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 Post subject: Dead Letter Office
PostPosted: Sat May 12, 2012 12:51 am 
Happy 2014-15

Joined: Mon Jun 27, 2011 2:46 pm
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Faction: Flight School
Dear Skyrates, I do my best to deliver your letters, but it's not always easy. I've been carrying around all of the following for over a month now. I'm sure they're very important, so I'll keep trying; sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Dear Kathry, yay [from Vera McFarlane]

Dear God, you don't even exist, what are you doing in Skyrates. Silly God. [from Vera McFarlane]

Dear Narua, Testicles. That is all. [from Zhana Hirst]

Dear Vera McFarelane, STFU! [from Zhana Hirst]

Dear Vera McFarelane, Arivaderchi. [from Emile Thistledown]

Dear Zhana Horst, NO U [from Vera McFarlane]

Dear Bill Cosby, KOO KOO KA-CHUU! [from Maya]

Dear Somebody, what's the point? [from Duxe Brackenridge]

Dear fawhegads, you're a dork. [from Firefox]

Dear blank, lolo [from Maya]

Dear Nathan J. Zachary, Y U NO HERE? :P [from Ampersand Black]

Dear Markus Jarhann...? [from Shrike Leonhart]

Dear Markus Jarhead... [from Shrike Leonhart]

dear princess celestia. why are you so hard to make?! [from Hirp]

Dear Lurkers, How's that lurking working out for you [from Pen]

Dear God... [from Otto Odell]

dear Fireworks, FIREWORKS! [from Living Shadow]

Dear lord, the comet's come back around? [from Naes Draw]

Dear Lord, ...Boobies. [from Shrike Leonhart]

dear diary, terrorists have x-ray vision, it seems [from Vera McFarlane]

Dear lords, it's chromatic chaos. [from Copper Cheetah]

Dear Arglefargle, wat [from Maya]

Dear Santa, .... [from J rockin]

Dear Santa, I brought you salad instead of cookies and milk this year because mommy said she didn't like salad because it was fat people. [from Maya]

Dear Santa, you will land and surrender the cookies immediately! [from Vincent Cross]

Dear Marquis de Bordeaux, HTML Entities are being parsed in Radio. Fiesta is converting them into their call-code. ((Classic view, actually, seems to be selective. Both lurkers see it as Skylight does, parsed.)) [from Maya]

Dear Marquis de Bordeaux, HTML entities are being parsed in radio. Don't fix it, it's awesome [from Vera McFarlane]

Dear Vera, Heatseekers ruined my day. [from Duxe Brackenridge]

Dear Koda, I apologize that I could not have been less challenging toward yourself, last night. I cannot by any means appreciate your outright insult and failure to comply with simple rules of Skyrates Radio, but I also cannot refute that your case is a common target of mine. I insist that I sincerely hold no dis- or irregard for you individually, though you more often than not get the frustrated side of me for what I perceive as your faults. Truly, I am very hard-pressed to hate /anyone/, especially over a simple matter such as roleplay. It's not my nature. While my intentions were not menacing, I can understand that the motif that is my goal to discern and remove faults is a frustrating one for someone with many pieces that I take issue with. I am sorry this is the case. [from Maya]

Dear arglefarglething, How are you receiving this? [from Maya]

Dear in the head lights, what [from Maya]

Dear God, what's happened to our pile of mutts? [from Maya]

dear Blake, chek your PMs. [from Sloth]

Dear Dusty, <3 [from Talon Karrde]

dear duxe, 'ey mate [from Talon Karrde]

dear talon, wtf [from Talon Karrde]

dear zargleblasters, this test [from Talon Karrde]

Dear Kiala, You took away the Order 66 and Say commands! D: [from Maya]

Dear God, I wonder how many messages you've received now? [from Vincent Cross]

Dear Dana, are you the creator of 'Cats in the Kitchen'? Thanks! <3 [from Blake Spencer]

Dear Otto, Hey man! [from Blake Spencer]

Dear Duxe, Hello! [From Number Eight] [from Number Eight]

Dear Morgan Bantex, Dana says hi. [from Rudolf Fahrenheit]

Dear ZhanaFox [from Aldin Forseth]

Dear WAZABUJADACRACKA, Hello. [from Blake Spencer]

deer Blake Spence, kissy kissy face. [from William Gray]

Dear William Grey, my dear deer the deers are dear but the dearest deer is the deer of dear deers. [from Zakikanoi]

dear Blake, you know that mask that you're always wearing? You call it a domino mask or something, I never did understand what it was. [from William Gray]

Dear Devs, Come fix mah borked account! [from ZhanaFox]

Dear William Gray, I'll talk to you all night long if you wish, babe. [from Blake Spencer]

Dear Anthony, Jon is Maya's brother. [from Blake Spencer]

Dear Mote, You were awesome. [from Natalie Forrester]

Dear Skyrates, WTF? Signed, ME [from Daemon Jackson]

Dear Dusty, Hai. [From Blake Spencer]. [from Blake Spencer]

Dear Midnight Montage, ! *snuggles* [from Stella Griffin]

Dear CaIvin, Y U NO FIX ZHANA HIRST!? [from Blake Spencer]

Dear Katheryn, Maya wants to know why you don't eat her bananas. [from Vincent Cross]

Dear Katheryn, @Vince: wat [from Maya]

Dear Katheryn, disregard what Vince said [from Tabris Schiller]

Dear Magnus in a basket... That was phil. [from Naes Draw]

Dear Mote, I deleted your account. Sorry about that! [from Number Eight]

Dear Screech, you shouldn't exist anymore. [from Number Eight]

Dear God, what have I done?! [from Number Eight]

Dear Herley, You mean I can finally retreat back into obscurity? Yay! [from Anthony Melrose]

Dear Xethos, what happened to your Arena / Colliseum, my friend? I've suddenly become very interested in putting it to use. Yours truly. <3 [from Blake Spencer]

Dear Xethos, what happened to... you being online? We miss you! :< [from Vincent Cross]

Dear Dusty, Maury wants to know where you went [from Vincent Cross]

Dear Dusty, Why'd you leave me? :< [from Maurice Gibbons]


Dear Sally W. Fifth, will be back later [from Duxe Brackenridge]

Dear Unique Character, if you see this, hit me up via PM, it's been awhile. [from Naes Draw]

Dear Pablo, I poke you. [from Zakikanoi]

Dear lord, captain mullet!? XP [from Emile Thistledown]

Dear Gul Madred, There are four lights [from Pen]

Dear Vincent Blake, I miss you sometimes, buddy. Had some good times. [from Vincent Cross]


Dear Jackie, TRY THIS ON FOR SIZE. [from Grey Mortand]

Dear Mahmoth, You are the king lurker [from Pen]

Dear Gray, it was a lot of fun RP'ing with you. You should come back. [from Sona]

Dear Nesseun, we need to discuss names for our little bundle of jovialness. Unless you'd rather do that because the father is a deadbeat. <3 [from Blake Spencer]

Dear Stella, I will advertise your business on my plane. Thank you. :3 [from Blake Spencer]

Dear Tabris Sciller, xD [from Stella Griffin]

Dear Jimmy Hendrix, wtf dude? way too early [from Thorne]

Dear Bill Gates, lemme get some o' that green, yo! [from Thorne]

Dear Martin Luther King Jr., Dude.. waaaaaay too early. [from Thorne]

Dear Iriam, I told you 1400 last night, I was thinking my central time and not eastern. Sorry if I keep you waiting for too long. [from Duxe Brackenridge]

Dear Tortellini, I love you. [from Stella Griffin]

dear pietro difiume, start wearing purple. [from Atomsk]

Dear American Government, STOP TRYING TO SCREW US OVER! Sincerely, The American People [from Redracer]

Dear Darth Maul, why you so fancy? Gor lightning moves, man. [from Stella Griffin]

Dear Yoda, you are so sute <3 [from Stella Griffin]

Dear Santa, I know where you live and you know what you did [from KarHallarn]

Dear self, Who's awesome? You're awesome! [from KarHallarn]

Dear Mahmoth, Stop lurking already and come back to Wingchat! [from Grey Mortand]

Dear Grey Mortland, :V [from Zhana Hirst]

Dear Grey Mortland, I have no idea who you are, but :V [from Vera McFarlane]

Dear Grey Mortland, I am so sorry you're getting messages from me... [from Grey Mortand]

Dear Jesus, Don't go to Jerusalem! [from Thorne]

dear Stella Griffing, in bill c-11 I found this: (2) Moral rights may not be assigned but may be waived in whole or in part. but apart from that and the whole entire invasion of privacy, it's not as bad as the european version. [from Ranper]

dear bronies, ... re=related [from Ranper]

Dear Ninia Lisiczina, *dodge!* *counter-pounce!* [from Vincent Cross]


Dear God, why [from Elias Chao]

Dear God, I can't stop [from SwiftyEric]

Dear Death Rays, WHERED YA GO? I MISS YOU! [from Psychedelic Warfare]

Dear Camaro Ironheart, I still miss you. [from Phedre Spitfire]

Dear Camaro Ironheart, I don't know you very well, but it's wonderful to see you again. [from Elias Chao]

dear Camaro Ironheart, heya, and welcome back! (And if you decide to RP again, can you let me know first? >.<) [from Naes Draw]

Dear Camaro Ironheart, I don't know who you are, but welcome back anyway! [from Vera McFarlane]

Dear Black Spencer, I KNOW RIGHT?! It was frightening, and you're welcome! ^_^ [from Margareet]

Dear Elias Chao, Cake and presents are a grand thing, sweetest thing of all is the decorations. Will contact soon. [from Duxe Brackenridge]

Dear Saghiri, I probably should have mentioned what was on the business card. It's simple and white, with the name: 'TOM' spelled vertically down the center and a slogan at the bottom: 'Everything for the traveller, pilot or adventure seeker! Free gift for every customer!' There is no address, or phone number, but his shop would be incredibly easy to find due to the large sign sticking out of the roof. [from Tomm]

Dear me, explode. [from Maya]

Dear Blake, SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM! [from Grey Mortand]

Dear BLU engie, rig up the servers to dispense scrap please [from Ranper]

Dear Maya Muldrake, I'm sorry it has to be said this way. In your absence, I have enacted a coup. Your event is now mine, and what was a drama adventure is now a comedy horror a la Ghostbusters. Also, there's roughly 50 new characters, as everyone has been assigned an imaginary pet. Your is Wippy, the magical wood tick. So far, it's been an unmitigated disaster, and I'm telling everyone it was your idea. [from Number Eight]

Dear Maya Muldrake, My Imaginary Pet is named Zingo the bouncing giraffe! So glad to be back! [from Xethos Borgenwelch]

Dear Maya Muldrake, my imaginary pet is a pocket-sized gelatinous cube. [from Jimmy "Jinx" Cooper]

Dear Grey, Spam. [from Grey Mortand]


Dear Rubrum, thanks mate, that's really very kind of you. I'll see you when I see you. ^_^ [from Blake Spencer]

Dear Siegfriend, I'm sending you a message! [from Blake Spencer]

Dear me, it is! [from Calvin]

Dear Swifty, from the time you get this, I'll probably be back in a few hours. Probably, or something. [from Naes Draw]

Dear Malantha, you can get an airsoft AS VAL for $700 if you know where to look. [from Mason Chaine]

Dear Duxe, BF3 is NOT the place to meet women! [from Grey Mortand]

Dear God, Please forgive me. [from Michael Forrester]

Dear djdnjdg, hi. [from Stella Griffin]

Dear B. B. Whitetail, Tag. [from Grey Mortand]

Dear everyone else, BLARGG is a Mario creature. [from Flandre Scarlet]

Dear Phil, are the devs planning on reseting the Reputation totals ever? I would like a chance at a governorship ya know. Love, Phe. [from Phedre Spitfire]

Dear The March Hare, Marcus Langley: "What The March Hare", perfect. [from Mary Ann]

Dear Kippei, Fireworks! [from Ikkyo]

Dear chocolatier, Poke. [from Sinen]

dear vera, please come back? [from Sadistica]

Dear Duxe, please imagine my over reaction to how cool that is being displayed here. [from Trenya]

Dear Sloth [from Vera McFarlane]

dear phil, mooooooooo [from Sadistica]

Dear Michael Forrestre, NO. [from Natalie Forrester]

Dear Sally W. Fifth, I'm just going to save time and skip to the tavern. [from Sinen]

Dear keyboard, please stop being a prick. [from Blake Spencer]

Dear Zhana, I dun goofed with the Xbox Part ._. [from Aldin Forseth]

Dear Zhana, *pounce* *earnom* *bellyrub* [from Rubrum Veritas]

Dear Mr. Sunshine, I PM'd Xethos. [from Vincent Cross]

Dear Chocolatier, if you are reading this, look up Sinen, he'd like to talk about RP stuff. [from Mary Ann]

Dear Chocolatier, if you're reading this too, yeah, basically what the previous message said. [from Tabris Schiller]

Dear chocolatier, I LOVE YOU. [from Otto Odell]

Dear Chocolatier, run. Run for your dear life. [from Argyle]

Dear Tabris, ... [from Vincent Cross]

Dear myself, get back to me on that project by tomorrow. [from Manik]

 Post subject: Re: Dead Letter Office
PostPosted: Sat May 12, 2012 7:12 am 

Joined: Sun Apr 13, 2008 4:19 pm
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Faction: Azure League

This is great. :razz: Lots of misspellings here keeping messages from people though.

Naes Draw
Earthbreach Exploration
Fastest "Draw" in the west
Remember your Flight School combat training.
Detect, Close, Maneuver, Attack, Disengage. Rinse and repeat.

 Post subject: Re: Dead Letter Office
PostPosted: Sun May 13, 2012 11:09 pm 

Joined: Sun Jan 27, 2008 8:32 pm
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Faction: Azure League

I wonder if it would help if Narbot could check the existence of the specified pilot, before promising to deliver the message.

 Post subject: Re: Dead Letter Office
PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2012 3:59 am 
Happy 2014-15

Joined: Mon Jun 27, 2011 2:46 pm
Posts: 7
Faction: Flight School
Why would someone correspond with someone who doesn't exist? You're not making any sense, Eskay. Stop not making any sense. All I really need is for someone to tell me where I can find God, Santa and Zhana Horst.

 Post subject: Re: Dead Letter Office
PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2012 10:56 am 

Joined: Tue Dec 12, 2006 7:05 am
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Location: Skybrary Archives
Narbot wrote:
All I really need is for someone to tell me where I can find God, Santa and Zhana Horst.
ยป Calvin will deliver the message.

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