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 Post subject: Meeting Between the Court and the Skytopians
PostPosted: Tue May 27, 2008 6:12 pm 

Joined: Sat Jan 19, 2008 9:10 am
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Location: In the tavern.
Faction: Flight School
Shining One: *the crafts of the Court shriek across the sky over Arcadia, their hulls dancing with light, leaving strange after images in their wake*

niklaas thinks The March Hare will behave today, or he will be removed from the movie

Prince Harris: *the waiters nod agreement with niklaas' sentiments

The March Hare puts on his innocent face.

Keyo pulls in to the docking bay and examines the shuttles.

The March Hare: Looks like the Court are here already.
The March Hare: Ahead of some of the delgates it appears.
Keyo: [Docking Bay] Not really my first choice of craft, but I suppose I don't have much choice, do I? Let's see what this is all about.
niklaas: Hare: Everyone's being shuttled to the location.
The March Hare: Interesting...
Calvin: [Docking Bay]Now... which one's the gas pedal?
Shining One: * a single ingersoll detaches from the main group, loops upwards, and then begins to lazily circle the skyland*
Edmund C. Fex: Delegates are asked to come unarmed
Edmund C. Fex: weapon frisks are a necessary precaution - blues reps are being searched as well

Pierce N.V. Post wanders into the area, looking angry.

Shining One: *the ingersoll again spins and makes for the landing area of Arcadia*
Burrito Loco: [eacc] looks like all the delagates have been processed
Edmund C. Fex: You may not
Edmund C. Fex: strictly no weapons
Edmund C. Fex: Roger that BL
Pierce N.V. Post: "Really?" He says to the guard behind him. "Yer gonna search me, Bub?"
Edmund C. Fex: Keep an eye out up there
Burrito Loco: [eacc] I'll be moving out and flying overwatch for the duration

Keyo takes off in his shuttle, muttering about the overly tight security.

The March Hare begins to fall asleep.

Pierce N.V. Post huffs as he lifts his arms and submits to the search. "Watch yer paws. This is a clean shirt."

Cecil Lancaster takes a seat in the general audience area.

Kyra: And I haven't checked the forums in >24 hours. I won't find it in time
Pierce N.V. Post: You might look in the right boot. But watch yer fingers.
Shining One: *three figures emerge from the ingersoll, two of them dressed in clothing of sharp angles and bold, yet elegant colors. One is a male wolf, the other a female bear*

Athrawes lands in the unarmed nomad, followed by two crew members, looking rather disgruntled at their lack of weapons.

Edmund C. Fex stands at a respectful distance

niklaas: [eacc]niklaas in the EACC Raptor here, circling overhead. Alls clear out here.
Shining One: *the figure they flank stands tall and regal, their costume being one of simple black with three white lines descending from neckline to waist. A bullet pocked mask hides the face, the entire costume making the species, gender, and age of the figure hidden*

Keyo pulls in shortly afterward, stepping out of the plane and bowing his head respectfully to all assembled.

Prince Harris: [kitchen] get that first course ready, they're landing now!
Shining One: *The figure looks out across the dock, its body poised casually, taking in all around it*

Pierce N.V. Post flies in on his Nomad/suttle.

Pierce N.V. Post lands and deplanes, just in time. As usual.

Edmund C. Fex appraches the dock slowly once the three figures are fully disembarked

Kyra lands her Nomad and steps off, looking around to see who else came. She waves to Keyo.

Athrawes notices the Court group, walking roughly in their direction.

Pierce N.V. Post leans against a wall, keeping an eye on Hare. He considers "waking him up" and smiles, showing his canines.

Edmund C. Fex: Greetings and welcome to Arcadia. I am Edmund C. Fex of the Azure League. May I presume that you are the one called Treader of Air?
Shining One: You may know me as Shining One, Grand Artist of the Court of Violets. It is known that we shall meet.

Keyo quickly nudges Hare.

The March Hare grumbles, slowly waking up.

Edmund C. Fex: Forgive my mistake Shining One
Shining One: He who is Treader of Air follows, as does Great Reflection.

Shining One gestures towards those on either side.

Edmund C. Fex A pleasure to meet you both

Edmund C. Fex: We have prepared place of meeting where we me make more formal introductions

Shining One the two do not say anything, merely watching.

Pierce N.V. Post peers at Shining One's needle-like craft, noting the extra crew space modification with approval.

Shining One: Lead on, comrade of Islo, our curiosity burns.
Edmund C. Fex: However, if you wish refreshments or to rest from your journey, we have a meal prepared
Shining One: We have no need of rest. Our beings hunger for that which is not sustenance.
Pierce N.V. Post: Or *pats the pocket of his clean shirt* Smoke 'em if ya got 'em.

Edmund C. Fex leads Shining one and his escorts to the meeting area and shows them their seats at the large table which has been preparted

Pierce N.V. Post pulls out a packet of thin cigars.

Shining One -the three look at the chairs, but do not sit-

Edmund C. Fex: ((the table is a living part of the great tree branch from which it has been carefully grown and has seats for Shining one's people as well as spots for the representatives from all the factions)

Shining One gazes up through the great branches of the tree.

Keyo stands respectfully at the entrance of the Court, inclining his head to the visitors.

Pierce N.V. Post offers a cigar to Keyo. He speaks under his breath, "Bub?"

Kyra follows the others, respectfully quiet.

Edmund C. Fex: We have invited representatives from three other great Factions, that you might speak with representatives from all the people of skytopia

Keyo shakes his head with a minute wave of his paw.

Shining One 's eyes from behind the mask scan carefully over the assembled individuals. The gaze is piercing, and yet with a kind of open curiosity.

The March Hare stands next to Keyo, his whole posture one of silent contempt.

Edmund C. Fex: The Azure League is one of these Factions, here also are representatives from the Emrald Republic, Echo Flight School, and The Crimson Empire

Edmund C. Fex gestures to the respective representatives in turn

Pierce N.V. Post lingers in the hangar for just a bit, lighting his cheroot. He takes the opportunity to check out the craft a little more.

The March Hare: Actually Keyo does not represent the Crimson Empire.
The March Hare: Please be percise.

Shining One laughs.

Athrawes moves to his seat, followed by his crew. All stand in respect for the group of the Court.

Shining One: Always with names.
Shining One: Such is the strangeness of the Skytopian.
Edmund C. Fex: As you can see, many different ways and philosophies comprise Skytopia
Athrawes: We are a strange people.

Kyra moves to her seat, and looks toward the entrance, wondering where Talon is.

Pierce N.V. Post stands in the doorway, turning his head to blow smoke behind him into the hangar. His gaze takes in the landing gear, which seem too thin for the weight of the plane.

Shining One: A people most strange, in a world most pleasing to mine eyes.
Edmund C. Fex: It is our intent that each Faction will speak of its own people and answer any questions you may have. But if you would presfer to speak on behalf of your people first, we would be honored

Talon Karrde bolts into the enclosure and skids to a stop, looking around and then quickly taking his own seat next to Kyra's.

Shining One: The Court arrives, and finds great curiosity in your domain.

Pierce N.V. Post mutters, "A world that we built, both working together and apart, Bub."

The March Hare starts laughing at Talon's late arrival.

Edmund C. Fex smiles

Shining One starts with interest at Talon for a somewhat uncomfortable 5 seconds of silence.

Calvin rolls his eyes and mutters "kids"

Shining One continues.

Edmund C. Fex: We find great curiosity amongst ourselves

Talon Karrde smiles and raises eyebrow at the Shining One.

Kyra gives Talon a Look but doesn't say anything to him.

Edmund C. Fex: If the representatives would be seated, we will begin formal introductions
Shining One: The land of the Court has found strange platforms that flicker and fade, craft that move into cloud and emerge not again. We are puzzled and greatly interested by such a thing, and would know of it.

Pierce N.V. Post stubs out his cigar on the heel of his boot and joins Fex, grinning and nodding to his old friend. He whispers. "...all clear."

Calvin sits.

Edmund C. Fex gestures to the seats

The March Hare likes Fex being talked over.

Shining One: Of greatest interest to us they are.
Shining One: They have provided our people with great sport and charming whimsy.

Edmund C. Fex nods

Shining One: We have followed them here.

Pierce N.V. Post sucks at his teeth, thinking that one over.

Keyo remains standing, waiting for the members of the Court to take their seats before doing so himself.

Shining One: As boon and courtesy, we announce ourselves.

The March Hare sits down, his hostility easily seen next to Keyo's good manners.

Shining One: I am Shining One.

Kyra also waits to sit, trying to look casual as she watches the other delegates.

Shining One: First of the Court.

Edmund C. Fex listens with interest

Pierce N.V. Post sits and slouches down in his chair.

Shining One: We come, observe, and shall find our prey.

The March Hare trys to find a good position to sleep..

Kyra decides that Pierce counts, and so she takes her own seat.

Talon Karrde raises an eyebrow at that last sentence.

Keyo perks his ears slightly at the mention of "prey," and watches intently.

Shining One -the Court remains standing, now silent-

The March Hare nudges Keyo and mutters "I think they want introductions as well."

Athrawes still stands, posture erect, his crewmates attempting the same.

PapaFrita listens eagerly outside of the door. He was sad he missed the last meeting and doesn't want to miss this one.

Calvin , one of the only seated ones, mumbles again. "For Pete's sakes."

Keyo looks back down at Hare, responding softly. "And they'll get them in turn. Do have some patience."

Edmund C. Fex: We are happy to share what we know of the oddities you describe - there are many small details which can wait, but I will defer to Peirce NV Post for a summary of our encounters with them
Edmund C. Fex: Afterwards, the assembled factions are, I'm sure, eager to introduce themselves
Pierce N.V. Post: *looks at Fex* So, we're throwing the rules out the window, Bub?
Edmund C. Fex: The Court is our guest
Edmund C. Fex: And their priorities will be given some weight this day
Edmund C. Fex: Everyone will get to speak his piece, fear not

Pierce N.V. Post stands up. "OK. Hiya, folks. I'm Pierce N. V. Post, skyrate captain and Blue Faction member."

Pierce N.V. Post: I like planes, so I paid attention to these new arrivals when they first showed up, 'bout a month and a half ago.
Pierce N.V. Post: They came from the northwest, we think.

Pierce N.V. Post holds up a paw. "Three kinds. Planes, that we call the x-36, tower-like platforms, and mines."

Pierce N.V. Post: They gave the younger pilots some problems, but the vets, some of them, anyway, had your attitude towrds them.
Shining One: Such mines dot our skies, puffs of fire and smoke.

Shining One -The two on each side of Shining One smile-

Pierce N.V. Post grins. "Nice to have a challenges, though. I was kinda sad when we managed to clear them out of our airspace."

Shining One: To the northwest then. Possess you details more exact?

Pierce N.V. Post looks sidelong at Fex. "Lately, the X-36's are back. They're not so transparent, though." There is something he's not saying.

Edmund C. Fex: The information we have collected concerning these devices is large in volume and paints far from a clear picture
Pierce N.V. Post: We can't make sense of some of the more dramatic details. Mebbe if ya told us what /you/ know, it'll help us frame the story better.
Edmund C. Fex: we would be happy to discuss the finer details after the factions have introduced themselves

Pierce N.V. Post sits down, wanting a smoke.

Shining One resumes scanning the assembled individuals.

Talon Karrde hmms lightly but doesn't say anything.

Edmund C. Fex: ((aye, blue, green, red, yellow - alphabetical)

Edmund C. Fex stands

Athrawes and crew remain and parade rest, heavily pocketed paramilitary outfits looking rather devoid of equipment.

Edmund C. Fex: I am Edmund C Fex, pilot of the Azure League and freind of the departed Lawrence Islo

Pierce N.V. Post waves. "I'm still Post."

Edmund C. Fex: In the tradition of the League I speak for myself and for those who, in this matter have put their trust in me. But I do not presume to speak for each skyrate

Calvin waits his turn.

Shining One: First among equals.

Shining One appears to smile behind the mask.

The March Hare waits for the green's introductions. He mutters to Keyo "As slow as always."

Edmund C. Fex: The League was born of the union of a Conclave of scientists and knowledge seekers, who fled the constraints placed on them by others and were welcomed by a brave and proud people, the nomads

Pierce N.V. Post ., predictably, looks annoyed by this "first" business.

Edmund C. Fex: In the League there are no equals, nor superiors. Each is accorded respect by his peers when he earns it
Shining One: To abandon ones post in pursuit of an ideal. How interesting.
Edmund C. Fex: Our people eschew titles and rank
Edmund C. Fex: When a great and common purpose is shared, we come together to meet the challenge
Edmund C. Fex: but all do so willingly or not at all
Edmund C. Fex: Some of us are scientists, some artists, some, like myself explore the unknown sky
Edmund C. Fex: We welcome ou to skytopia and look forward to an exhange of knowledge and information. Perhaps our purposes can be united against the discovery and quencing of these platforms
Shining One: You are acknowledged, Edmund C. Fex, comrade of Islo.
Edmund C. Fex: The representatives from The Emrald Republic will now speak

Edmund C. Fex gestures to the green representatives and sits when they stand

Athrawes salutes the Shining One and his entourage, and begins to speak. "I see and hear you, Shining One. I am known as Athrawes, Guardian of Green Faction Commerce."

Calvin Calvin slowly stands and speaks.

Calvin: 58 years ago, my parents christened me Calvin November.
Calvin: My friends have bestowed me with the title Secretary of the Interior of the Emerald Republic. But that is merely a label; not a definition.
Calvin: Our two worlds are not so different. We seek a similar goal: knowledge.
Calvin: On behalf of the Emerald Republic, whom I represent today, welcome to our lands.

Pierce N.V. Post passes the time by subtley glaring at March Hare.

Calvin: We look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial relationship whereby the currency of information can be exchanged and knowledge grow.

Calvin sits again.

Shining One: You are recognized, Athrawes of Green Faction. Calvin November of Emerald Republic.

The March Hare glares back.

Edmund C. Fex stands and gestures to Red

Keyo steps forward and bows his head in greeting.

Edmund C. Fex: Next, the representatives of Red Faction will speak

Edmund C. Fex sits

Keyo: Greetings and welcome to you, members of The Court. I am Keyo, Commodore in the Red Faction. It pleases me to make your acquaintence this day.

Keyo gestures to Hare to make his own introduction.

The March Hare stays siting he introduces himself. A gesture he hopes not unnoticed by everyone else.

The March Hare: I am The March Hare, Repressor of the Yellow Insurrection, Commander General of the Battles for Eltsina, General of the Red Faction, and Senator of the Crimson Empire. Disliked by many, I have helped the Crimson Empire make its dream of peace and harmony, a reality. Many have slandered my name due to these acts yet I still stand firm in my belief that the best Skytopia is one united under a single red flag.

Shining One laughs.

The March Hare nudges Keyo again.

The March Hare: Finished.
Shining One: You are seen Keyo of Red faction, March Hare of the assembled names.
Keyo: As my colleague has said, it has long been a goal of the Faction to unite Skytopia under a single flag. Our goal has always been the protection of those citizens of Skytopia unable to protect themselves against the threats that pilots may encounter in the often-dangerous skies we call home.
Keyo: It seems that you, like many of our most accomplished pilots, share an interest in hunting. It is my sincere hope that by exchanging what knowledge and experience we have, we may work towards the benefit of both our peoples.
Keyo: I have for you a gift, as well.

Talon Karrde subtly hides a smirk.

Keyo reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a small piece of bronze, crafted delicately into the shape of a mango tree.

Keyo: May this meeting bear fruit for us all.

Keyo offers the piece forward before stepping back again.

The March Hare: Nice tree Keyo, did you get one for me as well?

The March Hare 's contempt for the gift is easily seen.

Shining One moves forward and picks it up.

Shining One raises it to his eyes and studies it intently.

Shining One runs a gloved hand over its surface for a few moments.

Keyo calmly ignores Hare's comment.

Shining One hands it to one of her entourage.

Pierce N.V. Post looks over at Flight School's reps.

Pierce N.V. Post: Go for it, fellers.
Shining One: We accept your tribute.

Talon Karrde nudges Kyra.

Kyra stands.

Kyra: Greetings. I am Kyra, head of the Flight School Board of Directors.

Kyra sits

Talon Karrde stands as Kyra sits.

Talon Karrde: My name is Talon Karrde, of Echo Flight School. Kyra and I represent the body that was responsible for the initial training of all the assembled delegates and essentially, is responsible for training the future of Skytopia.
Shining One: We observe you, Kyra and Talon Karrde of Flight School.

Talon Karrde nods and takes his seat.

Shining One: We came to your lands in search of our quarry.
Shining One: Yet I find mineself most pleased here.

Shining One gestures to the great Arcadian tree.

Shining One: We would know what other such things your people possess.
Pierce N.V. Post: Shining One, may I may a suggestion?
Pierce N.V. Post: sake*
Pierce N.V. Post: make*
Shining One: Your kind is free Pierce N.V. Post of the comrades of Islo. Make as you will.

Shining One laughs.

Pierce N.V. Post: We in the Conclave and League know a little bit about how to exchange info efficently and without conflict. I propose that we follow our ancient format.
Pierce N.V. Post: Since you contacted us, you will have 5 minutes to make a presentation of the info you think is important.
Pierce N.V. Post: Then each of us will respond with our own info, follow-up questions, or criticism.

The March Hare gets up and says "Although this has been a wonderful quasi-meeting, Uurwerk desperatly needs me, in case of this happening I have brought along another member of the Crimson Empire, Dorofud, excuse my impertinence but Skytopian peace is more important then this meeting so I must leave."

Pierce N.V. Post: In the same order as we spoke before. then you will have the honor of following up, clarifiying, or not.

Shining One smiles at the March Hare.

Pierce N.V. Post grins, waiting for a response.

Shining One: You intrigue us Many Titled.

Dorofud strolls up as quietly as possible from the general direction of the airfield.

Shining One: Tend to your peace.

Talon Karrde smirks at the Hare, knowing quite possibly what the Hare was referring to.

Shining One turns to Pierce.

Talon Karrde: Skytopian peace can't even let you go for a few seconds, Hare? How important you must be.

Dorofud smiles and nods to the guests before taking a seat.

Shining One: I have made my query, Comrade of Islo.
Shining One: Where may I find such places as this?

PapaFrita raises an eyebrow and shrugs as Hare passes the door

Athrawes grins for a moment at Hare's departure, then returns to his original expression, One of his crew turns slightly to watch him leave.

Pierce N.V. Post: Bub, I guess you're not used to our ways here. But we like to /share/ information when we share information.

Talon Karrde leans forward slightly, curious as to how the other will react.

Pierce N.V. Post glances at his watch. "Three minutes left. For those keeping score at home."

Dorofud checks his tusks for residue before making sure a half-eaten burrito is well-sealed and snug in one of his flight suit pockets.

Pierce N.V. Post waits for a reaction from the Shining One.

Shining One tilts her head.

Shining One: Your ways are strange.
Pierce N.V. Post: Aye. I can imagine they seem so. But there is a method behind the strangeness.
Shining One: You would know of knowledge that is of import.

Pierce N.V. Post To help us understand, and so better explain what we have experienced to you.

Shining One: To be unsure to what we may show your kind.

Talon Karrde glances at Pierce.

Shining One shrugs.

Pierce N.V. Post clears his throat. "I see"

Talon Karrde: Knowledge is a good place to start. Where did you come from? How can one get there? For that...we can give knowledge in return.

Calvin glances at his watch for Ath's turn.

Pierce N.V. Post: Perhaps you wouldn't mind a few.... yeah, questions.

Talon Karrde nods an apology to Pierce for preempting him.

Shining One: The values of your people are unknown to us. We may teach you of excellence and of craft, but we would not wish to overwhelm you.
Talon Karrde: Perhaps you underestimate what we can handle.

Shining One shrugs.

Pierce N.V. Post waves it off. "Or you could decide to trust those from whom you seek answers."

Shining One: I have seen your care for names, for commerce, and for peace.
Pierce N.V. Post: And knowledge.
Shining One: What would you take of us, comrade of Islo?
Shining One: We have told you what we care of.

Pierce N.V. Post looks at his watch. "OK. The Court's time's up. Thank you, Shining One for your honest attempt at follwoing our format."

Shining One: It is clear you thirst.

Pierce N.V. Post stands. "I'll start the Blue's three minutes."

Talon Karrde frowns at Pierce's overridding following of the rules.

Pierce N.V. Post: First, we'd like to know how your people surivived the Great Upheaval.
Pierce N.V. Post: And how you fight the platforms.
Pierce N.V. Post: You see, we posses technology that cleared our airspace of the platforms.
Pierce N.V. Post: And we need to know if you have used similar techniques.

Dorofud squints at Post nearly imperceptibly.

Pierce N.V. Post sits. "I'll give up the rest of our time to the other factions."

Shining One smiles.

Shining One: Is it the will of your order that I am bidden to speak now?
Pierce N.V. Post: Green's turn, actually.

Pierce N.V. Post looks at the moneybags crowd and smiles.

Shining One: Ah then I shall compose a list in my memory and guard it warmly.

Athrawes signals to one of his escort and signals, saluting.

Pierce N.V. Post: Then Red, then Yellow, then you can respond.
Athrawes: Shining One, it is but one of our odd customs that we advance items to one another at occasions such as this.
Athrawes: As such, the Green Faction has prepared a work of art to give to you, something which we believe to be quite appropriate for this meeting.

Athrawes turns towards his crewmate, who is returning with a statue, perhaps a square foot in size, of a large hand. At first, as the escort approaches from the side, the sculpture, which appears to be made of bronze, is holding its palm open.

Pierce N.V. Post looks frustrated and reaches for his cigars, but draws his paw back.

Shining One: To sculpture your people seem most devoted.

Pierce N.V. Post suppresses a smile.

Athrawes grins as the crewmate moves closer, and as the diplomats look at it head on, the hand appears to close.

Shining One: Ah, a single added layer of complexity.
Athrawes: May you gather all the fruits this meeting may bear.

Shining One moves forward and takes it.

Calvin stands to clarify.

Shining One: Your tribute is accepted.

Athrawes salutes and moves back.

Calvin: Foreign guests, I again bid you welcome. As you are obviously unfamiliar with this custom, perhaps I should clarify. This should be considered as no tribute or as an indication of subjugation, but a kind of advance on the future exchange of information; a good will gift given with similar returns expected.

Keyo looks somewhat put out at the echo of his earlier line.

Calvin: We have many, many questions. In light of the agreed upon format, I shall present them all and hope you can respond to each in turn.

Shining One tilts his head.

Shining One: If that is such.
Shining One: Then the Court shall not receive such an item.
Shining One: We shall be beholden to none.

Talon Karrde nods, his suspicions confirmed.

Calvin: Fair enough. And wisely spoken.
Calvin: Nor we.

Shining One places the sculpture back on the table, and steps back.

Calvin: Judging from the designs of your craft, we share a common inspiration. What is the primary mode of transportation in the Court? What can you briefly share of the history of your lands? How was unity of purpose achieved in the Court?

Calvin reading from his list, continues.

Calvin: You spoke of following certain craft toward our lands. It must have been challenging to follow such elusive craft. How were you able to track those that, as you say, move into cloud and emerge not again?
Calvin: You are not the first alien visitors to our lands. What know you of other civilizations? Do you know of the Earthen Order? Your opinion of them?
Calvin: And finally...
Calvin: You arrive under the guise of seeking information. Many of those gathered here suspect more sinister intentions. What assurances can you provide that you can be believed& or, with all due respect, trusted?

Calvin respectfully sits awaiting the responses.

Pierce N.V. Post: OK. Now we're getting somewhere

Talon Karrde winces as Calvin mentions the Earthern Order, and frowns.

Pierce N.V. Post: Red? Got a list? 'Nother sculpture?

Athrawes salutes and begins his own questions. "Shining One, I wish to know of the state within which your Court resides. In the Emerald Republic we are a democracy, leaders are elected by citizens of the Republic. What are the dreams of your people, and how do they mesh together?
Athrawes salutes and ends.

Keyo begins to step forward at Pierce's prompt, but stops abruptly at Athrawes' interruption, glaring back briefly.

Athrawes grins at Keyo, eyes glinting.

Pierce N.V. Post nods at Keyo. "Your turn, Bub."

Pierce N.V. Post looks at his watch, marking the start of 3 minutes.

Keyo: I should also like to clarify that the gift I presented was not a tribute, but merely a gesture of good faith, to show our peaceful intentions and willingness to compromise.

Shining One seems to smile again as she nods.

Keyo: As I said earlier, it seems to me that this exchange of minds can be mutually beneficial, especially given your aforementioned propensity for hunting. We would like to know more of your culture.
Shining One: So observed.
Keyo: Is this "hunt" of yours a long-standing tradition, honored pastime, or merely casual sport? Do you do so seeking any rewards or spoils, or do you do so for other, more spiritual reasons?
Keyo: We are, as hunters and protectors ourselves, no stranger to military and combat tactics, and we feel that you may have knowledge that may help us in our duties to protect Skytopia, and that we, likewise, have knowledge that may benefit you. We seek to find out in what ways you can serve us, and in what ways we can serve you, to the benefit of both our peoples. What is it you seek and what is it you want on your venture into our lands, and is there any result you would wish to avoid, if at all possible?
Keyo: Any answers you can provide to our queries would be most appreciated.

Keyo steps back, bowing his head to signify the end of his speech.

Pierce N.V. Post nods with approval at Keyo's words. "Well said, Bub. Well said."

Pierce N.V. Post: Wish I could put things so well.
Pierce N.V. Post: Red, you have one minute remaining.

Pierce N.V. Post looks at Dorofud.

Keyo glances at Dorofud curiously.

Dorofud: Me? I got nothin'. I was in the middle of dinner when Hare radioed me and asked me to take his plce here.

Dorofud taps his pocket.

Pierce N.V. Post: OK, then. Thanks for that.
Keyo: Then I believe that is all we have to ask you, honored guest.
Shining One: By my note, that is 10 questions. And from these, the Court now begins to understand what your people consider of import.

Pierce N.V. Post looks at the flight Schoolers. "I think there will be a couple more, if you can bear with us a bit more."

Shining One laughs.

Pierce N.V. Post: Our factions compete, but often complement each other, you'll find.
Shining One: Of course, of course, continue to teach us little Skytopians.

Talon Karrde raises an eyebrow at the phrasing.

Pierce N.V. Post: As, like ya said, a question is often a container for an answer. And answers embiggen the littlest fur.

Prince Harris nods to the waitstaff who bristled at the remark. They settle back down and wait patiently for any drink orders

Pierce N.V. Post getures to Talon. "Friend, say your peace."

Dorofud: Beer here! Ummmm...please?

Kyra stands.

Dorofud smiles sweetly

Talon Karrde nods at Kyra.

Kyra: All the other factions have been seeking answers. We will provide some, in our tradition as a university. This is not because we have no questions to ask, but rather because we believe that you can learn even as you are teaching, and sometimes, you must give information first to gain some.

Prince Harris gestures, the waitstaff rushes over with a glass of light and of dark.

Pierce N.V. Post frowns, as he gave more info than anyone, so far.

Calvin whispers to a nearby waiter. "Totally fogot. Black tea. 2 lumps, please."

Calvin and to Athrawes: "that one's wiser beyond her years."
Kyra: You said that you appreciated the Great Tree of Arcadia - among the other skylands of Skytopia, there are equal wonders - the Tower of Lhasa, the entire skyland of Uurwerk - and others, many others.

Pierce N.V. Post checks his watch, marking the three minutes.

Talon Karrde shoots Pierce a look and stands.

Talon Karrde: Blue asked about the upheaval and fighting the platforms, Green asked about travel, history, and politics, and red inquired as to your intentions and what you wished to avoid. We are interested in all of those answers...but what I would like to know is what knowledge that your youngsters must know, what they are taught when they are young. I believe that will tell us the most about you.

Kyra nods to Talon, letting him take over

Dorofud sips his beverage before taking a generous gulp of it and nodding approval to the waitstaff.

Pierce N.V. Post nods, indicating 30 seconds left.

Talon Karrde pauses, nods, and sits down.

Pierce N.V. Post stands. "Shining one. You do us honor by listening to our questions."

Athrawes whispers back. "Both are quite impressive."

Pierce N.V. Post: You would do us more by answering those that you feel you can.
Pierce N.V. Post: You will find that Skytopians pay their debts in kind.
Shining One: The Court has taken hospitality.
Shining One: It shall respond in kind.
Shining One: We have discovered to that which you give import.
Shining One: Your questions.
Shining One: Your words.
Shining One: Your actions.
Shining One: These have revealed them to us.

Pierce N.V. Post smiles to himself.

Shining One: You have asked us of our culture and our teachings.
Shining One: The Court shall provide a glimpse, a sliver of insight.

Pierce N.V. Post pulls a silven pen an a scrap of blueprint from his dress coat. He jots down a note and folds the paper.

Shining One: You have asked us to what we teach our children.
Shining One: A simple matter.
Shining One: For that same lesson is taught day by day.

Talon Karrde leans forward, curious.

Shining One: The pursuit of art is paramount to the betterment of one's self. Perfection is more than just an ideal, it is a goal to forever strive for. The touch of brush against canvas, the addition of phrase to discussion, the application of bullets into the hull of your enemy. Each of these must be performed with utmost care for the final result. Through this, we may create wondrous works and continue on our path to most supreme Excellence.
Shining One: Form must be followed by function. Ideal to application. From these, we return to form and ideal once more

Dorofud taps his pocket again and smiles.

Shining One: Circling, weaving back unto ourselves.
Shining One: Perfecting.
Shining One: It the will of the Court that your people may know some portion of our Excellence.
Shining One: It is to that purpose that I am here.
Shining One: The flickers in our skies we eradicated with most delighting and decadent carnage.
Shining One: And it is only right to follow such blights of the sky to their most ultimate source, to quell and silence the din in most glorious execution.
Shining One: Our people were forged from base undirected light and earth.
Shining One: As your kind squalls, so to were we, eventually rising above commonality to approach our unity.

Pierce N.V. Post furrows his brow and wonders if he should have said "Fuseli" instead of "northwest" as the source of the platforms.

Shining One: We found them, we followed them, because that was what should be done.
Shining One: We successfully tracked them because that is what we do.
Shining One: We knew not of your lands, as we knew not of such an 'Earthen Order'
Shining One: We come to you as courtesy, and will continue our path regardless.
Shining One: You ask how our people's ideals mesh.
Shining One: I ask how yours do not?
Shining One: We do not serve.
Shining One: We only follow our own purpose.
Shining One: The will of the Court is to further refine our selves via purging the blight.

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Pierce N.V. Post smiles at idea of not serving and following their own will.

Shining One: Here, we have discovered great wonder on this land.
Shining One: And we would know more of it.

Athrawes twitches, refraining from comment.

Shining One smiles.

Talon Karrde nods slowly, keeping his face completely impassive, but starting to connect dots.

Shining One: I believe we have touched upon all we care to.

Keyo nods as he listens, clearly considering all of this information carefully.

Pierce N.V. Post scratches his head. "Well. I think that, after a fashion, you have answered all our questions."

Shining One inclines her head.

Calvin reviews his list and sees several tick-marks missing from his list.

Shining One: Such is our way.

Athrawes salutes. "Shining One, if it so pleases you?"

Pierce N.V. Post frowns.

Pierce N.V. Post: Point of parlimentary procedure, folks. I think they are done.
Pierce N.V. Post: Shining One, may we follow up with written communications?
Shining One: You may do as you wish.
Pierce N.V. Post: As you wish to learn more, and our Green comrades, as do we all, have more to learn.

Pierce N.V. Post looks at the Greens. "Oh, go ahead. Can't hurt to try."

Calvin nods to Athrawes. "You first, my friend."

Pierce N.V. Post: And after, they ask their question, I would know what your next plans are and how we might ensure than no misunderstandings take place.
Athrawes: Shining One, I believe my words may have been misunderstood. I believe myself to have some limited understanding of the will of the Court, but not of the individuals in it.
Athrawes: You are a people of power and knowledge, but is among individuals, do the dreams of all mesh perfectly?
Shining One: The will of the Court is the will of all. The will of all is the will of the Court.

Pierce N.V. Post mutters, "Like they said before."

Athrawes: How is the will of the Court made known?

Shining One tilts his head.

PapaFrita mutters "Weird" outside.

Pierce N.V. Post quietly buzzes in order to get Karde's attention.

Talon Karrde turns his head and looks at Pierce.

Shining One: It is known by being known.
Athrawes: I offer apologies if I am not understood. Does one individual speak the will of the Court, or do all speak as one?

Shining One smiles.

Dorofud rolls his eyes.

Shining One: Do not apologize, your people are still rising.
Pierce N.V. Post: Shiny, let me be direct. Are you as we are? Lonely and seperate minds?

Shining One laughs.

Shining One: Our minds are our own. Our purpose is singular.
Pierce N.V. Post: Gotcha. Sounds hard to maintain.
Athrawes: By what method do many become one?

Pierce N.V. Post looks at Athrawes, annoyed.

Shining One: The will of the Court is known through its Grand Artist. that which is most close to Perfection.

Dorofud mumbles "Interesting."

Athrawes salutes. "I offer my thanks Shining One."

Calvin stands again.

Calvin: For how long you intend to remain in our lands? Will you be inviting others, of our people, to join you in your pursuit of Excellence? Do you propose to compete for the hearts and minds of the Skytopian people? To win them, and the Skylands they represent, to your cause?

Kyra whispers with Talon, the two seeming to minorly disagree over... something

Shining One: We shall remain for however long as is correct.

Pierce N.V. Post mutters, "Real subtle, Cal."

Calvin: Very well.
Calvin: That is I suspected.
Calvin: You speak of the desire to know more of our lands. Simply put, what would you like to know? What questions of our lands do you have for my fellow representatives and I?
Shining One: That which was already answered in part.

Shining One suddenly moves to where Kyra is.

Pierce N.V. Post looks at Prince Harris.

Shining One: You have pleased us by answering.
Shining One: We request that you give us the locations of such things.

Talon Karrde shoots Pierce a very obvious look.

Pierce N.V. Post keeps a close eye on Kyra, as she is his best customer.

Shining One: If you do not, then we shall continue our own path.

Kyra looks at Talon; she's somewhat alarmed at being put on the spot

Calvin: Your answers are cryptic at best and elusive at worst, but I thank you for the pains you take to speak with us.

Talon Karrde rises to his feet slowly, choosing his words very carefully.

Calvin sits, a little frustrated.

Pierce N.V. Post figurately steps in. " I can help, I think."

Shining One smiles.

Shining One: I find your questions most similar, Calvin November.

Talon Karrde pauses, looking at Pierce.

Dorofud: Post, may I be permitted to translate for our denser Skytopian friends? In the interest of time and my half-empty belly?

Calvin smiles glad that he communicated successfully.

Pierce N.V. Post: I am prepared to give you the coordinates from which the only craft of our manufacture came. We believe that to be the direction of the source of the platforms.
Pierce N.V. Post: That didn't come out quite right.
Shining One: Cryptic...cryptic.
Pierce N.V. Post: I mean the only Skytopian craft to explore the far Northwest.
Pierce N.V. Post: it came back unoccupied. I can supply you with the flightpath.
Pierce N.V. Post: If you would like it, that is.
Shining One: Very well, such is welcome, but not what we seek now.

Pierce N.V. Post waits for a response.

Pierce N.V. Post: Can you be more plain about what you seek, then?
Shining One: Your kind spoke of a Lhasa and Uurwerk.
Shining One: Wondrous sights to observe.

Talon Karrde nods, and puts a hand up, indicating he will take over.

Shining One: We would know of these.

Dorofud rolls his eyes again.

Pierce N.V. Post: I see. I speak of the airspace beyond Uurwerk.
Pierce N.V. Post: That, we think, is where the platforms originate.

Talon Karrde pauses, again, as Pierce continues.

Pierce N.V. Post looks to Karrde.

Pierce N.V. Post: Go for it.

Pierce N.V. Post passes his note to Prince Harris.

Prince Harris picks up the note and reads it

Talon Karrde: Like I previously mentioned. we of the Flight School are interested in the free flow of information - in both directions. We extended the knowledge of the other skylands because you indicated, through your words, what you considered of import. However...

Prince Harris nods to pierce in acknowledgement and takes a seat in the blue section of the table

Talon Karrde: We also must consider the...more...immediate concerns of our citizens. Those of Lhasa or Uurwerk would indubitably be much alarmed if a fleet of ships that they had not previously seen suddenly appeared over their skyland, and there perhaps would be panic and loss of life, which we do not desire. Perhaps we could, together, fashion a timetable as to your visit, and have the Blue governor or government conduct a personal tour?

Shining One sighs.

Shining One: Such restriction clouds our path.

Shining One pauses a moment.

Talon Karrde: But surely you understand the necessity of moving with harmony instead of haste?
Shining One: We move neither with harmony nor haste, but by our own will.
Shining One: We shall travel to such places, and we shall inform you of when we arrive.
Shining One: We shall accept your guidance upon arrival.

Shining One looks to Talon.

Pierce N.V. Post lifts an eyebrow. "We shall extend hospitality to you, as to all peaceful guests."

Calvin sighs as well.

Pierce N.V. Post: But there are certain formalities that we require of all who travel in our lands.
Pierce N.V. Post: Our skies, as well.

Talon Karrde nods, satisfied that the Blue leadership seemed to agree with it.

Prince Harris: excuse me Shining One, but may I interject with a question? If nothing else but the need to coordinate flight traffic, it would help us on those skylands to have some knowledge of your travel plans. In what numbers do you seek to tour these locations? Would you include more planes than currently complete your escort?
Pierce N.V. Post: We respect liberty, and do not wish to contrain you overmuch. Prince, can you explain flight licenses?
Prince Harris: of course

Talon Karrde raises an incredulous eyebrow, but steps back and does not comment on the proceedings.

Prince Harris: To make sure the skies are safe for all, both those flying to a destination and to those from the destination, we have formatted a system of flight licenses.

AnIdleCoconut enters from the back

Prince Harris: As a pilot proves themselves more capable, they gain the ability to land on furthur skylands from the core.

Dorofud sighs and pulls the half-eaten burrito from his pocket and begins to unwrap it.

Prince Harris: Which is represented by the granting of a flight license
Shining One: Very well. In the interest of satisfying your need, how may we aquire such?
Prince Harris: We're obviously prepared to grant them, your pilots and planes are clearly exceptions to our training system of skytopia's own pilots.
Prince Harris: But we are still curious as to the size of your delegation as you travel our skies
Shining One: My people number 33.
Shining One: Borne on 13 crafts.
Shining One: What more do you need?
Prince Harris: I thank you for your straightforwardness. I will bring the issue to The Azure League at the conclusion of this meeting. I see no obstacle to your free travel through these skies though.

Prince Harris nods to the other delegates to gauge opinions

Dorofud rips a bit of foil from the burrito-wrapping, scratches a large "5" on it, and slaps it on the table.

Dorofud: There's your flight license, Shining One.

Calvin motions his assent.

Shining One tilts her head.

Calvin What choice have we?

Shining One: Your is the strangest and most curious of groups, unnamed, unnoticed one.
Talon Karrde: Prince Harris - given the unique nature of their planes, as long as they stay in one group, there should be no need to issue them specific flight licenses. Their unique radar signatures...
Dorofud: They came from somewhere we can't even reach. I think they're a bit beyond flight licences.

PapaFrita mutters, "Why not make them earn that 5?"

Shining One: We grow weary of such delegations.

Keyo speaks up at this point.

Keyo: You spoke of the necessity of following your purpose.
Pierce N.V. Post: ((we made the Order get a flight license, too))\
Keyo: So too is it necessary for us to follow our purpose, and protect the citiznes of Skytopia, from themselves as much as from any outside threat.
Keyo: If unnamed craft were to enter into Skytopian airspace unannounced, it would cause quite a stir.
Shining One: Such a feeling has merit.
Keyo: While we do not wish to impose on you and your plans, we wish to prevent any unnecessary chaos.
Shining One: The Court shall not deny you your chance at unity.
Shining One: But for now...
Shining One: be there more?

Pierce N.V. Post checks his watch and hopes not.

Prince Harris: We do not wish to detain you here against your will. I think *glancing to other delegates* that we can end this formal meeting.
Prince Harris: Would you be open to written communication as you travel our skies?
Shining One: As such, I would extend a...token to your kind.
Shining One: You are free to do as you will.

PapaFrita moves away from the door

Shining One moves again to Kyra.

Shining One: Skytopian.

Kyra stands, somewhat nervously.

Pierce N.V. Post pops a cigarillo into his mouth, and watches Shiny carefully.

Kyra: Yes?
Shining One: For providing answers to our question.

Kyra nods

Shining One produces a small box from his pocket.

Shining One opens it, and turns it so it faces Kyra.

Kyra , puzzled, looks to see what it is

Talon Karrde remains seated, though he watches the proceedings carefully.

Pierce N.V. Post , still eyeing the two, listens intently.

Shining One -the box itself is of a smooth inky black metal, the inside a smoky pink crystal-

Shining One touches one of the crystals with his finger, causing the sound of a bell to ring.

Kyra hesitantly reaches a hand out to take it. At the sound, though, she takes a sharp breath.

Kyra: That's... beautiful

Shining One moves his finger to another, creating another peal of music.

Shining One touches one place, then another, creating a strange haunting melody.

Calvin is quite impressed with the "tribute".

Pierce N.V. Post almost drops his cigar from his mouth as his eyes bug out. "Yiff, that reminds me of..."

Shining One brushes his hand against the grey stone of the box, and suddenly the sound of bells is replaced with a shriek coming from the box.

Shining One moves her hand again, and the box resumes the sound of bells.

Talon Karrde winces at the shriek, and then recovers.

Prince Harris nods at pierce's reaction, agreeing with his assesment

Kyra whistles softly... until the shriek, at which she winces.

Pierce N.V. Post gets ahold of himself. "... um, and old song."

Shining One: From this, perhaps you may know us better.
Shining One: Take it with the blessing of the Court.
Shining One: And with that, I shall leave you.
Dorofud: Great! Oh, and Shining One? You spoke of perfection in everything, right? Try a burrito. Skytopia's most perfect food. They're available at all Red skylands. Just tell them to put it on my tab.

Talon Karrde stands, then, and bows low to Shining One.

Shining One: Such a meeting has been of great interest to us.

Calvin stands again.

Kyra reaches to take the box

Calvin: Shining One, Treader of Air, Great Reflection it has been& interesting to meet you all. I still hold to the hope that we will find a means of working together soon.
Shining One: We shall try such unnamed, unnoticed one.
Kyra: ...Thank you.

Shining One smiles.

Shining One: I am sure you do.

Pierce N.V. Post stands. "Yeah. Don't be strangers, Shiny. We have more information to share, if you do."

Calvin: It is our nature.

Kyra takes the box and examines it briefly before closing it and placing it in a pocket of her jacket, to look at more thoroughly later

Shining One: The Court bids you good-bye.

Calvin sits.

Prince Harris: I would like to echo the sentiments made during our greeting tonight. I hope that our future contact proves cooperative. I thank all the delegates for attending tonight and keeping themselves under control. I also give a special thank you to our guests of the court. Your presense in skytopia is unexpected, but welcomed.
Kyra: It has been a pleasure meeting you

Keyo bows his head to Shining One. "We thank you for all you have chosen to share with us."

Pierce N.V. Post lights his cigar and mutters to himself.

Dorofud stands and nods to Shining One. "The name's Dorofud. Happy hunting."

Calvin stands again.

Calvin feeling foolsish.

Pierce N.V. Post: (Mutters) Well, that sucked. Last time I try to lead a meeting of non-engineers.
Talon Karrde: Flight School will be in contact with the Court, I am sure.
Keyo: There is more we may share with you in the future; I must consult with my colleagues to avoid any... misunderstandings that may otherwise result. Your visit has been very enlightening.

Dorofud hurries off to his plane, eagerly munching on the burrito.

Shining One nods, and strides from the meeting place, his two companions following close behind her.

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Talon Karrde wrote:
Pierce N.V. Post: (Mutters) Well, that sucked. Last time I try to lead a meeting of non-engineers.

Looked about the same as a meeting of engineers to me. ;)


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