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 Post subject: Ellington finally hijacked the Fuseli. Seriously.
PostPosted: Sun May 03, 2015 1:01 pm 
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» Ellington descends the gangplank of the Levi that has just docked on Fuseli, checking his pocketwatch. "home sweet home... I mean, aside from Jas' plane and mine and Utopia and... ugrh.."
» Ellington grins, pulling out an extremely extravagant, ludicrously silly pirate hat and an eyepatch, sliding them into place before taking off at a dead run towards the command and control island of the carrier. Several large, armored Skyrates follow him, dispersing towards different critical areas of the ship
» Ellington reaches the metal walls of his past home, staring at it for a few seconds, hands roaming over the nearly featureless metal "secret door.... secret door.... where are you....." Major renovations in the past years could entirely mess up his plot, but it was a measured gamble he had to take... a click! and the hidden staircase is revealed.
» Austin J pats down his coveralls, disguised as an ordinary member of the Fuseli's mantenance crew. He's using a skillset that he hasn't pulled out in over a decade... or depending on your point of view, using it continuously all that time. Tinker, pilot, soldier... spy.
» Austin J pulls out one of his concealed "presents" and places it in one of the many gaps between machinery and bulkheads in Fuseli's noisy engine room. If his timing's right, it'll go unnoticed until just the right moment to provide a distraction.
» Jasmine Echohawk [Fuseli] silently pads up behind Ell, ears flicking to and fro cautiously. She nudges his side playfully and whispers, "Were these doors your idea? Or...."
» Ellington [F] takes a second to glance over his shoulder at his other love, Jasmine "thanks for risking your lovely neck on this insanest adventure, Admiraletta Jas. and a little of both. A lot was here well before I planned any of this during my Red days" plants a kiss firmly on her lips, then draws his sidearm
» Jasmine Echohawk [F] kisses him only for second before pushing him away, "We're on a mission, sweet cheeks, no kissing till after. And how could I pass up a chance to go on a crazy adventure with a crazy lil' man like yourself. Couldn't resist." She winks and pulls out a small pistol.
» Ellington [f] runs up the stairs at full speed, bouncing painfully off the narrow walls, slamming into the door that leads directly into the Admirals quarters. It is empty, as his exhaustive planning and intelligence sources indicated it would be. Hopefully, the hijacking of the other vital areas was going well... But they should be
» Ellington had even gone so far as to make a functioning, full size reproduction of the Fuseli... He couldn't get it nearly as powerful or armored as the Fuseli herself, but it should serve his purposes almost as well... For some whimsical Ell-reason he had chosen to name the reproduction Jasmine's Pegasus. In fact, it should be shedding its Leviathan covering and sliding up beside the Fuseli...... now!
Jasmine Echohawk [Smuggler]: [F] Oh my god he's an idiot. *She swiftly follows after him, signifcantly more graceful in her footing, and not nearly as much wall bouncing.*
Naes Draw [Explorer]: ((...You say that like it's a surprise.))
Jasmine Echohawk [Smuggler]: ((Nope. Nope. Not even in the least.))
Ellington [Absurdist Reduction]: ((probably more of a.... 'why do i hang around him?'))
Jasmine Echohawk [Smuggler]: ((^^^))
» Ellington [f] hopefully, hopefully... nobody would be hurt in this... that was never his goal. But the Levi infiltration team, and his agents he had landed earlier, over weeks, should be lanuncing their own captures of all the important places.... Flight deck... engine room... the bridge, especially... the baloon controlls... radio... "You sure you want to stick through this, Jas? It will be a long tour of duty, and past a certain point, no more coming home without victory"
» Jasmine Echohawk [F] shrugs, peering out the window at Her Pegasus, then shrugs, "Why not?"
Ellington [Absurdist Reduction]: ((lol))
Austin J [Smashing Pumpkins]: [F] Far below Ellington and Jasmine, the first of Austin's smoke bombs goes off. "Fire below decks! Get damage control organized!" Trying to control the "spreading fire" should keep the technicians' attention inside the engine room, up till it's too late to stop the takeover.
Jasmine Echohawk [Smuggler]: [F] You'e insane, but that's why I love you. So let's do it, yeah?
» Ellington [f] ponders a second, ticking points off on his finers, you'll be stuck with me in a small ship, during wartime conditions, for at least a year..... mm.... think thats it *grins broadly, wandering over to give her a gently kiss* yes, lets do it. I love you too
Ellington [Absurdist Reduction]: *Fingers "
Jasmine Echohawk [Smuggler]: [F] Better than being stuck by myself, in wartime conditions, for at least a year. *She smiles* So what are you waiting for?
Ellington [Absurdist Reduction]: [f] you are right, as always my dear... should be just about time, yes
» Jasmine Echohawk [F] is glad Ell has learned she is always right. She smile, and flits her tail eagerly.
» Austin J [F-Engine Room] finally see's his reinforcements arrive. He draws a concealed pistol, and announces to the conveniently corralled engineers, "Gentlemen! Thank you for your cooperation in this fire drill and hijacking that is entirely not a drill! These fine associates of mine will be taking over from here, so please, just relax." He hands over command to one of the other conspirators, and heads up to join Ellington in the bridge tower.
» Ellington [f] it was indeed time. He was in for all the chips.... his life, and those of his friends and allies. he picks up the ships intercom, switching on the internal speakers "Now hear this! Now hear this! My men and I have hijacked the Fuseli. I will be launching her into a war against the Hidden Fleet, to destroy them. I will be letting anyone leave who wishes to leave. All the civilians will be peacefully offloaded. However, anyone who wishes to join me in this fight into the Black is welcome.
Ellington [Absurdist Reduction]: Thank you, and Magnus-speed your decision."
» Ellington {f} pauses, looking over the spartan Admirals quarters, and the second carrier moving slightly ahead of the still-stationary Fuseli "All hands on deck! Engines, full speed ahead! Heading, due West! Balloons, trim for maximum speed! Security squads, maintain security, and secondary squads, start preparing the civilians for evacuation!
» Jasmine Echohawk [F] quietly says, "Words! More words!" so only Ell can hear.
Ellington [Absurdist Reduction]: Alternate landing platform, be ready to fill the gap as soon as possible! Marcus, begin search and rescue operations in case we missed any planes! Main mast, respectfully lower the flag, and replace it with the mission flag! Firefox... please hook the ERN gear into the broadcast system so I can address the citizens..."
» Ellington [f] blinks, pausing in his list of orders "eh, love?"
» Jasmine Echohawk [F] sniggers and shakes her head, "Carry on." She leans against the window and watches her idiot lead a rather ambitious plan to rid the world of its baddies.
Marcus Cunningham: [Radio] Obsconded Fuseli, this is the Vulture. We are beginning Operation Oops You Missed One.
» Ellington [f] stares at the radio, then looks over at Jas "What does Obsconded mean?"
Austin J [Smashing Pumpkins]: [F] "I believe he means 'Absconded'," Austin says as he enters the bridge. "By the way, the engine room is secure."
Jasmine Echohawk [Smuggler]: [F] I believe it means you stole something undetected, but I'm no professor.
» Jasmine Echohawk [F] gives a nod to Austin, and is momentarily unsure whether she's actually met him before.
Ellington [Absurdist Reduction]: [f] hrm, thank you AJ. Good job. Thank you too, Jas, love. *clicks the radio transmit button to get Marcus" Thanks, and continue... uh, Operation Oops....
» Austin J [F] certainly doesn't act as if he recognizes her, the other ferret keeping his distance for now and waiting for events to proceed.
» Marcus Cunningham : Leveling out for just a moment, off to the port side of the bridge the Fuseli was joined in the air by another craft. A Bismark, bright and gleaming red like the dusk. It held the course for a moment, then actually managed to perform a 'wing waggle', only without wings, and very little waggle, before falling back. Not many could wrangle a Bismark like that.
Jasmine Echohawk [Smuggler]: ((<3 Marcus))
Marcus Cunningham: [Radio] Good luck. We'll make sure you have someplace to get arrested at when you come home. *A chuckle*
» Ellington [f] waits for his ever-faithfull, brilliant technician to click the connectors into place, then sighs softly, triggering once more the powerful broadcasters to hijack all non-emergency signals, sending out his message once again... but trying not to laugh at Marcus and his pimped out Bismarck
» Ellington [f, ERN radio] This is Ellington....ex-many things, but always and forever a Skytopin. For once, this will be an utterly serious broadcast. Many of you listening lost friends or family or homes to the Hidden Fleet invasion. We, united, flew like heroes, like the winds of vengeance, like the gods themselves.. We fought them off, and destroyed a fleet that they thought would overwhelm us entirely. We preserved, and freed our lands, our homes, our families!
Ellington [Absurdist Reduction]: [f, ern] BUT. That insult, that violation cannot stand. It WILL NOT go unavenged! I and many of your friends and family.... the Capulets... Black Sheep... Tyrians... Marcus... Jasmine... Utopians... Many people from all factions, walks of life, and callings, have been planning. Plotting. Preparing. The punitive strike to wipe the Hidden Fleet from the skies of our world begins NOW.
Ellington [Absurdist Reduction]: [f, ERN ] I have enacted a transfer of the Fuseli into my group's control. I began making her a fully combat-ready vessel during my time as her Admiral, so many moons ago. Others have continued that work. As we speak, she is sailing West to fight the Fleet. In that spirit, I have re-named her something that will reflect her new, faction-less mission: to protect and avenge Skytopia. I present to you, fellow Skytopins, Skytopia's Sword!
» Jasmine Echohawk [F] gives out a quiet, "Woo!" in support.
» Ellington [f, ERN] winks at Jas, his passionate voice full of his love of Skytopia, and his hatered of the Fleet "We have assembled a fleet of Levithans, Bismarcks, and Barracudas to guard and supply Skytopia's Sword on her journey of vengeance. This is the first dispatch from the Sword, but it will not be the last. I will send back reports of our war as long as we can do so"
» Marcus Cunningham [IV] gives a chuckle at the broadcast. Jennifer, his radio controller, gave a smile. "You made it to the list, Marcus." and the fox just smiled. "By now you should know, Jen. I'm on all the elite lists."
Ellington [Absurdist Reduction]: ((as much $ and support as Marcus provided... yeah))
Ellington [Absurdist Reduction]: [f, ERN] I cannot promise victory. But I do promise to fight to the death if need be. I am, of course, planning to win, and have a lot of intelligence and understanding of the enemy. I believe we can prevail! If anyone who wishes to join me, they may do so at the rally point in Western Skytopia. However, it will be a long, hard mission, under military command.
Blake Spencer [True Friend]: ((Oh El, you old jumping bean.))
Jasmine Echohawk [Smuggler]: ((Blake! <3))
Ellington [Absurdist Reduction]: [f,ERN] We will also need home guards, as we believe the Fleet will send out carriers as a reprisal. I call on all who stay behind at the homeland to help protect it, to maintain the society we all love.

» Ellington [f, ern] "I will leave you with one more message... Gunnery... fire the salute to Skytopia!" BLAM!!!!! Echos across the skies, a blank firing of the massive main guns. cackling, Ell orders "Second salvo! Live ammo! LET THE FLEET KNOW THEIR DOOM IS COMING!!! " BOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!!! the cannons roar again, a symbollic shot aimed extremely carefully at their enemies, but to not hit anything in SKytopia. Ell clicks off the transmitters, wiping sweat off his forehead
Naes Draw [Explorer]: ((Skytopia, {static} yeah!))
» Jasmine Echohawk [F] hugs Ell from behind, "I'm proud."

Jasmine Echohawk [Smuggler]: ((lol))
» Ellington [f] smiles, wiggling around to hug Jas better "yeah, you are? Not going to tell me how insane I am and how insane this is?"
Jasmine Echohawk [Smuggler]: [F] I'll -never- stop telling you how insane you are, and how insane this is."
Naes Draw [Explorer]: ((Oooh. And I just realized that homeguard thing would totally be a way to continue things for folks who want to otherwise. Neat!))
Ellington [Absurdist Reduction]: ((Marcus is genius))
Marcus Cunningham: ((Thank you, thank you...))
Jasmine Echohawk [Smuggler]: ((Truth.))

Austin J [Smashing Pumpkins]: ((besides, there's other threats out there than just the Hidden Fleet.))

» Ellington [f] kisses Jas gently, disentangling himself from her "fair enough... one thing we need to do.... well, two. but." he kneels by the Admiral's bunk, finding the hidden latch to his secret compartment, pulling out a bottle of obscenely rare and old booze, popping it open and pouring a glass for himself, Jas, AJ, and Keyo, who totally was there and helped, for serious
» Jasmine Echohawk [F] totally saw Keyo there, yep. It happens.
» Austin J [F] lifts his glass. "To Skytopia's safety." He looks around at the others, seeing who else wants to add to the toast.
» Ellington [f] raises his full glass "a salute, ladies and gentlemen... to everybody we know, have known, and will ever know....and after that, Jasmine, please take the bottle, open the windows, and officially christen Skytopia's Sword, please...."

» Naes Draw [Somewhere] lifts a flask of ginger rum to his forehead, and tips it to the west. "Hunt's luck, you crazy {static}." Because why not.
» Jasmine Echohawk [F] quietly lifts her glass. There aren't enough words to justify her thoughts. She takes a sip and then grabs the bottle, "Would be my pleasure."
» Jasmine Echohawk [F] throws caution to the wind. They're basically pirates now, so instead of smashing the bottle as tradition calls; she opens a window, leans out - her long white hair blowing in the wind - and slams the bottle against the hull.
» Ellington [f... err... SS] salutes Jas with his drink, downs it in a gulp, and tosses his hat aside, pulling a little black box from under his hat and drops to one knee "now that were Skytopias most wanted... and most heavily armed.... Jasmine Echohawk will you marry me?" he opens the box, to show a ring made from radio wire and bullet casings, engraved with hearts and music notes
Naes Draw [Explorer]: ((:O))
Jasmine Echohawk [Smuggler]: ((hot {static}))
Blake Spencer [True Friend]: ((Gasp!!))
» Jasmine Echohawk [F] looks at him like he's the world's biggest idiot, "Ehhh..." She winks at him, "I can't not say yes."
» Jasmine Echohawk [SS] holds out her hand, and kind of dances in place. "We're probably going to our deaths but I can't not feel like the happiest little fox."
» Ellington [f... or SS] grins up at Jasmine "well, technically you could, take the Pegasus and be a pirate queen.... thats actually kinda hot..... focus!" grins, slipping the ring onto her finger, he kisses her hand, then stands to hugher "i'm extremely happy, too... thank you"
Jasmine Echohawk [Smuggler]: [Space] That's...actually not a bad idea. I think i'd make a pretty wonderful pirate queen...*She hugs him tightly* I love you,'re welcome?
Austin J [Smashing Pumpkins]: [SS] Congratulations, you two... both on your upcoming marriage and on your new commands. I have to admit I feel kind of underdressed for the occasion," Austin says, glancing down at the coveralls he's still wearing from the takeover.
Ellington [Absurdist Reduction]: [SS] yep. Never dreamed I'd fall in love likethis... and, AJ, you can get whatever uniform you want... since you're in charge of the air defenses, and carrier tactics training
Jasmine Echohawk [Smuggler]: [SS] I'm kind of partial to the coveralls.
Austin J [Smashing Pumpkins]: ((Wooo, CAG AJ!))
» Austin J [SS} smirks, looking over at Jasmine. "Heh, they are kind of comfortable. Maybe I'll find a way to spice it up a bit."
Jasmine Echohawk [Smuggler]: [SS] I vote sequins.
» Ellington [ss] grins, saluting AJ and Keyo "Yall have stuff to do, and I haveplans to make..... so dismissed! How do you feel about Marcus doing the ceremony, love?
Jasmine Echohawk [Smuggler]: [SS] Not fussed either way. As long as you're the groom, I'll be happy.
» Austin J [SS] nearly chokes on his drink at Jamine's suggestion.
» Jasmine Echohawk [SS] glances back at Austin with a playful grin.
» Ellington [ss] smiles and nods, kissing her gently "Fair enough.... " he hugs her tightly, the fleet starting to form around his two ships, the new flag s flapping above them.... Red's rampant lion, but in the rainbow of Skytopian faction colours, crossed Fuselis underneath, above the words 'mundi est tuus'
Jasmine Echohawk [Smuggler]: [SS] I kinda hope we don't die. I'd hate to get married and then die.
» Jasmine Echohawk [SS] hugs him back just as tightly. Finally, she has something worth fighting for.
Ellington [Absurdist Reduction]: [ss] yeah, me too... till death do us part is a little more ominous now, huh? But we get one lifetime, just like everybody else... and I'll risk it, with you
» Jasmine Echohawk [SS] grins and plants a firm kiss on his lips, "Till death do us part, indeed."

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 Post subject: Re: Ellington finally hijacked the Fuseli. Seriously.
PostPosted: Sun May 03, 2015 1:07 pm 
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(( *Claps politely* Oh this will be a hoot indeed )) :hiddenfleet:

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 Post subject: Re: Ellington finally hijacked the Fuseli. Seriously.
PostPosted: Sun May 03, 2015 3:02 pm 
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Absolutely spectacular stuff. :grin:

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