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 Post subject: Meeting between Flight School and Earthen Order (June 4)
PostPosted: Wed Jun 04, 2008 5:30 pm 
Pirate Hat

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Faction: Earthen Order

This is a log of the meeting between Matriarch Clara of the Earthen Order, and Flight School. Huzzah to Kyra for staying up late to participate in the discussions!

Matriarch Clara: Magnus' blessing, Flightschoolers.
Sildar: Good evening, Matriarch.
Lynx Adorienne: Good evening, Matriarch Clara.
Matriarch Clara: I understand we were to meet and discuss.
Suino Rosso nods
Matriarch Clara: It gladdens me to see the hospitality of Skytopia.
Lynx Adorienne: Quite. I'll ask those interested to introduce themselves. I'm Prof. Lynx Adorienne of the School of Trade, also current Governor of Grottopolis, subject to change without notice.
Sildar: I am Prof. Sildar Emvris of the School of Politics.
Kyra: Greetings, Matriarch
Ilya Kabalevski: Good evening, Clara.
Suino Rosso: I, I guess I'm subbing in the Aerial Economics class for a lazy bum.
Kyra: I'm Prof. Kyra, also of the School of Trade
Lynx Adorienne: ((We can handwave introductions for 'other people' in case say, Talon or Xenos or Draco show up and want to chime in. :)))
Matriarch Clara: Greetings Kyra. For matters of formality, I shall reintroduce myself. I am Matriarch Clara, Guide of the Earthen Order.
Matriarch Clara: And once more, I thank you for speaking with me.
Sildar: Very pleased to make your accquaintance.
Matriarch Clara: In my brief time here, I have found the Flight School Faculty to be a most fascinating group.
Bascule lurks quietly in the presence of so many dignataries
Lynx Adorienne: We're always eager to learn new things and in turn, teach what we can. Your inquiry intrigued me, coming as it does from the Barrens, far out of the normal trade routes.
Lynx Adorienne: Or us, I should say.
Matriarch Clara: Ah yes, the Barrens is quite a bit off the beaten path.
Matriarch Clara: Before I speak more, is there anything in particular you would wish to ask me?
Suino Rosso: ((what is the setting here? radio or a location?))
Sildar: ((I'd assumed a conference hall on Echo.))
Matriarch Clara: (let's say a conference hall)
Lynx Adorienne: ((I'd assumed the same, I'd have been happy to handle the ferrying duties assuming a small delegation, if the Earthen Order doesn't have small and fast planes))
Matriarch Clara: (the matriarch arrived in a junker along with some acolytes)
Sildar: I would personally like to know a bit more about the Barrens, Matriarch. How distant your realm is, and if it would be possible to travel there one day.
Talon Karrde coughs very quietly as he slides into the room, nodding at the Matriarch and brushing himself off.
Lynx Adorienne: ((Haven't missed much, Talon, if you want to introduce yourself, now's a good time. :)))
Talon Karrde: Evening, Matriarch Clara. I believe we have already met.
Matriarch Clara: The Barrens is quite distant. About a month's travel for a relatively quick plane. As the Skytopians have been so kind as to open their borders, I am sure a similar arrangement could occur.
Matriarch Clara: Talon, a pleasure.
Sildar: That is good news to me; your culture and society fascinate me. I would relish the opportunity to learn more about you and your people firsthand.
Matriarch Clara: Ha! Well my people are happy to teach.
Kyra smiles. "That's wonderful, because as a school we aim to learn and then share that which we learn."
Matriarch Clara: In truth, I find much common ground between our people. A desire to teach, a zest for life, and a focus and love of the commoner.
Sildar: Those who find themselves strong and fortunate have a responsibility to help those beneath them.
Matriarch Clara: And those who remember their times of weakness should help those in that same place.
Sildar: The faculty of our school is comprised of individuals who believe that their duty to Skytopia is to serve its students.
Matriarch Clara: A life of service is one that I respect most highly.
Matriarch Clara: Tell me though, I am curious about the politics of this realm. I see many groups raising their flags ever higher into the sky. So high, I could imagine them trying to block the very sun.
Matriarch Clara: How does such an institution as yourself exist?
Sildar: Precariously.
Talon Karrde chuckles lightly.
Suino Rosso nods silently.
Matriarch Clara: That sounds most unfortunate.
Sildar: It is a daily challenge to balance our pride against our duty. In our competition for the favor of Skytopia's citizens, we must remember that glory is not our chief aim.
Matriarch Clara: How most noble.
Sildar: Our foremost goal in influencing the opinion of Skytopia is to provide an unbiased foundation upon which our students may build their own beliefs.
Sildar: To this end we endeavour to keep our golden flag flying over a handful of skylands, much to the dismay of our fellow factions.
Lynx Adorienne: Now now, Sildar. I think at least some of them understand the need for a buffer zone, both in space and in the minds of our students new to the skies.
Matriarch Clara: A strange dilemma. Promoting yourselves forward, such that the students must be unbiased.
Suino Rosso: There seems to be tough keeping our students focused and have them finish their studies before being approarched by temptations of glory and riches.
Sildar shrugs. "Too true. I get overzealous in my old age. It is good I have my colleagues to rein me in."
Suino Rosso: ((*it* phail! XD))
Lynx Adorienne: It's the teacher's duty, Matriarch Clara. There is a fine line between giving someone the tools to think, and telling them what to think.
Kyra: Agreed
Sildar: Too true. I made the mistake of crossing that line once, and I flew under a Red flag.
Lynx Adorienne: Not that I'm accusing anyone of wanting to do so, but it's a constant trap to avoid for everyone - of being too dogmatic, too inflexible to accept that there may be different and better approaches to life.
Matriarch Clara: My kind has certainly been accused of such before. Most don't realize how much importance the Order places on finding one's own path.
Sildar: Independence is a precious ideal, and one in short supply here.
Talon Karrde: Where do you find your path leading you, Clara?
Matriarch Clara: Ultimately, the freedom of my people to find their own path to Magnus. I truly feel that with enough efforts, all will find a way to build a new kingdom.
Matriarch Clara: Now, I know some look upon my Order and see it as pure madness.
Matriarch Clara: Certainly when we speak of the visions of Alcuin, many turn their faces away. Yet I feel that even if one has difficulty believing in such matters, they can still work towards making this world the best that it can possibly be.
Matriarch Clara: Ignorance and war dominated the Barrens for so long.
Matriarch Clara: And only of recent have we emerged into light.
Lynx Adorienne listens curiously.
Sildar nods.
Matriarch Clara: My path shows me a world where all such beings see that light. Some may see it and call it Magnus. Some may call it charity, good will, or some golden rule.
Sildar: Please, tell us more of Alcuin, whom I have heard called 'The Wise'.
Matriarch Clara: Names are only names though. What matters is the people.
Matriarch Clara: Ah certainly.
Matriarch Clara: Alcuin was a simple farmer, eking out a meager existence in the Barrens.
Matriarch Clara: He saw the pain of his family as war ravaged the land, and thought that there must be a better way. Traveling out into the quiet sands, he meditated.
Matriarch Clara: While resting one night in the untamed forest, his campfire suddenly went out sending plumes of smoke into the air. In the moonlight, the cloudy smoke formed together and a giant figure made itself seen.
Matriarch Clara: Permit me to quote from our holy texts.
Matriarch Clara: 1. And The King Magnus did appear before me, his mighty visage wreathed in smoke and moonlight.
Matriarch Clara: 2. The King spoke aloud in a voice like thunder to me, and he did say:
Matriarch Clara: From that day, Alcuin walked through the lands, teaching the people on the good of citizenship and of community. Of life and learning.
Lynx Adorienne listens thoughtfully. "If I might ask, is Alcuin still alive, or is he more in line of a founder to your Order?"
Matriarch Clara: Alcuin still lives.
Matriarch Clara: Although he no longer speaks, he remains in our world meditating on the will of Magnus.
Lynx Adorienne: He chooses to remain silent?
Matriarch Clara: His mind focuses on things beyond our world.
Sildar: Do you know anything of the first kingdom of Magnus, Matriarch?
Suino Rosso whispers to Talon, "So who runs things then?"
Talon Karrde whispers back to Suino, "The high priest, presumably."
Matriarch Clara: Our libraries are our greatest joy. We have done much in attempting to recover artifacts and texts from that era.
Sildar brightens. "Indeed?"
Matriarch Clara: Alcuin taught us techniques and learning from the days of the first kingdom.
Lynx Adorienne: Oh dear, I think I just heard half of our professors forming a line to apply for permits to review your libraries, Matriarch Clara.
Suino Rosso gives a "definitely" nod.
Matriarch Clara: *laughs* I must warn you that our libraries are somewhat protective of their texts. You must recall that these artifacts have tremendous value to us.
Lynx Adorienne tilts a long tufted ear thoughtfully. "My mistake. A third forming a line, a fifth arguing that they should get to go first because of this reason or that."
Matriarch Clara: To read them is to feel the presence of Magnus.
Lynx Adorienne: ((I don't really have any pressing questions, and I'm curious what the Matriarch has to say, anyone else have questions?))
Suino Rosso raises an eyebrow, "So, how familiar are the general public with these sacred texts?"
Suino Rosso: Because in Flight School, we prefer to expose as much knowledge to our students as possible.
Matriarch Clara: It depends really. There are many, and the texts range from having become common, to those still being deciphered and understood.
Sildar: That's wonderful.
Matriarch Clara: There we may differ slightly. We greatly prize sharing information, but we do realize that too much can burn the mind.
Matriarch Clara: Like a book held near the light too long, occasionally pages singe.
Matriarch Clara: *smiles* But when the mind has taken its reasoned path, such vistas can open to you.
Suino Rosso: We also understand that not everything can be taken in at once. *nods*
Lynx Adorienne: Like the line between undergraduate and graduate students eh? It is not simply seniority, but understanding of the subject that qualifies one for more advanced classes.
Matriarch Clara: Indeed, Lynx.
Matriarch Clara: Perhaps now I should address why I hoped to meet with you.
Sildar: By all means.
Suino Rosso leans forward with ears perked...
Matriarch Clara: Of all the factions my people have encountered here, yours has been the one that has most fascinated us.
MacHelm: Oh we got visitor?
Talon Karrde leans back, stroking his chin thoughtfully.
Matriarch Clara: I feel there is much we two can learn from each other, and as I said, our philosophies are not so dissimilar.
Suino Rosso: ((Mac, RP session in play))
Matriarch Clara: However, my people are in a position of weakness at this time.
Sildar nods at MacHelm and gestures for him to take a seat.
Matriarch Clara: We are gazed at with some amount of scorn, many asking us why we dare appear and try to raise our heads high.
MacHelm sits down quietly, curious at what's going on.
Matriarch Clara: This is a feeling, that I imagine, you are familiar with.
Talon Karrde: You ally.
Sildar: Quite.
Matriarch Clara: I came to speak with you all to see just what you are made of, and I feel I have learned that.
Lynx Adorienne whispers to MacHelm, "Matriarch Clara, of the Earthen Order, has asked to meet with Flight School. She's given us a little briefing on her people, who are seeking to create an enlightened new Kingdom of Magnus, and she believes we have much common ground, as we are both enamored of teaching and raising up the common person."
Matriarch Clara: I understand there are those who would question whether your group should even be allowed to raise your flag above a skyland.
Lynx Adorienne: ((Magnus = legendary departed King before the Great Upheaval that created Skytopia, revered in somewhat the way one might admire King Arthur))
Ilya Kabalevski nods at this.
Ilya Kabalevski: An alliance would likely be beneficial to both of us.
Matriarch Clara: As my people seek to explore this new world, I imagine we would be looked at the same.
Talon Karrde raises an eyebrow, putting two and two together, and getting something he's not quite sure he likes.
Matriarch Clara: Mine is a common people. Made up of workers and farmers. We teach them of how to live life and make the best of their world.
Matriarch Clara: You promote choice, and learning, and betterment of the self. I greatly respect that.
Matriarch Clara: I wish to offer an invitation to start a new school of learning.
MacHelm thanks Lynx for the much appreciated brief.
Suino Rosso: Well, I for one respect those able to bring themselves up from harsh environs.
Lynx Adorienne listens thoughtfully. "There is something of a distinction between spiritual and academic education, I should note."
Matriarch Clara: Of course Lynx.
Lynx Adorienne: Not that they are dissimiliar, but it's difficult to grade spiritual learning.
Matriarch Clara: I find spirituality has one of the hardest tests, and there's only one.
Lynx Adorienne: Life itself.
Matriarch Clara: But spirituality is but one aspect of education. There is academia, and beyond spirituality, ethics itself.
Matriarch Clara: I am not so naive to think that spirituality and ethics always must walk hand in hand.
Lynx Adorienne: Forgive my interruption, Matriarch Clara, you were saying about a new school of learning?
Matriarch Clara: Indeed.
Matriarch Clara: Alone, we are both looked at with derision. Together, I believe we can do great things for the people.
Lynx Adorienne: ((Just trying to avoid getting bogged down in semantics. :)))
Suino Rosso elbows Talon and whispers, "So, whadaya think?"
Talon Karrde: You are proposing...that the Order and Flight School unite banner?
MacHelm: Spirituality is a person's connection with the cosmo; ethics is that which connects people and communities. That's how I define the two.
Matriarch Clara: To some degree. I imagine Lord Gilbert's Flight School would still exist to help a young one first find their wings.
Matriarch Clara: I propose that together we offer education on the rest of one's life.
Sildar raises an eyebrow. "A school of philosophy?"
Matriarch Clara: I do not expect an answer immediately.
Matriarch Clara: And I do know this is much to imagine.
Matriarch Clara: *smiles* I do hope I have not singed your pages.
Talon Karrde has his suspicions confirmed and frowns slightly.
Matriarch Clara: But I see it as a way our two groups may survive and better this world.
Talon Karrde: We will...take this offer into the greatest consideration, Matriarch.
Lynx Adorienne looks thoughtful. "I had thought at first you were proposing the addition of a new school among those we teach, next to Trade and Engineering and Flight - one for the study of the Kingdom of Magnus."
Matriarch Clara: *bows* That is all I ask for Talon.
Sildar: The price of knowledge is high, Matriarch. We shall have to determine whether this price is one which we can afford.
Matriarch Clara: Of course, Sildar.
Matriarch Clara: If there are no immediate questions, I must admit to feeling my age at this moment.
Matriarch Clara: As such, I fear I may need to rest soon.
Talon Karrde nods and stands, bowing to Matriarch Clara.
Sildar: I have none. Thank you for your time and the courage to approach us with this.
Lynx Adorienne: Perhaps further questions could be handled by private radio frequency?
Matriarch Clara: Of course, Lynx.
Lynx Adorienne: ((A la posting a discussion thread to FS forum, is what I was thinking.))
Matriarch Clara: Once more, I thank you for hearing me out. I wish all the best for our two groups.
Suino Rosso stands and bows, "Rest well, Matriarch."
Ilya Kabalevski: Thank you for speaking with us.
Talon Karrde: Thank you for your time, Matriarch - I believe a decision that is mutually beneficial will not be long in coming.
Matriarch Clara: *bows once more and exits*
Lynx Adorienne salutes to Matriarch Clara.
Talon Karrde looks around the conference table.
Talon Karrde: Well, gentlemen, there you have it.
Lynx Adorienne: Pandemonium and bedlam ensue?
Sildar: Hopefully not.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 04, 2008 5:36 pm 
Pirate Hat

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Faction: Earthen Order

If you have any questions you'd like to ask of Matriarch Clara, feel free to post them here! Maybe she'll respond...

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