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 Post subject: Skylark Cunningham
PostPosted: Sun Oct 24, 2010 1:57 am 
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Skylark was born on Tortuga to a wealthy pirate couple. The second of their children, Skylark was spoiled and did everything little girls were supposed to do. She took dance lessons, learned to play a musical instrument, and all other such nonsense. Alas, the police were onto the illegal schemes of her parents and one night their mansion was raided. In the chaos Skylark was handed to a nursemaid who made a run with the child, who had recieved a blow to the head.

The maid took young Skylark to Echo and dropped her off at an orphanage. There it was found out that Sky had lost most of her memories and didn't know much of anything about her history. Either way, the orphanage didn't care and simply schooled the young hedgehog and once she was deemed 'too old', she was thrown out on the streets.

On the streets, Sky managed to just barely get by and one day she caught the eye of a white tiger named Kenisu Ichojari. Kenisu taught Skylark how to fly and how to make the best trades and deals and how to deal with pirates. In no time, Sky had her very own plane and was flying the skies!

Eventually, Skylark met an old romantic fox with a bad knee one night at a ball. They danced together and fell in love. And after many trials and tribulations, they became engaged and then eventually got married. And then they had two adorable twin boys!

Currently Skylark stays busy, balancing her babies and her ballet career, along with her work in the Court.

Yay! Random Facts!

* Skylark's favorite flavor ice cream is mint chocolate chip that's green
* Skylark is the Incarnation of Dance
* Skylark's favorite ballet is Swan Lake
* Skylark has a special dance studio room on the Iron Vulture
* Skylark wants to have more children
* Skylark hopes one day to be a famous prima ballerina
* Skylark loves horses and horseback riding
* Skylark is a sucker for ballgowns and masquerades and other various romantic type things

Skylark arts:

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