Mercy at Tehras?
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Author:  Lena Draw [ Tue Jan 25, 2011 4:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mercy at Tehras?

Lena slowly turned at Wai's words, and she felt a sudden chill. "...K-Kaylee. Oh, Wai, we got us a big problem alright." Almost on autopilot, she slowly removed the babbling Wai's hands from her shoulders and steps back. Her eyes dart around, looking for an escape route, but there wasn't going to be an easy way out of this one. *What to do, what to DO?*

"Oh no... I shoulda figured..." She watched Zhana's dash, and snapped out of it. She looks right at Wai and manages a confident tone. "Right Wai. 's easier ta 'splain yourself if you got pants on." She scoops up Wai's clothing from the floor and tosses them at his chest. "C'mon Wai!"

She starts pulling her tunic on, and urging Wai to dress quickly. "Ohhhhh." *Kaylee's gonna {static}... *

Author:  Kaylee Stallengrant [ Tue Jan 25, 2011 6:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mercy at Tehras?

Kaylee crosses her arms as Zhana comes out, listening with about as much belief as if she were telling her about a tea party with the Flying Dutchman.

"Oh?" she asks, "A game? Interesting way of saying it. What sort of game was this then?" However, she doesn't seem all too interested in a response, as the rabbit pushes Zhana aside and makes her way into the plane.

The rabbit doesn't waste any time in pulling Waiwaera up, completely ignoring his state of undress. "Wai, how could you?! Not even a quarter day afterwards, how could you do this?!" Her speech comes uncharacteristically forcefully. Normally, her voice didn't come with half of this volume. "And what about the last time? Can I still trust you? Should I have ever?"

Author:  Waiwaera [ Wed Jan 26, 2011 3:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mercy at Tehras?

He stares at the floor of his plane. "I's really not wha' it looks like t'ough...we was jes' playin' car's, 'n I 'lost' a few clothes, 'stead a losin' squigs. Th'

clothes were jes' a temp'rary loss, th' squigs woulda been good 's gone," he mumbles, very clearly embarrassed by the situation. He plops himself down on

the floor, holding his head in his hands, "Wha' las' time?," he asks, before quickly moving on, still in a quiet, embarrassed mumble, "I know ya don' owe m'

nothin', but I 'ope ya kin fergive wha' t'is looks like. I kin swear ter ya with alls I got, 'ere warn't nothin' 'at 'appened." The ferret's eyes slam closed as he

buries his face into his hands. Moments later, he is shuddering a bit, conceivably from some sobs that he was fighting to suppress. "I-I-I...I-I'm, s-sor-

sorry!," he stutters his apology during small breaks in the sobbing. He'd seen bad situations in his day, some considerably worse than any normal person's

very worst nightmare...this situation, however, was new and far more traumatic a thing than he ever imagined.

Author:  Lena Draw [ Mon Jan 31, 2011 2:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mercy at Tehras?

Lena steels herself and faces Kaylee. She closes her eyes for a moment, taking a breath and opening them again.

"Right. I know how this looks Kaylee. Frankly, if I was standin' where ya are, I wouldn't be thinkin' too highly of the situation m'self."

She gestures towards where Zhana had exited through.

"If Wai 'n I were up ta somethin', somethin' real in'propriate, do ya think Mrs. Hirst'd be stickin' up for the pair'a us?"

Lena gets a small smirk. Shaking her head she continues.

"Nope. We'd be lucky if she wasn't stringin' the both'a us up. I'll 'dmit we shoulda known better. After that misunderstandin' before, I shoulda known better."

She looks down at her bare feet, then back into Kaylee's eyes.

"Please. Kaylee? If ya don't forgive me, 'least forgive Wai? The two of ya are good together, don't let a dumb mistake wreck it."

((FYI, Zhana is out for the week, so we can either run this part through, or wait. Up to you guys. We DO still have to rebuild these peoples houses, remember. :P))

Author:  Kaylee Stallengrant [ Tue Feb 01, 2011 11:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mercy at Tehras?

The rabbit pauses, not expecting such a violent reaction from Wai. Suddenly, she finds herself trying to reconcile her anger and her sympathy. Why did things have to be so complex?

She sighs, "Alright," she steps away from him cautiously, "tell me what happened then." The rabbit looks between the two of them expectantly.

((Yeah, I was gonna ask when the "mercy" part began :P))

Author:  Waiwaera [ Tue Feb 01, 2011 8:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mercy at Tehras?

He looks up at the rabbit, then to the other ferret, and finally the fox, before averting his eyes to the floor. He glances back at the rabbit through red

eyes, hoping that the sincere rue he showed on his face could plead its case successfully. "...'twas nothin' more 'an a car' game wha' went bad,

quick...Fer me, anyhoo," He mumbles as he nods towards Lena, "She, 'owev'r, was fleecin' me purty hand'ly 'ere." He stares at the ground, trying to

avoid any further confrontation. "Mebbe we ought'er jes' build 'ose 'ouses like wha' we came ter do," he mutters as he stands, bitterly marching to, and

then disappearing down the hatch to the cargo hold. A few seconds later, the sound of a bucket being kicked against the wall, and a bit of salty

language, a loud, squealing hum fills the air, letting all know that the hydraulic cargo door was being lowered so supplies could be hauled out. Nearly

half a minute goes by before the slamming sound of a steel ramp impacting a hard, rocky soil is heard. He wastes no time in moving a few pallets to the

ramp and setting them up to be offloaded quickly, but soon stops the work and sits, staring out at the small skylet. "An 'ere t'ey been grumblin' abou'

gettin' waylaid durin' th' war...figgered takin' casualties was o'er," he bitterly scolds himself, and the otherwise unoccupied cargo hold.

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