Skylight, /ignore and You
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Author:  Kathryn [ Thu Jan 03, 2013 12:03 am ]
Post subject:  Skylight, /ignore and You

What can I do if someone is being boring or offensive in chat?

Skyrates has long had a handy dandy /ignore command, and now you can use it Skylight too. (As of Skylight version 2013.1.3.0, but not mobile Skylight yet.)

How do I ignore someone in Skyrates?

  • Use this command:

    /ignore Kathryn

    and you won't have to put up with ol' Kate and her foul mouth in chat anymore. The command is case-sensitive, meaning you have to get the upper and lower case correct in the person's name.

  • If the name contains spaces, you need to put it in double quotes:

    /ignore "Delicious Food and Soft Pillows"

    I don't know how to ignore someone with a double quote in their name.

  • There's also an unignore command for you forgiving types:

    /unignore Kathryn

    While /ignore takes immediate effect, /unignore doesn't kick in until you reconnect to Skyrates by refreshing the page.

  • There is no way to see a list of the people you have ignored.

How do I ignore someone in Skylight?

The /ignore command works much the same, with a few differences.

  • If you forget to put the quotes around a name, Skylight will add them for you.

  • Refreshing the Skylight page is not sufficient to get a person back after /unignore. You'll need to log out of Skyrates altogether, or switch to Skyrates and back to Skylight.

  • You will still see people you have ignored in Skylight's chat history on public channels when you open the page, just nothing they say after that.

Does ignoring someone in Skyrates mean they're also ignored in Skylight?

Yes, and versa vice.

Author:  Blue Vast [ Fri Jan 04, 2013 12:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Skylight, /ignore and You

Kathryn wrote:
Use this command:
/ignore Kathryn

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