Oops - 5/6/2010
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Author:  Chesterfield Taft [ Thu May 06, 2010 10:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Oops - 5/6/2010

Last night it was pointed out to me that the Skylands that the Hidden Fleet had achieved a lead on did not have their flags flipped with the daily influence timer went off. I began investigating.

The daily influence script is a complex process that handles a lot of things. It decays influence, sets flags, uses supply/work to maintain offense & defense, automatically decrements HF Presence on Skytopia skylands, consumes supply/work on HF controlled Skylands. A lot of stuff.

Well, it turns out something was borking the script, causing *none* of that to happen. Up until this point, you all were getting a free ride with offense/defense (which explains to me partially why they were rising up to so high values).

I tweaked the script, fixed the bug, and set it loose. Weeeeell...problems occurred. Some of you may remember a bit of time ago where a similar thing happened, and suddenly skylands had decayed most of their influence away, and had 700+ days controlled. Well, that started happening again. I killed the servers, killed the script, and then brought things back up to find...troubles.

A bunch of wackiness had occurred, and values had gotten crazy all over the place. I then went about the task of trying to recover everything.

BIG thanks to nehp here, and his page that archives a bunch of the information on the hour. He was very helpful.

Phillipia and Tehras flipped to the Hidden Fleet. I have restored them back to their respective Skytopian factions.

A bunch of skyland offense & defense got consumed away to nothing. I attempted to restore it to the archived values before the problems.

Influence decayed everywhere. I have restored it to all factions, although I decayed the Hidden Fleet a little bit as partial apology for the troubles.

Aggression & presence went wacky all across Skytopia. I've attempted to recover these back to reasonable sanity. The HF is still attacking from the South.

Supply/workforce were consumed on skylands that got HF flipped (including Tehras and Phillipia). I have restored it such that it was only consumed *once* on Alpha 7 and Olio, and no times on Tehras and Phillipia.

Supply/workforce were consumed on every skyland with offense/defense to pay for those structures. I tried my best to recover those amounts. Your overall supply/workforce should be back to the numbers it was before the problem, although not necessarily on the same skylands. Sorry for that inconvenience.

To review.

A script was buggy. I fixed it, but then it went off far too many times. I fixed the script, and then tried to recover the numbers.

I deeply apologize for the inconvenience. I know it's especially bad timing what with Skytopia hurting a bit from the Hidden Fleet's first conquests. If you find anything especially troubling or weird, please contact me and I'll try to make it right.

Author:  Chesterfield Taft [ Thu May 06, 2010 10:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Oops - 5/6/2010


Skyland offense & skyland defense will now start consuming supply/work. Be forewarned.

*looks at Uurwerk and Alpha 9*

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