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 Post subject: Help Wanted...
PostPosted: Sat Feb 05, 2011 10:15 pm 

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[11:47 PM: Town]

A medium-sized brick building, no more than two stories tall, stands on the corner where Main Street and a small shoddily paved road intersect on the R&P skylet. A group of four men struggle as they hoist a large sign, covered with a tarp. into the side of the building by use of a simple pulley system. Once the sign is affixed, they run wires from the sign into an outlet of a small generator affixed to the side of the edifice. From below, one of the men removes the tarp while another hits a power switch.

In a matter of seconds, the sign shines brightly, displaying words in neon green and orange.

The sign reads:
Schofield's Night Club and Card House
Open from sunset to sunrise! 10 G's or no entry.

Soon afterwards, the men all leave.

A fat pig dressed in a black waistcoat can be seen sticking a "Help Wanted" poster to the window from the inside of the building. The sign also mentions that walk-in interviews are allowed. "Just ask for Otto and the Boys."

(Need a place to gamble? Interested in becoming a made man? Schofield's is the place for you.)

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 Post subject: Re: Help Wanted...
PostPosted: Wed Feb 23, 2011 6:23 am 

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Somewhere, in a suitably darkened room, a newspaper is slammed down onto an old oak desk, the picture of the billboard illuminated in the half-shut venetian blinds.
"{static}... I suppose I might be able to cut this screwball a deal..."
A nod is given from another in the same room, and a moment later, the door opens and closes as he leaves.
"{static} upstart gangsters... No respect for the old school."

 Post subject: Re: Help Wanted...
PostPosted: Wed Feb 23, 2011 11:07 pm 
Remy Costume

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Aldin looks up to the sign of the Schofield Club, the place Otto had showed him around. Looking for more consistent work and a guaranteed paycheck, the ferret had taken a job as a bartender for the club, figuring there's good money to be made if there are those rich enough willing to gamble. Aldin was unaware of the true nature of the club, he thought it was an honest business, and so he made sure he served and entertained the clientele as best he could. It sure beat risking his tail on every hunting flight.

Narbot: Aldin Forseth: The unofficial Spokesferret of trouble.

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