Small Arms of Skytopia [RP Related]
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Author:  Leonore Elsgau [ Tue Oct 05, 2010 5:54 am ]
Post subject:  Small Arms of Skytopia [RP Related]

"What the Devil is This?"

In short, this is an attempt to provide a whole host of fictional weapons for the roleplayers among us. I am not trying to render Marcus' excellent thread obsolete, nor am I trying to force you to use my weapons. This is primarily a world-building excercise, and is by no means canon.

This thread is the culmination of over a month’s worth of research and effort on my part. After compiling a comprehensive list of over 40 firearms (and counting) designed before 1940, I used the data I gathered to create original weapons, arms manufacturers, and even cartridges. While all firearms described in this thread are fictional, most are based on historically significant or unusual guns. Designs from Italy, Spain, the USA, Germany, Japan, Russia, Poland, Belgium, France, and the UK were all considered during the process.

”Why 1940?” or “Where Are All the Assault Rifles?”

There are a number of reasons why I picked 1939 as the cutoff year, but the most important is that the first jet plane was built and flown in 1939. Now as we all know, there are no jet planes to be seen in Skytopia, or at least none worth mass-producing. Yes, I know that Skytopia is a fictional world with its own history. Yes, I know that technological development isn’t always completely even. Yes, I know that Unobtanium bombs, which are comparable to the first nuclear weapons, exist (and, in fact, existed before the Upheaval). However, I use 1939 merely as a frame of reference, and I think it important to consider exactly what sort of world Skytopia is.

Skylands are, with a few exceptions, pretty small, even when compared to a modestly sized city (at least judging from the art). It is therefore likely that open field battles are the exception, not the rule. Field artillery is all but useless ("Sir!, we seem to be shelling ourselves!" "How did that happen?" "We're on top of Tinkspoit, sir!") and sniper rifles, while fairly common, are rarely fitted with telescopic sights with greater than 4x magnification.

As for the issue of the ubiquitous assault rifle, the reason why they are not included here is because the first true assault rifle was the Sturmgewehr 44, or StG-44, first produced in 1944. Sturmgewehr is a German compound word that translates literally as "storm rifle". Unfortunately for those of us who speak English, the Allies passed up the infinitely cooler name and started calling them "assault rifles". Anyway, there are some light machine guns built prior to 1940 that loosely fit the definition of an assault rifle, and I have done my best to include these in my research. As a result, there are exactly 2 assault rifles, though they are classified under the light machine guns. Look for the ones with box magazines, pistol grips, and no bipod.

"The Name of the Arms Manufacturers Are In Foreign Languages! Why Make Fictional Guns and Then Use Real Languages?"

I generally view the use of real languages in fiction as an acceptable break from reality. Many RP characters speak other languages or have a foreign accent, mine included, and I'm not going to tell them they have to all have to speak English all the time without any hint of an accent. Furthermore, I have no quarrel with those who wish to use real guns. I am merely doing a bit of world-building to accommodate anal-retentive folks like myself.

"These Guns Suck! I Want An Automatic Shotgun!"

That's not a question. I'm not forcing you to use them, and if you hate them so much, I promise that I will take your criticism to heart. However, if you're angry I didn't add a grenade launcher to the list, then perhaps it's best that you don't have one. Angry people and explosives don't mix. Well, they do, but the result is usually unsuitable for children.

Author:  Leonore Elsgau [ Tue Oct 05, 2010 5:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Small Arms of Skytopia [Under Construction]

Société d'armement de Valvia
Armaments Corporation of Valvia

Founded in 47 AU, the Armaments Corporation of Valvia, or SAV, is the oldest arms manufacturer in all of Skytopia. It has held strong through the Earthbreach War and all three Principality Wars, and has seen governments rise and fall in the blink of an eye. SAV draws on their over 150 years worth of experience in order to move their product, and their outstanding entrepreneurship has won them countless contracts. Their design philosophy emphasizes equal parts quality and value, and their production models are reliable, sturdy and powerful.

SAV manufactures all manner of small arms.

Bолстоя Oружие Компания (Volstoya Oruzhie Kompaniya)
Volstoy Arms Company

To say the Volstoy Arms Company has a reputation would be an unbelievable understatement. Their cheap, easy-to-maintain firearms have been the weapon of choice for pirates and smugglers for decades. The company was founded in 169 as an offshoot of a salvage operation based out of Volstoy, using scrap metal from plane wrecks as raw material. Volstoy Arms Company's weapons are all made from wood and stamped metal, and have very few interchangable parts. Should one of their weapons break, the most common repair solution is to buy another one. However, despite these design flaws, the weapons themselves have a reputation for unrivaled durability and reliability.

Volstoy Arms Company manufactures handguns, rifles, and submachine guns.

Jackson-Meade Armory

Jackson-Mead Armory and SAV have a heated rivalry. Despite being a relative newcomer to the arms industry, Jackson-Mead has made a name for itself by catering exclusively to the various military forces throughout Skytopia, and have swiped numerous military contracts from right under SAV's nose. Their weapons are designed for soldiers, by soldiers, and are difficult for civilians to get their hands on through legitimate means. While Jackson-Meade does produce a few models for sale on the civilian market, almost all of these are scaled-back versions of their military firearms. Jackson-Meade has a reputation for producing weapons of a higher quality than those offered by SAV, but is also known for designing unusual ammo feed systems that make their weapons difficult to operate by those not familiar with them.

Jackson-Meade Armory manufactures all manner of small arms, but specializes in rifles and heavy machine guns.

Jaeger Waffenfabrik Anbieter
Jaeger Arms Providers

Jaeger manufactures some of the most accurate and powerful weapons in Skytopia, and are the preferred choice of bounty hunters and elite troops alike. Their weapons have also popularized numerous cartridges, including the massively popular 9x19mm Ansich, and many of the technical innovations seen on firearms today come as a result of Jaeger's research.

Jaeger Arms Providers produces all manner of small arms, but specializes in handguns, rifles, and light machine guns.

الموارد شريف الحرب
Sheriff Combat Resources

Much like Volstoy Arms Company, Sheriff Combat Resources' weapons are cheap but extremely durable. The main difference, however, is that Sheriff incorporates more interchangable parts into their designs. This makes their weapons easier to maintain in the field. Also of note is their design philosophy. Rather than fixate on accuracy, Sheriff instead increases the firing rate and magazine size of their weapons, while taking measures to reduce recoil. The result is a weapon that fires faster and longer with less kickback compared to other firearms. Mercenaries and militaries alike both choose Sheriff Combat Resources for the same reasons, and the company has quickly grown into a major competitor in the military arms market.

Sheriff Combat Resources manufactures all manner of small arms, but specialize in automatic rifles and light machine guns.

Estoque Armas y Municiones
Estoc Arms and Munitions

Estoc Arms and Munitions makes some of the best looking guns on the market. Estoc's weapons are a common fixture at gun shows and competitions, due to their emphasis on high-quality, affordable weapons. However, there is a reason why they have very few military contracts. Despite their quality, Estoc's firearms can't hold up to the abuse most weapons go through in a combat zone. Mud, grime and sand are all very likely to cause a jam, and a reasonable-sized drop can completely ruin them, or worse, cause a misfire. Yet, despite their poor temperment, Estoc's guns are excellent for target-shooting or self-defense, and have even found a niche among hunters and outdoorsmen who don't mind spending a bit more time maintaining their rifles. Estoc also manufactures ammunition, and sells the most popular brand of match grade ammunition on the market.

Estoc produces handguns, rifles, shotguns, and submachine guns.

Juliet Difesa Produttori
Juliet Defense Manufacturers

Juliet Difesa Produttori is synonymous with quality... and with costly. JDP has no production models. Instead, they build hand-made custom firearms for wealthy buyers. For 10,000,000 squig (more than than the cost of most aircraft) you can purchase a custom-built weapon with a lifetime warrantee. Because JDP holds on to the templates and schematics for each weapon, parts are easily replaced, though you might have to fly out to Juliet to work things out. Repairs are free, with few exceptions (if any gold or expensive alloys are involved, the customer pays the price of the materials), and the majority of weapons are designed to fire match grade ammunition.

Juliet Difesa Produttori will take commissions for any type of firearm, but most commonly designs handguns and rifles.

Author:  Leonore Elsgau [ Tue Oct 05, 2010 5:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Small Arms of Skytopia [Under Construction]

Pardon Our Mess! Renovations in Progress!

Weapon: MG207
Based on: Browning wz.1928
Manufacturer: Jaeger Arms Providers
Type: Light Machine Gun
Cartridge: 7.92x57 Maus
Action: Gas-operated
Feed System: 30-round box

The MG207 is one of most popular and innovative of Jaeger's weapons. By combining the versatility and power of a light machine gun with the mobility of a standard-issue rifle, the MG207 is an excellent choice for close-quarters or medium-range combat, and can even be used for long-range combat by trained marksmen. The MG207 is outfitted with a pistol grip and iron sights, but does not have an integrated bipod. A bipod attachment is available.

Weapon: M200 Benson Automatic Rifle (BAR)
Based on: M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR)
Manufacturer: Jackson-Meade Armory
Type: Light Machine Gun
Cartridge: .30-88 Sheffield
Action: Gas-operated, tilting breech block
Feed System: 20-round box, 30-round box

The Benson Automatic Rifle is one of John Benson’s most famous designs. Originally adopted by the Crimson Armada, the M200 has become the automatic rifle of choice for military forces everywhere. The BAR packs a wallop, and between its considerable accuracy and light weight, it can put that wallop wherever it pleases. The M200 BAR is outfitted with iron sights and an integrated bipod.

Weapon: Crimson Armada Carbine, Caliber .30, M11
Based on: M1 Carbine (United States Carbine, Caliber .30, M1)
Manufacturer: Jackson-Meade Armory
Type: Carbine
Cartridge: .30 Carbine
Action: Gas-operated, rotating bolt
Feed System: 15-round box, 30-round box

The M11 Carbine isn’t the most powerful weapon out there, but between its fairly large magazine, small size, and excellent accuracy at short and medium ranges, it is the perfect weapon for paratroopers of any stripe. Due to its adoption by many armed forces across Skytopia, it comes in an astonishing number of variants, including the selective-fire M12 and the high-tech, active infrared-capable M14a. The M11 Carbine is outfitted with iron sights, but telescopic sights are available.

Weapon: M4 Benson Machine Gun
Based on: M2 Browning Machine Gun
Manufacturer: Jackson-Meade Armory
Type: Heavy Machine Gun
Cartridge: .50 BMG
Action: Short Recoil
Feed System: Belt-fed

It’s big, it’s loud, and if you fire it when it’s not attached to something, you’ll lose an arm. The M4 is Jacob Benson’s masterpiece; a gun so iconic it is often known simply as the “Benson”. No matter where you point the barrel, the M4 is guaranteed to ruin someone’s day.

Weapon: Pulemyot Dityateva Pekhotny (Dityatev Infantry Machine Gun)
Based on: Pulemyot Degtyaryova Pekhotny (Degtyaryov Infantry Machine Gun)
Manufacturer: Volstoy Arms Company
Type: Light Machine Gun
Cartridge: 7.62x54mmV
Action: Gas-Operated
Feed System: 47-round Pan

Designed in 209 by one Petya Dityatev, this unusual machine gun is fed by a circular magazine affixed to the top of the weapon. Nicknamed the "DP" by the gun's first adopters, Dityatev's weapon is capable withstanding substantial abuse without jamming or misfiring, and can even fire when virtually entombed in sand and dirt. A very impressive feat for a gun that is made up of only 73 parts and can be built using only unskilled labor. Interestingly, despite the gun's reputation for resilience, the bipod is infamously fragile. The DP is outfitted with iron sights and an integrated bipod.

Weapon: MF 03/19 Machine Gun
Based on: FM 24/29 Machine Gun
Manufacturer: Armaments Corporation of Valvia
Type: Light Machine Gun
Cartridge: 7.5x54mm Valvia MAS
Action: Gas-Operated
Feed System: 25-round Box

The MF 03/19 is loosely based on the BAR, but features a top-mounted box magazine and a pistol grip. Additionally, the bolt locks open upon firing the last round in a magazine, making reloading extremely simple and easy. Its accuracy and power are only decent, but it is easy to clean and maintain, making it a perfect match for irregulars and reservists. The MF 03/19 is outfitted with iron sights, a pistol grip, and an integrated bipod.

Weapon: M199 Benson Machine Gun
Based on: M1919 Browning Machine Gun
Manufacturer: Jackson-Meade Armory
Type: Medium Machine Gun
Cartridge: Various (Originally chambered for .30-06 Sheffield)
Action: Short-recoil
Feed System: 250-round belt

The M199 Benson is medium machine gun currently in use by a wide variety of military outfits across Skytopia. In normal operation, the gunner carries the gun and tripod, the assistant gunner carries spare parts and tools, and the other two crew members carry ammunition. Once set up, the M199 can be safely operated by the gunner and assistant gunner, while the other two crewmen provide additional cover with their rifles. Many variants of the weapon exist, including the heavier M199A2 designed for sustained fire, and the M199A6, which has a buttstock, folding bipod, and lighter barrel, allowing it to be deployed faster and more easily. The M199 Benson Machine Gun is outfitted with iron sights, and comes equipped with a detachable tripod.

Weapon: Stella 350
Based on: Astra Modelo 400
Manufacturer: Estoc Arms and Munitions
Type: Handgun
Cartridge: 9mm Alto
Action: Blowback
Feed System: 8-round box

Stylish and sexy, the Stella is as likely to be seen in the hands of aristocracy as it is to be spotted in the hands of smugglers and crime lords. While not exceptionally powerful or accurate, it gets the job done, and it is bound to leave an impression on anyone you point it at. Pull the trigger, and that impression will become a nice round hole.

Weapon: Benson GP (“Grand Puissance”)
Based on: Browning Hi-Power
Manufacturer: Armaments Corporation of Valvia
Type: Handgun
Cartridge: Various (Originally chambered for 9x19mm Invicta)
Action: Short-recoil
Feed System: 13-round box (9mm), 10-round box (.40 S&S)

The Benson GP is the most popular service pistol in all of Skytopia. Compact, accurate, and powerful, this semi-auto is a well-rounded monster of a weapon. “Point and shoot” has never been easier.

Weapon: Caldwell SAA
Based on: Colt Single Action Army
Manufacturer: Jackson-Meade Armory
Type: Handgun
Cartridge: Various (Originally chambered for Caldwell .45)
Action: Single action revolver
Feed System: 6-round cylinder

The Caldwell SAA is a truly iconic revolver. Featured in a wide variety of movies, it has a greater presence in popular media than perhaps any other gun in existence. Many owners take great pleasure in customizing their weapon with engraving or custom grips, along with more practical modifications such as hair triggers.

Weapon: Jaeger C96
Based on: Mauser C96
Manufacturer: Jaeger Arms Providers
Type: Handgun
Cartridge: 7.63x25mm Jaeger
Action: Short-recoil
Feed System: 6-round internal box, 10-round internal box, 20-round internal box

The C96 is an odd one. Rather than use a detachable box magazine like most pistols, it instead has an integral box magazine. The Jaeger must be loaded using “stripper” clips, which can make reloading cumbersome and slow. However, the C96’s accuracy and power are both excellent, and the selective-fire variants even allow the gun to be fired on full-automatic. The Jaeger C96 can be outfitted with a wooden buttstock for added stability.

Weapon: Kinn-Jørstad
Based on: Krag-Jørgensen
Manufacturer: Volstoy Arms Company
Type: Rifle
Cartridge: 8x58R, .30-40 Kinn, 6.5x54mm Rimless
Action: Bolt action
Feed System: 5-round integral magazine

The Kinn-Jørstad is a solid rifle. Loved by target shooters for its smooth action, the Kinn is used by civilians and soldiers alike. Utilizing an unusual internal “capsule” magazine, the Kinn must be loaded one round at a time. However, the rounds can be placed in the magazine without much concern for proper alignment, as they will be pushed into place when the magazine door is closed. The Kinn-Jørstad is outfitted with iron sights, but can be equipped with a telescopic sight for improved accuracy at longer ranges.

Weapon: M11 Cantius
Based on: M1 Garand
Manufacturer: Jackson-Meade Armory
Type: Rifle
Cartridge: .30-06 Sheffield
Action: Gas-operated, rotating bolt
Feed System: 8-round “en-block” clip

The Cantius was the first semi-automatic rifle to be adopted by any military. It is a powerful, versatile piece of machinery, and has seen use in countless operations. The distinctive, metallic “ping” made when the clip has been exhausted is one of the most familiar sounds of warfare. The weapon has numerous variants, including one with a folding stock and shorter barrel for use by airmen. The M11 Cantius is outfitted with iron sights. It can be equipped with telescopic sights for improved accuracy at longer distances.

Weapon: Leucas 37
Based on: Ithaca 37
Manufacturer: Jackson-Meade Armory
Type: Shotgun
Cartridge: 12, 16, 20, or 28 gauge
Action: Pump-action
Feed System: 4-round tube magazine

The Leucas is the one of the only combat shotguns to see widespread use by any formal military. Like any other shotgun, it is very straightforward; point, shoot, cycle, repeat. The Leucas 37 is outfitted with with iron sights.

Weapon: MPE 24
Based on: MP34
Manufacturer: Jaeger Arms Providers
Type: Submachine gun
Cartridge: 9x19mm Invicta
Action: Open-bolt blowback
Feed System: 20-round box, 32-round box

Sturdy, reliable, and unbelievably versatile, the MPE 24 is one of the most popular close combat weapons available. Despite being built for use in down-and-dirty urban warfare, it has the range and accuracy to go toe-to-toe with some rifles, and a bipod attachment is available for those who need extra stability. The MPE 24 has a semi-pistol grip, and is outfitted with iron sights.

Author:  Leonore Elsgau [ Tue Oct 05, 2010 5:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Small Arms of Skytopia [Under Construction]


Author:  Vincent Cross [ Thu Dec 29, 2011 12:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Small Arms of Skytopia [RP Related]

This looks awesome! I might end up using some of this in my own rp, even. :thumbs:

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