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Author:  Kathryn [ Fri Jul 27, 2012 1:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Skylight Client Source Code

Per, I rejiggered the Skylight client, and included an option for a big ol' Maya sized text box.

The source code is at I haven't bothered to document it yet, mostly because I'm not entirely convinced that any of you will really ever want to do anything with this code. If I'm wrong about that, poke me in this thread with any requests to hurry up and explain stuff generally or specifically.

Broadly though, it's structured as a Backbone app, using jQuery for DOM manipulation and Handlebars for templating. The javascript is written in CoffeeScript and the CSS in LESS . All very fashionable. is the file that kicks things into action.

To build the extension from source, make sure you have installed CoffeeScript, LESS and Handlebars. You'll need Ruby (1.9+) installed as well because the build script is a Ruby rakefile. Run 'rake' within the repository and it will compile and marshall all the extension files into a directory called Skylight.

Neither my posting this code on github nor my posting here should in any way imply that the Skyrates devs are aware of or approve of this. I'm making no claim to any of their property and will immediately take down that repository on their request. Also, I'm not releasing the code to the Skylight server, only the client. I won't hesitate to shut down that server if we start messing up Skyrates in some way, or if requested by the devs.

Other than that, do what you will. Firefox version, ignore list, chat messages belched out by cows, /tickle Narbot; that would all be just swell.

Author:  Naes Draw [ Tue May 20, 2014 5:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Skylight Client Source Code

Way to necro, but actually, there's been some talk about vision impaired accessibility of Skyrates in general, and Skylight came up. If you still see this, and you wanna try to poke at the documentation a bit, if someone picks up the idea they'd prolly appreciate it.

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