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Author:  Arikatas [ Sat Aug 04, 2012 7:49 am ]
Post subject:  Images and licensing

Thought I'd write this out because people have been uploading images and Calvin has been prodding them for licenses.

When uploading an image, you must include the license (click More Options to pick one when uploading, or check Category:Copyright tags to pick one later) under which the image is released or the image will be deleted sooner or later. It's important because the majority of images are copyrighted (e.g. uploaded by the artist/commissioner for exclusive use on the wiki, or used under fair use) but the wiki is under the CC-BY-SA license, which pretty much allows anybody to use or alter the image in any way. If you don't license the images properly... *boots up MS Paint menacingly*

You must also credit the source of the image (e.g. the artist name and website, but you can be as detailed as you like). Technically this is so that the license may be independently verified by anybody at any time, but mostly it's just common courtesy to give credit. If you are the artist, you still have to credit yourself because the wiki is not a personal gallery (e.g. DeviantArt or wherever), so there is no presumption that the uploader is the artist or copyright holder.

Anyway, I think that's all there is and I hope this doesn't seem overly complex. If fiddling with templates and whatnot seems too hard or scary, just say what you want (whether here, on Calvin's talk page, or on your own talk page when Calvin prods you) and it can be done for you. If you don't think any of license templates on the Skybrary is appropriate for the image, either ask for a new one to be made or make it yourself.

As an aside, it helps if you give images an appropriate name:
A generic name like skyrate.png could be accidentally overwritten
A confusing name like skdg78d6.jpg may be hard to find later

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