a statement on alt swarming
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Author:  phil [ Wed Nov 07, 2007 8:12 am ]
Post subject:  a statement on alt swarming

Ok. While missions are down, and as some players reach the end of the plane tiers, I think it's a good time to take a moment to make a long-overdue official statement on the use of alternate characters. ("alts")

We do not want you to use alts to concurrently run missions at a skyland, for the sole purpose of boosting a faction's influence at that skyland. If we catch you doing it, we may do any of the following:
- send you a warning via PM on the forums
- reduce or revoke the alt-earned influence
- prevent missions from spawning for your alts
- ban you and your character(s) from the game.

I like to play ultimate frisbee. One of the main tenets of that sport is called Spirit of the game. Basically, the line of thinking is, "Hey, we're this grassroots self-organized sport. The only way we can all have fun, is if we all decide to be fun." Skyrates operates on the exact same principles. I'm telling you now, alt swarming is bad spirit. Please don't do it.

I only get a few hours of free time each week to actually work on Skyrates. Would you rather I spent that time playing referee, or fixing/improving the game? I'm going to do whatever adds the most value to the community. Please don't make the hunt for bad sports to be more important than adding new features.


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