad of other paths.

Every Courtier selects that which they wish to focus their art upon. This becomes their Path. The walkers of a Path select one amongst themselves who they feel best represents the virtues and excellence of that Path. These individuals are called the Incarnations and form the Lower Court.

The Lower Court groups itself into collections of Paths called Ways. In such a fashion, the Incarnations of Painting, Sculpture, and other such disciplines group themselves under the Way of Visual Arts. These grouped Incarnations then select one amonst them to serve upon the Higher Court.

The Higher Court then selects one who seems to best understand and represent the Path and the Way of Art. That who is closest to excellence. This being becomes the Incarnation of Art, the Icon, the Grand Artist.

That is who I am.

Each Incarnation has the duty of presiding over all matters of their expertise. In matters where a question, a debate, a conflict exists, the matter is taken to a higher Incarnation, or to another under whose view the path may be made more clear.

If ever an Incarnation's vision seems to grow dim, and their path appears clouded, they will step down and the pathwalkers they represented will seek a new Incarnation. Another who shall help reveal the path to excellence.

This is Path and the Way of the Court of Violets.

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