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Author:  nehp [ Mon Sep 20, 2010 3:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Tools -- Skyland status map
Brought to you by TSotW and!

Initial translation of the map view to the skyrates factional warfare model. The focus was to get something that appears to reasonably represent *activity* in the influence arena, and I feel this part is mostly functional. It will take me some time to make a full transition to an improved numbers & features model due to work-work time.

    Known issues
  • Does not work on IE8 and earlier. I can produce a png for them, but evaluation of the resources this required produced shockingly high results. I will research and evaluate, perhaps produce a PNG at a greatly reduced frequency. IE9 is supposed to be supporting SVG.
  • Neighborhood link lines are functionally unimportant, but the map looked rather horrible without them. I believe this is merely a personal aesthetic and I'll come back and remove them later, but for evaluating 'gross problems' I needed to leave them for a bit.
  • The map display is not translated for appropriate comparison of factional warfare. Several HE concepts (us vs them) allowed for simpler calculation. I have begun converting the display, and it is currently indicative of influence attacks, but doesn't represent numbers especially accurately nor does it represent defense or TTL.
  • There is rudimentary functionality implemented to show up to two attackers, but these are still based upon the top factions by standing inf, I need to convert this entirely to a TTL system.
  • The lead sizes are pretty small, so I've bumped up the circles base sizes.
  • Clicking on skylands still tries to take you to the event management pages.

  • Should work on most current browsers
  • Auto refreshes every 15minutes
  • Information key on the right side
  • Size of the skyland dot represents the current lead in inf, increasing by the million (with a max size)
  • Pie slices show net gain over the last 24 hours (not just since 3am.)
    Color on the right side is owner lead.
    Color on the left side is opposition gain.
    Total "pie" size is lead + gain. (if there is a 1.5k lead, and the opposition has 1.5k in the last 24hours, it will be half opposition and half owner faction color, indicating one more day.)
  • There is an expanded core version that stretches out the core for more visibility.

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Author:  Kalin [ Mon Sep 20, 2010 4:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Tools -- Skyland status map


Shouldn't Jordan have a red circle around it?

Author:  nehp [ Mon Sep 20, 2010 7:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Tools -- Skyland status map

Kalin wrote:
Shouldn't Jordan have a red circle around it?

If you're referring to the ownership circle -- it does, it's just tiny.
If you're referring to the going-to-flip circle -- this is due to the numbers context errors. Blue is technically the *third* highest standing inf, and various things like the pulsing flip circle currently only look at the second highest standing inf. These are things I have to go deeper to change and just haven't yet. (there's also actually a teeny tiny purple slice if you zoom way in, hehe.)

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