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Author:  phil [ Tue Dec 03, 2013 10:38 am ]
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whoa, intense. What an incredible developer you are. The economy clearly needs improvement.


Author:  Naes Draw [ Tue Feb 11, 2014 11:11 am ]
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Not to be rude, but if you're listening ma'am. May we have the full map now, i.e. vapour trails? It's been a bit.

Author:  Kathryn [ Tue Feb 11, 2014 9:32 pm ]
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Naes Draw wrote:
It's been a bit.

True. Try it now.

Author:  Naes Draw [ Wed Feb 12, 2014 9:23 am ]
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Thank you kindly, much appreciated. :grog:

Author:  Kathryn [ Fri Apr 24, 2015 1:21 am ]
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Deer Skyrates, today I shut down the machine that had my Skyrates stuff on it. I'm not inclined to do the work of getting it running on a new machine, so that means no more Lurker, Narbot, Skylight, Vapour Trails, and whatever else there was.

The lurker chat database had 3.2 million messages dating back 5 years. If you want a copy of that for any reason, here is a 66MB compressed SQL dump:

Narbot said cheerio before she shutdown. Don't be sad for her. She ain't been quite right since she lost her friend zolurker, plus her parts and code will now be repurposed for some exciting new role. Perhaps as a smart toaster, or writing cookie fortunes, or as a Hillary for America media surrogate. This metamorphosis is a joyous transition in a narbot's life.

The one thing Narbot was concerned about was that she had a bunch of messages she hadn't yet delivered. I promised to take care of that, so here are all undelivered messages sent in the last two years or so.

» dearest devs, electromagnetism does not work that way. /signed physics [Pen 2013-03-07]

» Dear Magnus in a handbasket, he updated it. [Naes Draw 2013-03-09]

» Dear Vera, ever since this morning. I've gotten nothing but Ground Strike. [Duxe Brackenridge 2013-03-09]

» Dear whatever, wuz [Duxe Brackenridge 2013-03-10]

» Dear Journal, today I was tied up with something. [Nero Shade 2013-03-13]

» Dear B.B. Whitetail, so, in terms of Violet/Thiess, where do you think they are at? Just out of curiosity, since they are kinda, well, hanging :\ [Violet Miller 2013-03-15]

» Dear Wai, HAI! [Soren Felinus 2013-03-19]

» Dear asdlkajsd, moo [Soren Felinus 2013-03-19]

» Dear Adviser Wolf, on the slim chance you come back... I apparently missed you back in 2011 and had no idea. It's '13 now, so odds are slim. But, ah, get in touch maybe? I have no idea who you are but you clearly know me. [Naes Draw 2013-03-21]

» Dear Rudolf, should the forces of evil rise, cast a shadow on the heart of my PM box. Call me. ~ [Blake Spencer 2013-03-25]

» dear throne, y'all cray cray [Herley 2013-03-27]

» Dear Duze Brackenridge, Happy birthday man! :D [Troy Lesage 2013-03-31]

» Dear Duxe Brackeridge, happy birthdays, even if it's late! [Lena Draw 2013-04-01]

» Dear Thorner, I can't beleieve we're having this conversation [Tabitha Sharp 2013-04-03]

» Dear Narua, is Narbot allowed to have candy? [Aeauna 2013-04-03]

» Dear Grey Thorne, please stop with the caps spam. Luv, [Herley 2013-04-04]

» Dear Vera, In the case that I missed you: *snugs* [Troy Lesage 2013-04-06]

» Dear Ian Goodwin, like this. [Vincent Cross 2013-04-08]

» Dear Vincent, Who are you? [Maya 2013-04-09]

» deer dear, beer [Ellington 2013-04-14]

» dear parrot in a mailman outfit, bombard grey [Ellington 2013-04-18]

» dear whotheheck, what? [Grey Mortand 2013-04-18]

» Dear Thalidone, long time no see! Heya there! [Naes Draw 2013-04-19]

» Dear Jaelynn, long time no see! Heya! [Naes Draw 2013-04-19]

» dear katie, is melbourne somewhere you could spend a week in and have things to do? [Talon Karrde 2013-04-23]

» Dear Rubrum Vertas, step up our schedule! [Naes Draw 2013-04-24]

» Dear diary, played Injustice today. Underwhelmed. [Blake Spencer 2013-04-24]

» Dear Naes, Huzzah! Your quest for knowledge is nearly complete this year, congrats. :3 Unfortunetly I have a /ton/ of stuff going on with school and university at the moment. I'd likewise love to pick it up soon, as it's been forever since I've been on. School is a killer but I look forward to seeing you soon! o/ (After June I'm relatively free, I should be in quite a bit before then though.) [Troy Lesage 2013-04-27]

» Dear Maya Muldrake, ~ [Blake Spencer 2013-04-28]

» Dear Fenriq, don't be a stranger! pop onto the forums from time to time! [Thorne 2013-04-28]

» Dear Vera, 'cyber' anything still sounds dumb. [Herley 2013-04-30]

» Dear Troy, I know, it's so swell :p [Ballantine Goldwell 2013-05-01]

» Dear people who write up MSDS's, Can you kindly provide insight about using water to get water out of your eye(s)? Thanks. [Waiwaera 2013-05-03]

» Deerest Kenosha Kid, hugs and kisses + ... T20:55:17Z [Cassiopeia 2013-05-05]

» Dear Lean Draw, sent a message to you as Naes. Please check. [Rubrum Veritas 2013-05-06]

» dear fans, ty for mail <3 [Ellington 2013-05-07]

» Dear Alonso Rei, Saw viewtopic.php?p=104370#p104370. Very cool. Loved the "drops, entirely unceremoniously, onto the tarmac" bit. Welcome back! [Calvin 2013-05-08]

» deer Jasmine Echohawk ... ternet.jpg [Ellington 2013-05-12]

» dear blake, I love you too. its ok. [Ellington 2013-05-15]

» Dear Tabris, definitely take the third option. Go back to Rudolf. [Azlynn Baird 2013-05-20]

» Dear Throne, what is your WT name? [Jasmine Echohawk 2013-05-20]

» Dear Skyrates, [Vera McFarlane 2013-05-28]

» dear god, you are going to devour me, arn't you? [Richard Cussler 2013-05-28]

» Dear Blake, Deliver. [Otto Odell 2013-05-31]

» Dear everyone, Owwie, you're so abusive. Whyyyy? [Troy Lesage 2013-06-01]

» Dear Xethos Borgenwelch, "Vincent Cross [Snuggler]: Narbot, mimic me defeating Richard in Round 2! Narbot: [Vincent Cross] Damnit... I SUDDENLY IN RUSSIA, EVERYONE SPEAKS ENGLISH AND Xeth?" [Vincent Cross 2013-06-04]

» Dear Troy, I'll let them know. Annie's not on, though. [Vincent Cross 2013-06-06]

» Dear Maya [Richard Cussler 2013-06-10]

» Dear Vincent Whatever-your-name-is-now, are you here? [Blake Spencer 2013-06-11]

» dear sinen kojot, awww i missed your visit! and thorne says i should send congratulation, not sure what for, but sure it's epic! [Evelyn Hatfield 2013-06-12]

» Dear Throne, hai [Troy Lesage 2013-06-12]

» Dear Unique Character, I totally missed you! Storms and busy suck, yo. Anyhow! Cool! o/ Hopefully talk soon and stuff? [Naes Draw 2013-06-16]

» Dear Vincent Blake: #global is unused. Do you see this changing any time soon, or should I scrap it for sommat else? [Maya 2013-06-17]

» Dear Tabbris Schiller: Go home. You are drunk on "this is silly -- small pistachios". [Maya 2013-06-19]

» Dear Vincent, word to your mother. >:I [Rubrum Veritas 2013-06-22]

» Dear Vera, Narbot would like to remind you that I am at Princeton. [Rubrum Veritas 2013-06-25]

» Dear Help Chat, how's tricks? [Naes Draw 2013-07-07]

» Dear Captain Mullet, that's what your mother said. [Naes Draw 2013-07-07]

» Dear The March Hare, I always thought you were a troll, but a classy one. [Naes Draw 2013-07-07]

» Dear anyone who cares, I like burritos. [Nero Shade 2013-07-16]

» Dear Gay More Tanned, sup [Thorne 2013-07-21]

» Dear Acreo, Please come back and make just one more post on the Forum. You're at 999 posts currently. [Calvin 2013-07-24]

» Dear Tabitha, Prepare for Courier already! [Rubrum Veritas 2013-07-25]

» Dear Skyrates, GET TO OTAKON [Rubrum Veritas 2013-07-28]

» Dear Artemus Delphus ... o1_500.jpg [Maya 2013-08-04]

» Dear Rick Burchill, wherefore art thou? [Mercedes Valentina 2013-08-05]

» Dear Tabitha, check the Brown forums - we need votes on the Blackout RP thread. Thanks! [Grey Mortand 2013-08-06]

» Dear B.B. Whitetail, if you could check the Brown forums and vote on the Blackout RP thread, it'd be groovy! Be nice to get the band from Sunrise back together as well, dontcha think? [Grey Mortand 2013-08-06]

» Dear Nero Shades: precisely how dirty is the minimally dirty prohibited haiku? [Rubrum Veritas 2013-08-07]

» Deer Grey Moretanned, I need more money yo [Thorne 2013-08-10]

» Deerest Greyest Moretanned, I need lots o' money yo [Thorne 2013-08-10]

» Dear Natalie Forrester-Rice, congratulations! [Naes Draw 2013-08-13]

» Dear Eeptog, check your pms... [Grey Mortand 2013-08-23]

» Dear Soren, *poke* [Troy Lesage 2013-08-24]

» Dear Sciurus Swift, see GC, terribly sorry I took a while [Rubrum Veritas 2013-08-26]

» deer grey, who did you kill this time [Ellington 2013-08-28]

» Dear Kaiaku, Really sorry about this. [Calvin 2013-08-29]

» Dear Saghiri, ... -its-prey/ [Vincent Cross 2013-08-30]

» Dear Naes, [Richard Cussler 2013-09-02]

» Dear Troy, Bruce is just as common a name as 'Joshua' or 'Steven'. No, not all Australians answer to Bruce. It's just another name here. :) [Blake Spencer 2013-09-04]

» Dear Tabris, Narbot [Troy Lesage] doesn't always inspired at Richard's ears. It's bleeding Nini or Tabi and leaves, happy!" [Troy Lesage 2013-09-11]

» Dear Azlynn Bard, He just wants in your pants, don't listen. [Troy Lesage 2013-09-13]

» Dear Walrus, Happy Birthday, man! Even though you'll probably never get this. [Blake Spencer 2013-09-17]

» Dear Diary, I am nearly at the end. The red speck of mocking has evaded all attempts of capture. Even when I land squarely upon it, it merely slips away. After days and days of trying, it nearly has the best of me. [Troy Lesage 2013-09-17]

» Dear Chat: You are dead. Is not big surprise. [Maya 2013-09-21]

» Dear lord, Swifty hates his math assignment. [Troy Lesage 2013-09-24]

» Dearest Natalie Forrester-Rice, we still like you anyway. Honest. :3 [Mary Ann 2013-09-27]

» Dear Astrid, I'm sorry we faught. I really am. If you happen upon this for some reason, please get back in touch? I miss our friendship. -Keni [Kenisu Ichojari 2013-09-27]

» Dear Ashely Cloudchaser, You done poofed man! [Troy Lesage 2013-09-28]

» Dear Tabris, sorry for ditching you mid-roleplay. I got really exhausted all of the sudden and you weren't responding. =( Thanks for the RP though. I'm really loving it. =3 [Kim Naomi 2013-09-28]

» Dear Ashely Cloudchaser, I'm an Algerian Prince, much better for deals than Nigerian Princes. I too have inherited a great sum of money from my father who recently died in a militant dispute. HOwever I need your assistance in retrieving it. I will pay you one million dollars and one cent for your help! [Ollieander Copper 2013-09-28]

» Dear Kitty McMittens, whud up guuurl? [m(>")>~~{@ 2013-09-28]

» Dear Vicent Cross, Hasn't happened yet. I've been having to go on a financing adventure that ended up at a ded end. x.x Yay. [Troy Lesage 2013-09-30]

» Dear Vince, hasn't happened yet. I've been having a financing adventure. [Troy Lesage 2013-09-30]

» Dear weird name guy, yeah it's on the spreadsheet along with the planes... perhaps you've heard of tabs... they're on the bottom [Thorne 2013-10-01]

» Dear Spectral Fox, Happy Birthday! :D Seems I missed ya. [Troy Lesage 2013-10-02]

» Dear Buddha, I never did get that pony. [Vincent Cross 2013-10-14]

» Dear Buddha, Kaylee. [Redracer 2013-10-14]

» Dear Buddha, *rubs tummy* [Kaylee Stallengrant 2013-10-14]

» Dear Buddha, who are you? [Richard Cussler 2013-10-14]

» Dear GatoEnMiPantalones, Happy Birthday!! [Blake Spencer 2013-10-14]

» Dear Buddha, Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. [Herley 2013-10-14]

» Dear Bradshaw, Sigh. I know. [Calvin 2013-10-17]

» Dearest Mercedes Valentina, Probably not. As I told Maya not long ago, the names must be unique and are never actaully deleted. If you want a name that is already in use, that person must request that their name be changed before I can change YOUR name. [Calvin 2013-10-20]

» Dear Loretta Burchill, happy day of escaping the womb! [Blake Spencer 2013-10-20]

» Dear Kenisu Ichojari, As interesting as it may be to "alleviate the fix", I'd recommend that we not belabor the potential resolution any more than necessary to obtain a satisfactory result. The last thing we want, I feel, is a surfeit of unhelpful, unproductive attempts. "It works for me," while accurate, is not a helpful epithet in this context and is, on the whole, lacking. Perhaps we can diagnose this issue further when we are both on-line, as the kids say. Regards, [Calvin 2013-10-22]

» Dear Nadian Zobovic, "phil: i look like a pretty cute bearded chick as a girl" [Troy Lesage 2013-10-23]

» Dear zolurker, Are you feelin' okay? [Calvin 2013-11-05]

» Dear Camaro Ironheart, Narbot: [Naesa Draw] Narbot, mimic Camaro Mullet I'm so sorry. [Naesa Draw 2013-11-07]

» Deer mar, please send me a what's going on, thanks. Good hearing from you again. [An-Zu 2013-11-08]

» Dearest Wesley, Say hi to buttercup for us. [An-Zu 2013-11-08]

» Dear Thorne What was that, about seven months no chat presense all the while maintaining top 10 inf? lololol [Kamilah 2013-11-11]

» dear nehp, zolurker is broke. Please fix him. [Herley 2013-11-13]

» dear so and so, sure [phil 2013-11-14]

» Dear Amira Navarus, Fairly happy with the way the Nomad handles for its tier and class. Sent a note to phil about possibly repositioning the arc, since that's my one big issue. [Ikkyo 2013-11-14]

» Dear Rawbie Moonclaw, good on you for making the initiative to make your character on the DP. However, if you could consult the Roleplaying Guide once more, that would be great. Few things that stand out a bit include: 1) Fox/Kitsune Hybrid, unless several people have given the okay with this that I was not aware of, exotic hybrids are forbidden. 2) Date of birth. We don't use our timeline to discern date of birth. Instead, for your character at the age of 19..? Would be born sometime between 204-206 AU. AU stands for After Upheaval, and I recommend looking at the Wiki in terms of certain players who have listen when their characters were born. It could help you decide better when he was officially born in accordance to SR timeline. [Richard Cussler 2013-11-14]

» Dear Juliet, Re: Rope Crew, etc. It looks like the Devs have been busy. [Maya 2013-11-15]

» Dear Tarlach, This is Phedre, and this Xavier. It's been almost 6 years and he's an adult now in RP and I'm taking him back, since you aren't around much anymore and you refused to do it before. Sorry that erks you, but he was my creation and I want him back. [Xavier Sky 2013-11-22]

» Dear weslet roberts, you're a pirate among women. [Nadya Zobovic 2013-11-25]

» Dear Major Major Major Major, CRS = Crewmate Reunion Service and, no, I don't expect it making a return this round. [Calvin 2013-11-26]

» Dear Gwen Weatherford: If he means the Skyrates AIM Blast Group, all I need is an AIM handle to get you in. [Maya 2013-11-27]

» Dear Duxe Brackenrdige, heh... Japanese planes are usually not that strong, that dood needs to quit QQing [Thorne 2013-12-03]

» Dear Dirk, yes, you've had your hands on my naughty bits on numerous occassions. I hope that answers your question. PotBM for the win! [Phe'dre Spitfire 2013-12-06]

» Dear Rude Gus, it's not that I won't eat them because they are too fuzzy, I just like to pop the insides out first, so that I don't have to put the fuzzy pod in my mouth. All the best, your non-ninja turtle boyfriend. [Otis Jenkins 2013-12-07]

» Dear Tabris, I hear you like Espurr ... U22ozFsiIA [Elvara Ignatius 2013-12-13]

» Dear Greg Sucks, interestingly, would you have happened to have found this game via a mysterious desktop link? If so, ask somebody how to reply to me. I left it there. [Lena Draw 2013-12-13]

» Dear Time Drake, might be a bit longer than I expected. SURPRISE parties are always fun. [Elvara Ignatius 2013-12-14]

» Dear Blake, Narbot thinks you're a cheap man. Heh. [Grey Mortand 2013-12-19]

» Dear Vincent, Thanks! But are the messages that narbot delivers public or private? And how long do they take to deliver? And is it expected that you reply and say "Thanks!" when you get one? [Rooner Spism 2014-01-02]

» Dear small children, please identify yourselves [Apollo the Grizzled 2014-01-02]

» Dear Trolly McTrol, No. [Calvin 2014-01-06]

» Dear "Benny" Sheircome, Mix of everything. Gotta have my tomato and pepper plants, might even experiment with watermelons and/or strawberriers again. Otherwise, revamping the front beds with things that aren't rose bushes or a sort of ground vine thing. Some more Gulf Muhly would be nice. [Waiwaera 2014-01-06]

» Dear Blue Vast, When are you free? We have this thing we need to do. [Aeauna 2014-01-15]

» Deer The Postman, YOLO [Thorne 2014-01-18]

» Dear The Postman, where's the Postwoman? Equal Rights! [Kittarna 2014-01-18]

» Dear Aea, I seem to be a wingless little hippo at the moment. [HungryHungryHippo 2014-01-18]

» Deer Grey Mortland, I am hijacking your character in a RP forum post. let me know if you want me to change any tone/characterization/etc [Ellington 2014-01-20]

» Deerest Sadistica, moo, you are missed. No moos remain! [Thorne 2014-01-25]

» Dear An-Zu, It shall be done! [Thorne 2014-01-25]

» Dear The Postman, so much for privacy! How can I get a pigeon hole, mate? [Blake Spencer 2014-02-13]

» Dear lurker, hiya [Troy Lesage 2014-02-15]

» Dear Xethos Borgenwelch, I'd love to talk to you, man. I've got such ideas for you! Hope you're well, broseph. [Blake Spencer 2014-02-22]

» dear global warming: Stop making texas frigid [Ellington 2014-02-27]

» Dear Everyone, I had a successful con! [Kittarna 2014-03-03]

» Deer HungryHungryHippo, Sure thing... [Pen 2014-03-03]

» Dear Waiweara, derp ... 0sa_v1.gif [Elvara Ignatius 2014-03-05]

» Dear Terrance "Pistol Hicks, hi [Thorne 2014-03-16]

» Dear Terrance Pistol" Hicks, hi [Thorne 2014-03-16]

» Dear Terrance, Do you even names, bro? [Kuviare Firetail 2014-03-16]

» Dear Kalypso: Hi hello. :3 [Tabris Schiller 2014-03-16]

» Dear Voontz, thanks [Thorne 2014-03-24]

» dear bascule, radical changes likely not tenable, shall i just vomit out the improved numbers i discovered in your stead last month for argument? [Amira Navaras 2014-04-01]

» Dear Manik, I am so incredibly happy for you how amazing oh my god you're getting married oh my god yay. <3 <3 <3 [Margareet 2014-04-02]

» Dear Rubrum Veritas, you seem like a person in need of a message. [Rudolf Fahrenheit 2014-04-11]

» Dear Battyden, how have you been? [Patrick Q. Digby 2014-04-18]

» Dear Anna, meet Narbot, he does silly things. [Talvin 2014-04-21]

» Dear Simon Grayce, unfortunately the tutorial does not work right now. However, the ? symbol offers a lot of hints, and the links below explain a lot of stuff, and if we are on, we will answer your questions. [Talvin 2014-05-07]

» Dear Orange Grey, Moo [Thorne 2014-05-08]

» Dear Magnus, Talvin, what did you bring into this world? x3 [Troy Lesage 2014-05-13]

» Dear Amira, It's a touch difficult to get to have enough squigs to reach the desired factions. Is there any way we could drop the price of some of the slightly longer range planes or maybe boost the range of the CR4P? [Troy Lesage 2014-05-13]

» Dear God, are you listening? [Talvin 2014-05-13]

» Dear Firefix, :) [Anna Ferret 2014-05-16]

» Dear Calivin, Ah, I think that answered my question for me. Thank you. [Troy Lesage 2014-05-18]

» Dear Abris, Welcome to Skyrates, I hope you have a fun time and make some friends here in chat. [Anna Ferret 2014-05-23]

» Dear Anna, Delcious cookies are delicious. Now I'm off to find milk. *nomnomnomnom* [Firefox 2014-05-23]

» Dear Rubrum, In case you /aren't/ "Rubrum Veritas" on here, but just Rubrum instead, If you're on Courier, we need your input soonish. Thanks. [Natalie Forrester 2014-05-24]

» Dear Rubrum Veritas, Taking a chance this is the same "Rubrum Veritas" on Courier. We need your input soonish. Thanks. [Natalie Forrester 2014-05-24]

» Dear Amira Navara, my crew members no longer wish me to split booty and profits with them. Instead, they wish me to sacrifice members of the Azure League to the Elder Gods in exchange for massive bonuses in combat. What I would like to ask you is: did you make this change, and will it affect how the arcs work on my current plane? Thanks! [Talvin 2014-05-25]

» Dear Battyden, Foxaroos between Earthbreach and Lhasa, 21CF toons between Midgard and Fuseli [Jenny Curtis 2014-05-26]

» dear phillip j fry, do you ever change your flight path? [Siegfried 2014-06-04]

» Dear everyone, welcome to skyrates. [Anna Ferret 2014-06-13]

» Dear Grey Morthand, You are now unable to even steal the new fridge and freezer, let along break it. [Anna Ferret 2014-06-17]

» Dear Firefox - Yeah, it was 4-110d. [Grey Mortand 2014-06-23]

» Dearest Shining One, the coveted Cinco De Maya 2014 title is making me feel neither crazy nor funky (no more than usual, anyway). Is there a troubleshooting guide for this? Thanks! [Blake Spencer 2014-06-27]

» Dear Tectonic Joe, These fools have no idea what we have in store for them. Begin launch operations, passcode Echo Bravo Bravo Hotel Alpha. [Thorne 2014-07-07]

» Dear weather alert system, I know there are flash floods in the area. Stop making too loud buzzing sounds [Pen 2014-07-09]

» Dear Josef Teth-Aton, I swear by the left nostril of the second heir to Magnus' golden throne that I will burn the forests of the world to the ground in order to deobfuscate our distance from one another. Also hi. [Maya 2014-07-19]

» Dear Stella Griffin, I'm sorry I sudden vanished before, my internet decided to be a douche. Pretty fly for a WiFi. [Blake Spencer 2014-07-24]

» Dear adhoco, have you looked at ? [Aeauna 2014-07-26]

» Dearest Kathryn, Could you send me some data on what percentage of players are using Skylight versus Classic? Asking for a friend. [Calvin 2014-08-03]

» Dear Ollieander Cooper, test. [Troy Lesage 2014-08-07]

» Dear Ollieander Cooper, things go as well as can be expected, mate! Hope you're just fine and dandy! :D [Blake Spencer 2014-08-15]

» Dear Tripothy, For the Advanced Radio, try Grottopolis, Alpha 11 or Alpha 16. And don't mess with Mad Props. They're not nearly as mad awesome as they used to be. See [Calvin 2014-08-23]

» Dear Tabsir: bip [Maya 2014-09-30]

» Dear Blum the Dreamer, I've attempted to rename your plane. Check and see if it looks correct now. [Calvin 2014-10-07]

» Dear Redstorm Breckenridge, Too sad to see you left right before I came back. :( [Realzy 2014-10-26]

» Deer Realzy, right of course, you're space denmarkian. I've been brown for slightly longer than kalin has been orange. [Atomsk 2014-11-28]

» Dear Nero Shade, zolurker unfortunately perished. Certain functions can still be done by Narbot, though. Try "Narbot, seen Nero Shade" [Rudolf Fahrenheit 2014-11-29]

» Dear Dewkz, stop that studying mate and come unlock some new planes! [Thorne 2014-12-17]

» Dear Otto Odell: No, I'm not there; I'm here. [Maya 2014-12-18]

» Dear Otto Odell, wishing you well, brofessor. [Blake Spencer 2014-12-21]

» Dear Unibrow, are you Narbot? [Nate Quarter 2015-01-12]

» dear apollo the grizzled, I made more musics! Here's the video [Sloth 2015-02-24]

» Dear Troy Lesage, Welcome back. We're in another "quiet" part of the Skyrates cycle. [Calvin 2015-02-28]

» dear blake spencer, hey, shoot me a message on aim or steam sometime, yeah? [Azlynn Baird 2015-03-25]

» dear Sloth, ooooo what loose ends? tell me tell me tell me tell me! [Grey Mortand 2015-04-09]

» Dear Sloth, I still check in every Sunday night for movie night! And I see you sometimes on the book of faces. [Aeauna 2015-04-13]

» Dear dargn, What'd you use on the flak tube? ... _Mod_Types has some advice. [Calvin 2015-04-14]

» Dear Aspira Douglas, Yeah, last tme I checked Narbot was working okay. [Calvin 2015-04-15]

» Dear Ian Goodwin, Seriously? [Calvin 2015-04-18]

» Dear Tomm, Sorry. "Tom" is already taken, but "Toom" is available, if that helps. :) [Calvin 2015-04-21]

Author:  Margareet [ Fri Apr 24, 2015 10:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Toys


Thanks Kath.


Author:  Blake Spencer [ Sun Apr 26, 2015 8:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Toys

Thanks, Kath. May our dear friends rest peacefully. :sad:

I don't suppose there's any way I could pretty-please grab a complete log of the Roleplay tab? I've actually got aspirations of writing a novelization-type doodad based on bits and pieces of it. It'd be very much appreciated!

Author:  Kathryn [ Mon Apr 27, 2015 7:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Toys

Blake, I posted an SQL dump of my chat database above. It has a table with five years of roleplay tab. To restore that to, say, a postgres database, which is what I was using, you'd do something like
createdb skychat; bzcat chat.sql.bz2 | psql skychat

If 'SQL' means nothing to you, that will have whooshed by like an Ingersoll. If so let me know and we'll work something else out.

Author:  Talon Karrde [ Mon Apr 27, 2015 8:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Toys

Thank you for everything, Kathryn — the community was much, much richer due to your work.

Without Lurker, chat is no longer asymmetric, and I suspect the community that still exists will cease to do so shortly now that they can't pass messages on. If your words are as ephemeral as the clouds in the sky and no one is there to see them, who will write at all? Lurker was always there to transcribe and record those messages for the generations to come; no more.

Fly right, Kathryn, in all your future endeavors. If you're ever in San Francisco, I'd be happy to buy you a drink; if you're ever looking for a job, we're always hiring :smile:

P.S. do you has a Github account to follow?

Author:  Joseph Whitcherell [ Mon Apr 27, 2015 2:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Toys

It was a long ride, but as all others it must sadly end.

Thanks for all your work and contributions. :thumbs:

Author:  Calvin [ Tue Apr 28, 2015 5:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Toys

phil wrote:
What an incredible developer you are.

Talon Karrde wrote:
Without Lurker, chat is no longer asymmetric, and I suspect the community that still exists will cease to do so shortly now that they can't pass messages on.
Very well put, Talon Karrde.

Author:  Naes Draw [ Wed Apr 29, 2015 11:04 am ]
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Stings a bit, but I guess all good things do need to come to an end.

Although the community still exists. We have IM, IRC, Facebook, Steam, etc. So I don't think in some ways that SR really is going away after all.

It's been a treat having you around, Kathryn. Your goodies have been marvelous and have made the game and community much better.

Cheers! :love: :grog:

Author:  Narua Swala [ Sat May 02, 2015 12:13 pm ]
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I shall see what I can do about hosting a Thing Or Two.

Narbot was originally mine and though she grew up and got better under Kath, I will do what I can.

Author:  Calvin [ Sat May 02, 2015 1:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Toys

Narua Swala wrote:
I shall see what I can do about hosting a Thing Or Two.
This is the single most encouraging thing I've read all day.

Author:  SnowCat [ Sun Jun 07, 2015 3:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Toys

:-| (speechless)

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