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 Post subject: Korin Storm
PostPosted: Thu Oct 13, 2011 4:46 am 

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Faction: Flight School
Name: Korin Storm
Age: 20
Height: 5’ 10”
Race: Red Fox
Birthplace: Echo
Occupation: Freelance Pilot (Neophyte Trader/Combat Ace Wannabe)
Talents: Knife-throwing, Sleight of Hand, Acrobatics
Plane: Halifax, the Lady Raine

Korin has a lithe body of average girth with slightly defined muscles. He sports an amber-orange coat of fur, with white on his chest, and wild blonde hair that falls to his nape from under a black cloth skullcap he always wears.

Upon the skullcap is a pair of leather goggles, which are often forgotten other than when Korin is flying. He wears a leather flight jacket over a sandy-coloured shirt of a tough weave. Across his shoulders underneath the jacket is a wide bandolier that holsters four steel throwing knives, and a pouch that holds two decks of standard playing cards. Around his legs is a pair of khaki pants, while light leather shoes cover his feet.

Korin is generally shy, but tends to joke quite often around people he knows well. On the outside Korin may sometimes seem either uncaring or even ignorant, but deep down he has a fierce loyalty that he doesn’t feel the need to display, as well as perhaps other, even deeper feelings…

He enjoys using his talented paws for either performing card tricks or for other acts involving palming and switching objects. As well as cards, Korin is quite skilled at throwing the four knives he keeps strapped to himself — a skill that hasn’t yet proved to be much more than a party trick.

Korin was born on Echo to Alexis and Samuel Storm, but his mother died in a factory fire when he was just over three years old. Growing up, Korin was awed by his fighter-pilot father, but he was always encouraged by him to ‘just be the best you can be, at whatever that is.’

At an early age Korin’s father gave him a deck of playing cards that he had found as a souvenir from what must have been one of many of his adventures. Korin discovered he enjoyed the cards, from performing tricks to blackjack and poker to throwing them at fruit. In his mid-teens Korin advanced from cards to knives, and can now throw both quite proficiently.

Now, after graduating from flight school a year back, Korin has recently began trading around his home skyland in his Halifax, the Lady Raine. Even though he has above-average ability in trading, to purchase his much-loved Halifax, he has had to put himself in heavy debt to many moneylenders of Cidade — respectable and not-so-respectable.

[OOC] I think I’ll take this chance to introduce myself personally as well; I’m new here; I’ve been here almost a week. I’m thoroughly enjoying the game already, but I want to make it that much more fun through roleplay! I’ve never roleplayed before —as in, ever —but I’m sure I’m not inept and I’ve done my homework, all I need to do is ‘put it into practise’, so to speak. The major hurdle right now is when, where and how I should go about debuting into the RP chat, (Well, not so much the how) but I’ll overcome it eventually, somehow. I’m looking forward to meeting you, and to the adventures to come! –Korin [/OOC]

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