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 Post subject: Kharmoria
PostPosted: Fri Sep 02, 2011 5:53 pm 

Joined: Thu Aug 19, 2010 9:58 pm
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Faction: Flight School
Full name: Kharmoria Kastle
Nickname: Khar
Height: 6'5"
Weight: around 220lbs.
Age: 22 (as of 9/3/11)

Current Situation: Now working for Kuviare on the Windsong as a pilot and gods only know what else.

Personality: Somewhat shy and reserved until he gets to know people, but once he does then he can be rather charming. He is somewhat passive, but by no means a coward. He is at his happiest in any sort of challenge, be it a fight or a game of wits. Whatever those may entail. He is not an easily angered bear, and will usually be the one politely smiling while waiting for the other person yells themselves out.

Physical Description: Average size for a bear, but still growing, Khar is very muscular due to his training. He wears loose fitting jeans and usually a black shirt with an old beat up dark brown jacket his brother gave him. If he has to wear shoes, he wears a pair of well polished black boots, but on ship, he tends to go without. Unless he is sleeping or showering he is never without his hat, a black and white driver's cap. Under his jacket he wears a harness that holds his tonfas out of view, but he keeps his trench knives and revolver in view. His revolver sit on his right side for a left-handed draw.

Past: Was born on an island he doesn't even remember. His mother died giving birth to him along and not long after, his father lost his job and went into debt. Khar's older brother Galimoria brought up the idea of making a life in the skies and the boy's father hardly left the skies at all after that, except to touch down at his favorite port of New Hovlund. He his made money with trading and taught both boys everything he knew about flying, which was plenty. Being the son of a former pirate had its perks. Despite trying to keep to an honest job of trading, circumstances forced their father to turn to less legal methods, such as running guns. This eventually led to a falling out within the older bear's crew. One of the crew members wanted to branch out into moving grog and 'nip and the rest of the crew agreed, but the old bear wouldn't have it so the crew members shot him in the back and then tried to push the younger bears out of the plane. At least they had chutes. Galimoria fought and was knocked unconscious before being pushed out, but Khar was still in shock from seeing his father being shot. When he was pushed out his father's relolver slid out of the holster and fell out with Khar. Khar never found out what happened to his brother but he knew his father was dead and the only thing he had left to remember him was his old revolver, and the memory of the crew of the Leviathan known as the "Blue Sky", who had betrayed him and his family.

He eventually enrolled himself into flight school so he could get his license and try and find the old crew and bring them whatever form of justice fate had set aside for them.

Skills: Due to his father teaching him to never waste a free moment, Khar is a very versatile individual. He is a crack shot with any gun he's fired more than twice, and is a skilled weapons fighter as well. His main weapons are his father's old revolver which has an extended barrel and added weight in the front to reduce recoil among other modifications, two trench knives that his father taught him to use, and a pair of tonfas that an old cat on his father's first crew taught him to use. The two pairs of weapons are slightly larger to match Khar's large frame. He also is a good mechanic, pilot, and navigator, as well as having learned encounter strategies and tactics. All of these his father taught him. To pass the free time in flight school, he learned to mix drinks and cook. Interestingly enough he doesn't drink despite being a very good bartender. People have tried to trick him into it, but his sharp sense of smell always warned him well before he ever took a sip.

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