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 Post subject: April 29, 2009
PostPosted: Mon May 04, 2009 7:03 am 
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We're working on smoothing out the login process to hopefully kill certain issues some people have been having. Along with this, we're doing an overall look at game security for both the client and server.

We are currently discussing the current economic phenomenas of money transferring and day trading. After we come to some conclusions, we may post a thread in developer discussions about our thoughts.

The sketch up art for Tommy Chong's plane has been completed, and currently it is being statted up to roll out into production. We are also taking a look at a few other of the currently unloved planes for future tweaks.

The new mission system has been rolled out and a lot of work will continue on it in the next few weeks. We will be monitoring the influence charts closely. Soon, we hope to post a general writeup to the dev discussion board so we can work on refining/critiquing the system.

We are continuing to work on the economy ensuring that the experience can remain interesting and fun to both sporadic and attentive players. We've discovered a number of the pluses and minuses of this and the last round's economies, and we will be thinking of ways to get the best parts of both.

A few people have messaged/posted about why we did missions instead of Upgrades. First of all, be aware that development is very much done in parallel here. Just because we're working on one feature does not mean that it's to the detriment of another feature. Missions change are a fairly simple one to make, whilst Upgrades will require a lot of bigger client changes to implement. It has also been brought up that once Upgrades happens, we'll have to change some of the mission stats (to account for new max speeds/cargo limitations). While this is true it is not a life or death situation here. The Mission system should be able to work just fine by itself, with upgrades adding further spice and longevity to the experience. Remember that Upgrades are designed to help with the major games in Skyrates (Combat, Trading, and Influence). It is helpful to make sure those games are fun in and of themselves before we start adding more to them. For example, look at how we rolled out the new Combat client, and then released upgrades that could take advantage of the new ability to tweak your own gun arcs. It is likely that other Upgrades will work similarly.

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PostPosted: Mon May 04, 2009 9:55 am 
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Nice. Nice.

I leave it to your capable hands.



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PostPosted: Mon May 04, 2009 10:33 am 
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One thing on the econ I'd like to note; I strongly dislike what I've heard about "drops" as implemented in the old SR version, but I really like the way certain islands in the NW corner (only, as of right now) pop up as green on occasion for certain goods (unob/nip) that are in-demand. If that's an intended/practical function of the econ I'd like to see it more widespread.

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