Radio Language: PLEASE READ
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Author:  Icarus [ Fri Oct 26, 2007 8:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Radio Language: PLEASE READ

Hi everyone,

Something that we have been noticing over the last few weeks, and especially over the last few days, is offensive and distasteful language in Chat.

This is, of course not allowed, endorsed, or welcomed by the developers and the Skyrates community as a whole. Skyrates is free; it has been built as an experiment, for the love of trying out a new type of game play, and largely for the wonderful community that it has fostered.

That's what it disheartens us so much when we started to get email reports and noticed ourselves, in chat, offensive and foul language.

We are but a hand full of developers working on this in our spare time, all of us with busy lives who take time to put our hard work and sweat into this game. Unfortunately at this time we do not have the man power to implement a safe chat system or filter, we need YOUR help to keep Skyrates family friendly for our players, of all ages.

Please refrain from using offensive language, foul imagery, and generally anything that you wouldn't want your grandmother to read. We have a wide and varied community with players ranging from as young as 6 to as old as 60.
If you do happen to notice anyone at anytime sending distasteful messages please ask him or her to stop and direct them to this message. If they continue please email their Skyrate name to and we will take it through proper disciplinary channels.

As developers, we will do our best to moderate the chat system but we cannot be everywhere at once. Until a safer chat system can be put into place please help us keep the airwaves clean.

-The Skyrates Dev Team

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