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Author:  Arikatas [ Tue Feb 05, 2013 4:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Article comments enabled

Article comments have long been a standard feature of Wikia (albeit, not of wikis in general) and now they're available on the Skybrary.
It's really just a snap decision and the only reason it hasn't been discussed before is general apathy. If people don't like them and want the regular talk pages back, then they can be disabled again... but given the small size of the Skyrates community and that the talk pages were rarely used to begin with, I don't think it's that drastic a change.

If you need to find an old talk page, they're still there: ... amespace=1
Article comments only apply to mainspace articles (i.e. what most of you would look at)

Mostly I'm hoping that article comments will lower the bar for participation, encouraging people to dump the little ideas or questions they may have in relevant articles. I can't guarantee a response... but more often than not, people tend to keep ideas to themselves because they think the idea is too small for others to care about, maybe only mentioning it in chat/RP where it may be easily missed by people with similar ideas. That sort of micro-level stuff is as important in building a world as macro-level stuff: world changing events may set the scene but the little things bring it to life.

Of course, the forum is always here and I encourage everybody to use it, but the article comments on the wiki are there as well if you feel like using those instead.
As a little reminder: the ads on the wiki go away if you have a Wikia account.

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