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Author:  Lord Gilbert [ Wed Feb 03, 2010 12:05 am ]
Post subject:  Submit your Skyland Facts!

A while back, we added the ability for the Skyland screen in the game to show a little random fact about the Skyland you were on.

We intended to add a bunch of them in, but we never found the time to come up with an extensive list.

That's where you all come in :grin:

Use this thread to submit any facts you might like to see on a Skyland. We can't guarantee that we'll use them all, but we'd love to see what you have! Nothing too long mind you.

(additionally, we could use some flavor text for the fuel platforms in general)

Included here are the skylands, their images, and current flavor text from the discovery page. Note that some of these also need to be updated.

Image Cidade

A trading hub of the inner skylands, Cidade was originally founded by the Merchant Guild, a new power growing within the Commonwealth after the Principality Wars.
Image Echo

Following the Great Upheaval and the Principality Wars, the world of Skytopia was a place of great conflict. However, some took it upon themselves to educate those unfamiliar with the world. Governor Leo founded the Echo Flight School, a place where new Skyrates could learn about the world in a safe environment, free from the maneuverings of the Factions and attacks by pirate fleets. The school is currently headed by Lord Gilbert, former diplomat to the Tortugans.
Image Isla di Pisa

In the Post-Upheaval, scientists worked together to perfect technologies to stabilize the skylands. Previously, poor weather would cause the great land masses to shake dangerously, and the unobtanium deposits giving the skylands lift would destabilize causing further damage. Here, the first skystones were created -- devices half natural, half technological, that brought stability to the Skylands.
Image New Hovlund

Admiral Svendheim, leader of the Commonwealth ordered his scientists to build a source of power with which he could wage war against the remaining pirate fleets and subjugate the few independent colonies remaining in Skytopia. The scientists had no choice but to obey, but began to resent their leader.
Image Steppe

Following the Upheaval, the few survivors clinging to the floating rocks of Steppe sent out small messenger planes they had salvaged in an attempt to contact other survivors. Heavy storms made the task difficult, but eventually contact was reestablished.
Image ALPHA 2

Alpha 2 has the unique honor to be one of the most heavily attacked locations in Skytopia. The attacks are seldom crippling, and the inhabitants have taken to advertising this unique feature. So next time you're in the area, do try and stop in for the 10:00 AM pirate raid. It's quite a rush!
Image Jordan

The spiraling train ways and architecture of Jordan are remnants of a culture and way of life no longer practiced much in Skytopia. Still, there are a number of Skyrates who frequently make sure to return to Jordan once a year to reconnect with their cultural heritage.
Image Shriebeck

In the chaos following the Upheaval, the assembled survivors gathered together in loose bands, united in either trying to bring order to disorder, or profiting from the disorder. Loose pirate kingdoms, principalities, fought against one another, gathering resources from the great skylands all in an attempt to fund their empires. Shriebeck, originally only a mining outpost, was converted by Admiral Fuseli into one of the most brutal training camps in Skytopia, turning out an elite cadre of soldiers working directly under Fuseli's orders.
Image Valvia

After the Principality Wars, the scientists and inventors of the Commonwealth would annually meet for a Symposium of Free Ideas at Valvia. Here, inspired by wonders of energy and engineering, they would allow their minds to exchange ideas freely, for the pure joy of unbridled thought. However, this unity was not to last.
Image Arcadia

The great tree of Arcadia started as but one of many other regular trees, but after the Upheaval, the strange forces that caused the Skylands to rise from the earth similarly caused the Arcadian tree to grow to unheard of heights. Its people live amidst its branches and roots, practicing a faith highly devoted to natural life. While solitary in their nature, the Arcadians strongly believe in a unified Skytopia, free from the petty squabbling of the factions, turning its attention to healing the shattered planet.
Image Eltsina

Dasha Eltsina, current Guildmistress of the Merchant Guild, was a Director under Guildmaster Kadath. While Kadath was comfortable to work with the Armada following the Commonwealth's collapse, Eltsina believed the Guild could survive as its own entity. She instigated a revolution against the Guildmaster, and through a long hidden war was eventually able to crush his resources, and forced him to abdicate his position, naming Eltsina the new Guildmistress. Under her, the fledgling faction blossomed, extending their interests to cover all of the north and establishing a network of hidden operatives all throughout Skytopia. She was also heavily responsible for the move separating the Green Republic from the Merchant Guild, establishing them both as separate, albeit cooperative powers. During the Tortugan Upheaval, Eltsina was silent over the radio until the very last moment, when, in a surprise move, she surfaced directly underneath Tortuga in a submersible that she had kept hidden until that point. Reaching Tortuga well before the other factions, she met with Lord Gilbert and was given several important documents and schematics to evacuate. The Guildmistress has yet to release the contents of those documents.
Image Fuseli

Colonel Fuseli served under Admiral Svendheim during the Principality Wars, and was heavily responsible for the Admiral's success in battle. Lead by Svendheim, Skytopia was united under a Commonwealth attempting to regain the glory of the lost Kingdom of Magnus. Fuseli scorned Svendheim's efforts at 'king making' and eventually broke off from the Commonwealth forming the Crimson Armada. That was many years ago, and the Commonwealth is no more while the Armada still stands strongly. Although long since retired from active duty, Admiral Fuseli continues to watch Skytopia from the viewing room of his powerful battleship. During the Tortugan Upheaval, Fuseli sought to seize control of Tortuga, and dragged the Skyland away from the Unobtanium Surge that threatened it. Although he succeeded in gaining Tortuga, the Admiral and his battleship were both heavily wounded in a seeming kamikaze run by the late Lawrence Islo of the Azure League.
Image Islo

Lawrence Islo was born during the heyday of the Commonwealth. An engaging and brilliant young mind, he rose quickly through the ranks of scientists and innovators. His designs revolutionized the then developing field of aeronautics, and his deep understanding of ancient schematics enabled him to bring to life such crafts as the Ingersoll. When the Armada and the Merchant Guild began pressuring their think tanks to no longer attend the yearly Symposium of Free Ideas, Islo's impassioned words galvanized the scientific community to find another way. On an agreed upon date, Islo and his followers left their homes and migrated to the Southwest towards the desert skylands. There, he allied himself with Emir Dalhoum, leader of the Nomadic tribes of the desert. The two found in each other a drive for adventure, independence, and freedom. A new faction formed, the Azure League became a refuge for many who had grown disillusioned with the workings of the Armada and the Merchant Guild. While a simple people, they were characterized with great works of engineering and a fierce devotion to their people. During the Tortugan Upheaval, the League aided Lord Gilbert in evacuating many of the skyland's civilian population. Suspecting Admiral Fuseli's treachery, Islo launched a kamikaze attack against the Admiral's battleship. The attack ended with Fuseli's battleship in shambles, and Islo missing. No sign of him has been seen since that day.
Image Lhasa

A group of independent agents worked together to erect the memorial of Lhasa. Hailing from the various factions, most of them renounced their ties to work together under a unified banner. Some feel it was to be for those who died in the Upheaval. Others thought it was for Skyrates lost against the pirate waves, still others a memorial for the pirates themselves. It will never be known, as the agents all vanished shortly after its completion but before the placement of the memorial stone. As such, the Lhasan monument stands as a sad, unfinished sentence in the book of Skytopia.
Image Alpha 6

Image Alpha 8

Image Earthbreach

Before the world was shattered, it was at Earthbreach that the Great War came to its peak. Here, the Sons of Magnus gathered at the capital of their father's empire and stood united against the barbarians who sought to destroy all that had been created. In that instant, the world was irrevocably changed. The exact events are unknown, and it is unsure whether the coming cataclysm was the result of some horrible weapon, or the only option available to prevent utter destruction. In that moment, fire crossed the planet. Nations sunk into darkness, to be drowned by the sea, and great islands of rock and stone lifted up from the surface to take their place in the sky. It was here, that the Kingdom of Magnus fell, and the land of Skytopia rose into the sun.
Image Goldenrod

After the Upheaval, many of the southern Skylands were populated with nomads who had been lifted into the sky along with the deserts they had journeyed upon. Always managing to eke out an existence in the harshest of conditions, they were able to survive and flourish, although they were not able to leave the Skylands until they met up with a large contingent of inventors and scientists, fleeing the Crimson Armada and Green Republic, seeking out a place where their ideas would no longer be shackled and locked away. The nomads gave the scientists the skills needed to survive. The scientists gave the nomads a new land of clouds and sky to wander upon.
Image Tinkspoit

One of the last skylands settled by the Guild, Tinkspoit has remained one of the most reclusive and solitary. Tinkspoit is one of the few facilities able to convert raw unobtanium to the more usable form used for sustaining the skylands and providing buoyancy to the larger vessels. Sensors have detected a number of hidden chambers in the Skyland, but no maps mark these locations, nor do any passages seem to lead to them.
Image Alpha 10

Image Alpha 11

Image Gonk

Gonk, named for a great (albeit unlikely) hero of the Principality Wars. He has since become the subject of many children's stories, also giving rise to the phrase, 'As good as gonked!'
Image Olio

Existing on the edge of known Skytopian air space, Olio is a lonely outpost populated by a grim and serious people who have seen their share of troubles. Many Skyrates, looking out into that expanse of infinite nothingness to the east, jump into their planes and fly out searching for something out there in the never ending Blue. The few pilots who return tend to babble about sky and water, and about the sound of distant music.
Image Aleut

The Merchant Guild, following their split from the Commonwealth, retreated to the icy north. Here, with the great resources they had accumulated in the South, they were able to mine the precious minerals of the northern Skylands and establish their own free Republic. Under the direction of Guildmaster Kadath, the Guild began to make deals with a young Colonel Fuseli and began to plan a coup against Admiral Svendheim.
Image ALPHA 5

This platform was created to test new stabilization systems for the Azure League scientists. One momentous day, the Azure League was able to stave off a fleet of pirates by causing the platform to spin rapidly in place, crushing the small ships with its massive rotating bulk.
Image Alpha 7

Image Leng

Once a simple monastery, the discovery of large sources of fresh water within this stalactite shaped skyland caused Leng to become embroiled in a violent border dispute. Since then, the Skyland has become more of a refuge for wayward flight schoolers looking for a little danger.
Image Midgard

Midgard was the capital of the Commonwealth following the Principality Wars. Here, Admiral Svendheim sought to extend his budding empire to the far reaches of Skytopia. Unbeknownst to him, however, the seeds of revolution and dissent were being sown.
Image Sharif

Every year, the Nomads of the south east make their annual journey to Sharif for trade and amusement. Here, a great festival is held and the skyland shines with lanterns of iridescent and colored light. It is said that at this annual gathering, just about anything your heart could ever desire could be found in the Great Marketplace of Sharif.
Image Alpha 12

Image Alpha 13

Image Alpha 16

Image Alpha 17

Image Kadath

Named after the former Guildmaster of the Merchant Guild, Kadath is well known for the bizarre artifacts that litter its surface. Strange carved toroids of stone are embedded across the Skyland. Those passing between them have had differing feelings, ranging from safety and security to apprehension and nausea. The governor dismisses it as mere superstition, but it's hard to discount that there is something very different about the artifacts here.
Image Phillipia

The home base of the nomads who make up a good portion of the Azure League. Currently, they are lead by Emir Dalhoum who carries on the legacy of Lawrence Islo. The nomads were able to survive the rough conditions of the Post-Upheaval world and managed a meager existence until their union with the self-exiled scientists of the Armada and the Guild. The nomads boast one of the largest collections of pristine Pre-Upheaval artifacts. Their detractors credit this to the League's technological innovations. The League tends to only smile and say nothing.
Image Tehras

Tehras is the base of operations for the Order of Gisela, a chivalrous group whose teachings, it is said, are based off of one of the siblings of the Succession Wars. They fly across Skytopia in aircraft decorated with elaborate heraldry, seeking out those worthy to join their order and to continue the search for the heir to the lost Skytopian throne.
Image Alpha 15

Image ALPHA 4

A platform devoted to the testing of new weapons systems. Nicknamed 'old smokey,' the Crimson Armada have taken to seeing how far they can take Alpha 4 without having her crash into the sea.
Image Getty

Home to the 'Hall of the Forgotten.' A great museum was built on this Skyland to house the accumulated wreckage and detritus that remained following the Upheaval. Here, the dusty scribes catalogue and study the artifacts in the hope of discovering...something. Pilots have noted strange energy readings emanating from the Skyland, and occasionally Skyrates lost in storms will suddenly see Getty on their radar, as though the Skyland is beckoning some brave soul to unlock her secrets.
Image Luz

The gateway to the desert skylands. With the Commonwealth fallen, the leadership of the Armada and the Green Republic began forbidding their scientists from going to the annual Symposium of Free Ideas. A young Lawrence Islo gave an impassioned speech at the Final Symposium about logic, freedom, and peace. The scientists returned to their factional posts, but over the next few months began to plan. Then one day, many of the scientists vanished in a massive exodus to 'the light above the sand.'
Image Volstoy

Distant Volstoy is famed for its canyons, where the howl of the wind sounds like a soul enraged. These winds are often dubbed, 'Kadath's Fury,' after the event here where Minister Eltsina declared that Guildmaster Kadath was no longer fit to head the Merchant Guild and that his efforts to work with Fuseli's Armada were setting the Guild up to forever exist in the shadow of another. This event lead to War within the Merchant Guild.
Image ALPHA 1

A decrepit old derelict of the sky, Alpha 1 once housed a budding research community. Then one day, messages back from it stopped coming in. Rescue parties sent out discovered the landing platform completely deserted, with items still set up as though the population had all suddenly decided to leave at once. Books still opened, meals set out on tables, but no trace of life whatsoever.
Image Alpha 14

Image ALPHA 3

A landing platform originally part of the Tortugan Pirate fleet. This platform was a research vessel sent out to investigate an Unobtanium Surge in the ocean. The platform was heavily damaged in the resultant explosions, but since then some efforts have been made to repair it.
Image Alpha 9

Image Juliet

The gardens of Juliet are said to be one of the finest places to try and find tranquility in Skytopia. A group of caretakers maintain the delicate waterways and paths that permit visitors to see the flora while never having the chance to damage the gardens.
Image Romeo

Romeo is the home to the Skytopian Brewer's Guild. While grog has gained a bit of a negative connotation due to expensive tariffs, the fine ales and spirits of Romeo remain welcome across Skytopia. Similarly, the Romeons are known for their hospitality and eagerly invite all new arrivals to sample their wares.
Image Tortuga

In the days following the Upheaval, bands of pirates stormed across the skies leaving chaos in their wake. At the same time, like shepherds guarding their flock, they would radio ahead to skylands when harsh weather conditions were about to hit. In this manner, both the pirates and the skylands were able to eke out a survival. As time passed, and communication and aircrafts grew better, the pirates saw the need to begin to unify, and Tortuga became the de facto base of pirate operations, ruled by its Pirate Lords. Never communicating to the outside world, their emissary was a badger by the name of Lord Gilbert who served as not only diplomat, but records keeper for all of Skytopia. In recent years, a huge swell of Unobtanium burst forth from the sea underneath Tortuga, threatening the skyland with imminent explosions. Lord Gilbert petitioned the factions to come to the skyland's aid. Of these, the Green Republic and the Azure League helped, while the Crimson Armada took the opportunity to try and seize control of the Skyland. In the end, Tortuga was saved albeit in a much damaged state. Lord Gilbert resigned his post, and the pirates of Skytopia once more became a free body, loosely controlled by their lords. Tortuga, while officially under Red control, has remained a haven of scum and villainy to this day. More recently, an upswelling of support from the Skytopians (chaired by 4 honorable and generous SKyrates) put together a large donation to help rebuild the Skyland. The Tortugans were able to recover, and created a monument to that generosity.
Image Grottopolis

Kept hidden from radar until some time after the Tortugan Upheaval, those few Skyrates who have made it to Grottopolis tend to stay for quite some time. While surrounded by chaotic and dangerous weather conditions, the Skyland itself stays in perpetual good weather. Many plants on Grottopolis can't be found on any other Skyland, and the lagoons are home to many forms of unique indigenous wildlife. Many feel Grottopolis very likely could be mined for many precious and rare resources, and just as many feel this Skyland paradise should be left intact.
Image Uurwerk

A mysterious Skyland that did not appear until some time following the Tortugan Upheaval. Initially discovered by the Azure League's Edmund C. Fex, he described the thick smell of oil and the incessant sound of many gears ticking a relentless drone of perfectly timed engineering. Other than that, Uurwerk is silent save for the sound of the few settled areas, and the thousands of hidden clocks that make up the Skyland's framework.

Author:  Prince Harris [ Wed Feb 03, 2010 1:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Submit your Skyland Facts!

What's the exact format you'd like them in?

One or two sentence blurbs?

"Tortuga is home to the Tortugan Gallery of Modern Art, which boasts the highest paid security guards in skytopia. They have to be highly trained, as the Gallery repels multiple art theft attempts each week."

Maybe a little shorter?

Tortuga's primary export is grog. Tortuga's primary import is also grog.

Or perhaps somewhere a random number can go?

"Tortuga has experienced only ___ muggings this month, a new record low!"

Guess I'll toss some more Tortuga ones in here, since I'm on a roll.

"In 207 AU, Tortuga was the epicenter of an Unobtanium Upheaval, similar to The Great Upheaval which created today's skylands."

"Tortuga is notoriously difficult to police, as most officers come back to headquarters robbed of all their gear."

"The finest drink on the skyland can be found at Elber's Godawful Grog Shack. You can't miss it, just follow the plume of smoke."

Author:  Prince Harris [ Wed Feb 03, 2010 2:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Submit your Skyland Facts!

Ok, I'm committing myself! I'm going to write five facts for each skyland. Even the Alpha's (I'll probably resort to the time honored strategy of "make stuff up" for those). My sources are the skybrary, extrapolating from what we know of the skyland, and random bits of flavor I've picked up from other players. Anyways, here we go!


"Cidade has the largest population of all the skylands, and produces most of Skytopia's radios."

Cidade is home to The Intercambio, Skytopia's only stock exchange"

"Many large businesses are headquartered on Cidade."

"Cidade's night life is rivaled only by Tortuga's in pure excitement. Many famous bands got their start playing night clubs here."

"It's sometimes said that the only difference between a pirate and a businessman from Cidade-is the suit"


"Echo hosts the, 'Echo Academy of Flight,' Skytopia's premier flight school."

The high numbers of students at Echo's flight school benefits the local economy. Some shops are known to close up during school breaks, knowing they can't make a profit without the students around."

"Echo was once known as Noptis."

"Manufacturers of the CR-4P often ship the cheap planes to Echo in bulk. They know that come graduation day, hordes of budget conscious students will be looking for their first planes."

"Echo hosts 'Ellington Radio Network,' a popular channel of news, talk, and interview based broadcasting."

Isla Di Pisa

”Due to their accents, Tortugan natives sometimes mispronounce the skyland as ‘Isla Di Pasa’”

”The technology to use skystones in stabilizing skylands was first pioneered here. The original experimentation is the cause of Isla Di Pisa’s permanent tilt.”

”Isla Di Pisa is known as a difficult skyland to land on during crosswinds. Gusts have a tendency to rise up the slope of the skyland, strongly buffeting planes on landing approaches.”

”Fences are set up along the edge of the skyland to prevent any dropped items from rolling off into the sea. Unclaimed items are donated to charity and orphanages.”

”Waterslides have been the best selling child’s toy on Isla Di Pisa for 43 years straight.”

Author:  Markus Jarnhann [ Wed Feb 03, 2010 7:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Submit your Skyland Facts!

Echo -
Despite it's generally agrarian nature, it's location as the Echo Academy of Flight has made it a strategically and culturally important Skyland. Many Battles, both political and military have been fought, and are likely to be fought to protect or control it - depending on who you ask.

Author:  Lord Gilbert [ Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Submit your Skyland Facts!

Prince Harris wrote:
What's the exact format you'd like them in?

One or two sentence blurbs?

"Tortuga is home to the Tortugan Gallery of Modern Art, which boasts the highest paid security guards in skytopia. They have to be highly trained, as the Gallery repels multiple art theft attempts each week."

This format, and slightly shorter ones, are both acceptable.

Author:  Kitteh [ Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Submit your Skyland Facts!

Alpha 2: Contrary to popular belief, the skyland's fourth propeller was not destroyed in a pirate raid. We just can't find it :razz:

Author:  Narua Swala [ Wed Feb 03, 2010 10:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Submit your Skyland Facts!

Alpha 6:
Due to an unusually sedentary population of walrii (walruses?) in one corner of the Skyland, only three sets of propellers were needed, although one of which is working overtime.

One of Skytopia's most dangerous downhill races occurs every hear here on the Southern edge. One of Skytopia's busiest days for water rescues happens to fall on the same day.

Alpha 12:
Every platform likes to have a claim to fame, and Alpha 12 holds the record for lowest altitude set by a platform at three meters below water, counting from the bottom of its lowest antenna. Some maintain that, having the longest antenna by three meters and also leading the record by only two meters, they are cheating. The inhabitants of Alpha 12 maintain that everyone else is a bunch of sore losers.

Alpha 7:
Many banners fly throughout the platform stating "Lowest real hight of a platform set without cheating." An annual contest to see which platform can fly the lowest has a different official champion, Alpha 12, but those on Alpha 7 claim it is only due to cheating on the part of those from Alpha 12.

Alpha 16:
"Every room with a view!" An entire side of Alpha 16 faces directly outward from the side of the platform, each pod being a home to some of the few residents here.

Author:  Herley [ Wed Feb 03, 2010 11:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Submit your Skyland Facts!

Something to add to Steppe:

Steppe is the home of many vineyards, and one of its most famous exports is Steppian Egg Grog. Various other wines and alcoholic beverages originate on Steppe, which is why Grog is always fairly well-supplied on Steppe.

(Antoniette and myself have conspired to turn Steppe into SR's France.)

Author:  Kitteh [ Wed Feb 03, 2010 1:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Submit your Skyland Facts!

Should we suggest facts for the Alphas over 5? I thought those were supposed to be place holders but I could be wrong

Author:  Mahmoth [ Wed Feb 03, 2010 1:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Submit your Skyland Facts!

A2: Large sections of A2 have recently been occupied by a large number of bohemian cats, seeking to get away from the bustle of Cidade without losing its comforts.

Romeo/Juliet: While the close relations between this isle and [Other Isle] have become a byword for cordiality, their recent physical proximity has caused hackles to rise on both sides.

Gonk: Gonk is the host of a club of daredevil climbing enthusiasts, known as the "Outsiders", whose devil-may-care attitudes and frequent circumnavigations of their home isle have attracted an equal measure of admiration and criticism.

IdP: During periods of heavy traffic, the lower end of Isla has been known to "bounce" up to three metres in either direction.

A12: While inhabitants of many isles have been quick to adopt the fuel islands closest to them, the closeness of the construction of A12 and "Fuelies" 27 and 39 has resulted in a particular closeness between the three, with many inhabitants referring to "Little Brother One" and "Little Brother Two."

Uurwerk: Before production was distributed out it was common practice for a freshly minted Ingersoll pilot to prove himself worthy of the plane by flying so closely around the metal walls of the skyland that it'd scrape the paint off his topside. Even after moving on to other planes, many pilots strip out and display their "clockscour" in their homes.

Leng: More recently, the isle has seen a return to its quiet, monastic routes as a flick of chance has left it on the edge of Skytopia.

And of course, Kadath: For most of this island's history, practice has been to attach parachutes to crates of minerals mined from the arid uplands and throw them off to float towards the farmlands below. Recently, a benevolent governor has had a towering freight lift built, speeding the process and lessening the danger.

Author:  Eskay [ Wed Feb 03, 2010 6:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Submit your Skyland Facts!

Kitteh wrote:
Should we suggest facts for the Alphas over 5? I thought those were supposed to be place holders but I could be wrong

That's a good point. Devs answer please?

Author:  Victor Grissom [ Wed Feb 03, 2010 7:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Submit your Skyland Facts!

Valvia is home to the legendary "Annual Windmill Slalom." This event was unofficially started by news host Ellington in his plane, The Suicidal Insanity.

More eventually.


Author:  Lord Gilbert [ Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Submit your Skyland Facts!

Eskay wrote:
Kitteh wrote:
Should we suggest facts for the Alphas over 5? I thought those were supposed to be place holders but I could be wrong

That's a good point. Devs answer please?

I'd say feel free to make up some stuff, as well as some general Alpha platform factoids.

Author:  Nero Shade [ Wed Feb 03, 2010 11:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Submit your Skyland Facts!


This skyland has the most shrines and religous sites of any other skylands.

The shrine of craptacular missions rests on Arcadia near the airport. To use it, just leave some random item!

Arcadia might be known for its great tree, but it also has caves and caverns worth touring.

One of the places to visit on this skyland is the Cave of Rainbows, a large cave filled with crystals that reflect thousands of rainbows.

A great place to check out in Arcadia is the Tree Top Crows Nest, an open air observation platform at the top of the Great Tree.

Try out the acorn pancakes the locals make, their the best in Skytopia.

Built into a natural hollow in the tree, the Great Tree has its own elevator to ferry people up and down The Tree.

All of the buildings and homes of the native Arcadians are built with natural materials and with the smallest impact to the enviroment.


Funny enough, the duct system is large enough to crawl through. Saddly, doing so is dangerous as some of the older members of the Red faction like to fire their guns at the "rats."

The large guns on deck no longer fire, but when they did, all doors had to be closed. If they were not, the impact of fireing would tweek the door frames.

In one battle, one enemy plane actualy landed on the deck, taxied, and took off again. Some claim to have a picture of the pilot waving as he passed by.

Very few crew in times of war have lost their lives on this ship/skyland. In fact, more have died from training excercises then in battle.

There is a tree on Fuseli, its in the Admiral's office. He named it Horris.


"Tortuga" really means "Sea Turtle," but ask any of the natives and they say it means "Give me another drink wench!"

Strangely enough, the eyes of the skylands famous skull has had fires in them from time to time. Most of them were started by pranksters.

Dont worry when you visit. They dont kill strangers there, they only kill their own.

The number one lesson people say they learn on this skyland is that you should never shoot at power kegs.

Here you will find rascals and scoundrals, villians and naves. Also, devils, and blacksheep, and really bad eggs. (taken partialy from the Disney pirate song.)

Against popular belief, pirates find it unprofitable to kill people. If they kill everyone they steal from, who will they steal from?

One of the favorite pastimes here is Skyland Jumping. After paracuting the jumpers are picked up by boats below and ferried back up by plane to do it again.

Author:  Manik [ Thu Feb 04, 2010 12:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Submit your Skyland Facts!

Grottopolis- The odd soil content in some regions of the skyland produces plants that have high acidic content and thus most fruits and leaves have high citric acid content.


Grottopolis- Many of the deeper regions of Grottopolis have yet to be explored, due to the dangerous plants and animals that reside within... but mostly plants.

Yes... plant themes :remygross:

Author:  Prince Harris [ Thu Feb 04, 2010 2:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Submit your Skyland Facts!

New Hovlund

”New Hovlund’s large reservoir was created as part of a hydroelectric research project. Experiments were cancelled upon the outbreak of the Skytopian Civil War.”

”New Hovlund is said to be named after a pre-upheaval city named Hovlund, although this story is made mostly of rumors and legends.”

”Much of New Hovlund’s income comes from selling water to skylands experiencing droughts. There’s always a surge in business during summer.”

”New Hovlund University is one of Skytopia’s most esteemed schools. It’s well over 100 years old, and still going strong.”

”Youths of New Hovlund hold annual stone skipping competitions on the exceptionally still water of the reservoir. Participants come from every skyland, although local competitors normally dominate the events.”


”The unique design of the bridges connecting Steppe together were designed by the Azure Conclave, to cut down on wind shear.”

”Steppe is one of the few skylands with its own language. Very few native speakers are left, but being able to say a few phrases instantly gets you street cred on the skyland.”

”The skylets that make up Steppe have always been closely associated. After The Great Upheaval, survivors fixed them together with rope and cable to prevent them from drifting apart.”

”Whenever snow falls on Steppe, it is a local tradition to try and throw snowballs to the other skylets. At peak times, thousands of snowballs can be seen flying at once.”

”Survivors from the Great Upheaval, clinging to what would become Steppe were some of the first people to send out scouts looking for other skylands.”

Alpha 2

”At one point Alpha 2 was far away from any pirate hunting militias, and suffered many opportunistic raids as a result. Although it’s position has changed since then, the tradition of raiding Alpha 2 seems to run deep in the pirate underworld.”

”Alpha 2 is one of the oldest platforms, and wear and tear are starting to take their toll. Careful leaning on those handrails, you never know when they’ll give way.”

”The southeast rotor module has been missing for quite some time. What happened to it, and where it ended up are still a mystery. Speculation abounds.”

”The mechanics of Alpha 2 are some of the quickest in repairing battle damage. They’ve got enough practice patching holes on their own skyland.”

”Alpha 2 is the only Alpha Platform with a gift shop.”

Author:  Marcus Langley [ Thu Feb 04, 2010 4:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Submit your Skyland Facts!


"Many mechanics-to-be come to cut their teeth on the Fuseli's internal systems, as the pay is good and the skyland always has planes or equipment in need of repair. Some of the ship's main components are said to date back to before the Upheaval."

"Whilst the battleship's main guns are unlikely to ever fire again, the ship-turned-skyland maintains a truly prodigious array of anti-aircraft weaponry. It is said that a direct attack would be tantamount to suicide."


"Nobody has yet come to truly understand the cause for the immense size of the Great Tree. Many theories have been proposed, but no in-depth investigations have ever taken place."


"Contrary to common misconception, the Tower of Islo is actually incredibly stable. League Engineers have reinforced the entire tower and the skyland beneath with strategically placed skystones to ensure that the tower could never be tipped over."

"The main body of the Tower is constructed out of heavily reinforced concrete that is capable of effortlessly absorbing impacts from the main guns of a Bismarck, making it one of the safest and toughest skylands around."

"Visitors are strongly advised to stay away from the lowest levels of the tower, which house the infamous 'hot' labs. Many of Skytopia's most dangerous experiments have taken place in these specially reinforced labs. Despite the security measures in place, accidents are frequent."


"Every year, there is at least one attempt to unchain the smaller skylet from it's 'parent'. No attempts have ever succeeded, but the perpetrators have never been caught either. Reports suggest it is always the same group."

Author:  Ellington [ Thu Feb 04, 2010 7:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Submit your Skyland Facts!

small correction- Echo and Cidade both have offices of ERN, with Echo being the first, but the show itself is very seldom broadcast from a fixed location. Ell usually broadcasts out of a custom plane.

Victor- that is an utterly awesome post!!!! you win a billion cool points. I had forgotten about that :D

Cidade has a abandoned old hotel that is said to be haunted.

Author:  Sloth [ Fri Feb 05, 2010 12:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Submit your Skyland Facts!

Gonk: An attempt at building a ski lift on the topside of Gonk was abandoned after it was pointed out that due to its hollow nature, it would most likely cave the central cavern in.

Luz: Wind erosion was a problem on this desert skyland until a clever solution of planting hearty desert grasses in strategic places was implemented. The workers earned the nickname 'grassers' by the inhabitants.

Author:  Prince Harris [ Fri Feb 05, 2010 2:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Submit your Skyland Facts!


”The pagodas on Jordan’s center hill have been rebuilt a few times, the result of careless pilots overshooting the nearby runway.”

”Jordan is the founding location of the famous ‘Raider Joe’s’ line of grocery stores.”

”Jordan is currently the only skyland with an operating rail system.”

”Numerous stunts have been attempted incorporating Jordan’s famous waterfall. Recently, thrill seekers went over the falls in a canoe, then parachuted onto a waiting airship.”

”Jordan is a destination for tourists looking to unwind and relax. The older atmosphere and architecture lends itself well towards self reflection.”


”Shriebeck has a long history with the Crimson Armada. It was the site of Admiral Fuseli’s first strike against Admiral Svendeim, and has long hosted a training base for Armada officers.”

”The mining camp on Shriebeck is quite rough on the workers. Some critics allege the skyland operates on a level close to slave labor. Administrators vehemently deny this though.”

”Shriebeck is one of the few skylands which does not celebrate Birthday, the yearly skytopian celebration of everyone growing older.”

”The mining and refining facilities on Shriebeck are some of the most prosperous. It accounts for a sizeable proportion of Skytopia’s total metal production.”

”The Armada’s training base on Shriebeck turns out some of the most hardened soldiers, a result of the tough conditions on the skyland.”


”The Great Windmill of Valvia rotates with the wind for increased efficiency. Sometimes, the windmill blades can get quite close to the landing strip, making for some hair-raising takeoffs and landings.”

”The Symposium of Free Ideas met annually on Valvia until it was disbanded by Admiral Svendheim and the Commonwealth. This was a major reason for the founding of the Azure League”

”Valvia’s windmills are a legacy of scientific experimentation with windpower. The ‘hanging’ windmills proved the most efficient.”

”Valvia is the site of The Grand Fireworks Extravaganza, an annual fireworks show on the night of Birthday. The holiday is a joint celebration of everyone growing a year older.”

”The Great Windmill is often modified with the latest ideas in wind energy. The large ‘rudder’ was added in 211 AU, and the fan blades are updated a little more than once a decade.”


”Although many trees in Skytopia grow quite large, Arcadia’s Great Tree is legendary for its size. Most Arcadians live in its branches or roots.”

”The Court of Violets has adopted Arcadia, making it the de facto capital of the Western Court. Members admire the natural beauty of the skyland, and the remarkable nature of the Great Tree.”

”Members of the Court of Violets have applied their rare Glimmerclay to the Great Tree in certain areas. This leads to a stunning appearance at different times of the day as the tree glistens in the light.”

”Legend says that before the Great Upheaval, Arcadia’s Great Tree was unremarkable in size, but has grown greatly since then. Growth rates have not been tracked consistently, but the tree seems to have slowed in recent decades.”

”Arcadians have always believed strongly in a unified Skytopia, and have little concern for minor faction squabbling.”


”The skyland Eltsina was named for Mistress Dasha Ilyushneva Eltsina, leader of the Merchant Guild. The skyland was originally known as Svalbard, but renamed in her honor with the founding of The Jade Hand.”

”Ruins exist deep below the ice on Eltsina, and research is underway to unearth any pre-upheaval knowledge.”

”Most of the buildings on Eltsina and covered by packed snow, with tunnels connecting them together. The skyland thaws occasionally during the year, a time in which most construction takes place.”

”Great efforts are taken to keep Eltsina’s landing strip and two bridges clear of snow and ice.”

”As the capital of the Jade Hand, Eltsina is host to offices of both the Merchant Guild and the Emerald Republic.”


”Fuesli was originally the CAS Crimson Dawn, but was decommissioned and turned into a stationary skyland. It was renamed in honor of Admiral Ignacious Fuseli, founder of the Crimson Armada.”

”Fuesli is one of only two remaining battleships left over from Pre-Upheaval times. Its sister ship, the CAS Scarlet Blade, is still operational and serves as Admiral Fuseli’s flagship.”

”Significant modifications were made upon discovery of the original hull of Fuseli. Gas bags and skystone were fitted, and a landing strip added among others.”

”The status of Fuseli’s main turrets in unknown. Rumors say that ammunition is hard to come by in such sizes, but no one is willing to test that possibility with an attack.”

”Although the crew makes up a sizeable portion of Fuesli's population, civilians are a majority of inhabitants. This is part of the transition from battleship to settlement.”

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