phil's back! (sort of)
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Author:  phil [ Wed Aug 17, 2011 6:42 am ]
Post subject:  phil's back! (sort of)

so a month ago, i promised that i would be able to explain myself more fully. now it's time to do that.

i quit my job at zynga, with my last day being a few days ago. this is something i've been planning for a while now. in march, i bought a pickup truck. the last couple weeks (after i returned from india) i've been loading all of my earthly belongings into it and making my exit. i'm in the middle of long-hauling it across the vast and beautiful USA.


i'm in a hotel right now, but i can't say when/if i'll book one again. i don't have a firm plan for my route or pace beyond "national parks and not too fast"

my ultimate destination is to pittsburgh and the little startup i co-founded in 2007; but before i return to a daily role there i'm going to take some time for myself. the whole reason i bought that truck is to turn it into a customized RV and then begin the habit of a (hopefully annual) big road trip to someplace quiet and remote. i love the desert very much. (and rock climbing)

so! i'm free to work on skyrates again whenever i please, but i've got some more personal things to do which mean i actually won't be online too much until october or so, at which point i'll be buying a house and busy rejoining my company. i will definitely resume contributing here, but can't promise much of anything at all.

i'm very excited for the next few months. see you soon!


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