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 Post subject: Nero and Bali's meeting with the Earthen Order
PostPosted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 11:39 am 
RP Canoneer

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Location: Sand City, Monterey County, CA
Faction: Crimson Armada

Markus Jarnhann: I'm with Hare on this one, too.
Bali: hahaha, well, like I said, I'm leaving it to Nero. It is his project afterall.
Chesterfield Taft: Actually Nero.
Chesterfield Taft: We were wondering if you wanted to do it in RP or Faction
Balrog: ((Can any red faction member attend, or just a select few?))
Chesterfield Taft: Faction would make it quieter and more private
Chesterfield Taft: seeing as it is a meeting with Red.
Nero Shade: I see.
Markus Jarnhann: Err
Markus Jarnhann: oh, there you are.
Nero Shade: I guess we can do it here in Faction.
Chesterfield Taft: It remains up to you all.
Nero Shade: Yeah, lets just do it here.
Bali: Roger that.
Nero Shade: We can post it latter publicly
Chesterfield Taft: Very well.
Chesterfield Taft: Shall we begin?
Bali: Yes please.
Nero Shade stepps out of his Bolo and looks around
Chesterfield Taft: Very good, those attending may wish to begin their arrival.
Nero Shade: Beautiful day in Lhasa is it not?
Chesterfield Taft: ((who is attending?))
Bali: ((As far as I know, just Nero and myself?))
Nero Shade [Borin] *stepping out of the Bolo* It is.
Nero Shade: ((Only Bali and I have expressed disires to attend.))
Bali coasts to a stop on Lhasa and steps out, gives orders to his crew and heads towards the Orders' ship. The Song, Bali's mantis, takes off again on overwatch.
Nero Shade: [Borin] Should I leave Crash in the Plane?
Chesterfield Taft: *The large Order arc is moored at the dock, a rudimentary elevator contraption near it for allowing people onto the ship*
Nero Shade: Yes, she shouldnt be alowed to wander about right now.
Bali sees Nero and quickens his pace. Intent on meeting him at the elevator to the Order ship.
Chesterfield Taft: *Around the mooring, there are various individuals dressed in simple clothing building and taking apart various contraptions and temporary housing*
Chesterfield Taft: *one such device appears to be a large radio tower in the process of being built*
Nero Shade looks at the tower
Nero Shade: Looks like they are going to call home.
Bali: Ho, Nero, do we have clearance to enter yet?
Nero Shade: Oh, Bali! Good to see you made it.
Bali grins. "Wouldn't miss it for the world."
Bali: They are really setting up shop here aren't they...
Nero Shade: *continuing to walk towards the elevator* Well, so far there hasent been a welcome party.
Nero Shade: Maybe we should just knock.
Chesterfield Taft: *a gruff badger near the elevator looks at the group, grunts, nods, and then opens the gate to the elevator*
Nero Shade: Thank you.
Bali keeps note of how many people are in the immediate vicinity and checks to make sure the elevator is clear before allowing them to enter.
Nero Shade enters the elevator with his assistant Borin and Bali.
Chesterfield Taft: *the badger shuts the gate and then hollers upwards, "Three to go up!"*
Bali: This is your show Nero, I'll be here if you need me.
Nero Shade: Thanks for being here. Its good to know I am not going in with only one other guest.
Chesterfield Taft: *a large clunk, and a grinding noise sound, followed by a low metallic hum as the elevator shakily begins to lift the 10 stories upwards to the vessel's entrance*
Bali nods.
Nero Shade: This thing is huge.
Nero Shade: [Borin] A big crude in its making for sure.
Chesterfield Taft: *the elevator finally reaches the top, where a familiar female stands, accompanied by 2 brown robed acolytes, and 4 individuals dressed in plain clothes*
Bali gives a slight bow.
Matriarch Clara: Blessings on you. Welcome to the Great Bounty.
Nero Shade: *bows*
Matriarch Clara: *bows in return*
Nero Shade: And blessings to you Matriarch
Nero Shade: I expect you will want to go through security measures before we move on to the rest.
Matriarch Clara: Are you all in need of refreshment? Food?
Nero Shade: I would love some, thank you.
Matriarch Clara: Wonderful. But first, as you said...
Bali: I am fine thank you.
Chesterfield Taft: *the plain clothes individuals approach the group, nodding their head and smiling, "Sorry for the trouble there."*
Chesterfield Taft: *barring objections, they search the group for hidden items*
Bali raises his arms to let them check him. He had left his sidearms and other obvious weapons onboard his ship.
Nero Shade alows them to search him, knowing nothing will be found as he left all weapons and suspicous objects on his plane
Nero Shade: I do have my note book and another book I brought to give you as a gift.
Chesterfield Taft: *a young steward approaches holding a platter with three glasses. One of wine, one of a kind of juice, and one of water. He approaches the Red's*
Nero Shade: [Borin}*also alows the search.*
Matriarch Clara: Always such with gifts. Your people are most generous.
Nero Shade takes the juice "It is a comprehensive history of my people written by the finest historians from all facitons."
Bali smiles and quietly waves off the steward.
Nero Shade: [Borin] *takes the water*
Matriarch Clara: Ah, how delightful.
Matriarch Clara: *turns to one of the males* Roger, do take the wine. You look quite worn out today.
Matriarch Clara: My security appears satisfied. Shall we begin our tour?
Silent: Morning.
Nero Shade: So, shall I start asking quesitons now, or would you rather just show me around.
Bali: ((bad time Silent, RP event. Sorry))
Nero Shade LOL That threw me off.
Bali: Well, perhaps we should save questions till the end of the tour sir?
Nero Shade: ((oopps /me on that last one))
Matriarch Clara: I ever live to serve Nero. What would you prefer?
Nero Shade: Lets go ahead take the tour first then
Matriarch Clara: Very well, do follow me.
Nero Shade: I am eager to see this place.
Bali nods and falls in step behind his two charges and their host.
Nero Shade follows Clara
Chesterfield Taft: *she leads you in through the great gates, and you find yourself in a world of activity*
Nero Shade: oh... wow
Chesterfield Taft: *inside, the Bounty appears fashioned like a great city ship, yourselves in an area busy like a dock*
Chesterfield Taft: *Various individuals busy themselves with tools and construction, there is a smell of oil and sweat in the air*
Bali is taken aback at the sheer size of the enclosure. But quickly tries to note all possible exit vectors.
Chesterfield Taft: *in distant areas, you notice great white cloths have been drawn across places, blocking your view of certain things, and to certain areas*
Matriarch Clara: This is a general work area, where we do tasks necessary to keep our ship running.
Nero Shade: You are certainly industrias here.
Nero Shade: Tell me, how large is your ship?
Chesterfield Taft: *Clara and her group easily move through the throngs of people, but it is easy to almost become swept away in the warren*
Nero Shade manages to keep with Clara and not get lost
Bali is rather large and has some difficulty, but manages to keep up.
Matriarch Clara: Large enough, my friend. The best view of it is from the outside.
Chesterfield Taft: *she leads you all to a large doorway which is opened for her by an attendant who nods to you all*
Chesterfield Taft: *inside is a rusty circular staircase*
Bali returns the nod.
Nero Shade nods in return to the attendent.
Matriarch Clara: I do hope you all have your wind. We'll be walking up five stories.
Nero Shade: And how many people can this place hold?
Nero Shade: I can manage.
Bali grins.
Matriarch Clara: Hmm...a difficult number to keep track of, but I imagine we have something on the order of 3000 souls.
Chesterfield Taft: *you all climb the staircase, a tremendously claustrophobic experience*
Chesterfield Taft: *yet as you do, the sound and the din of the below begins to fade away into a dull hum*
Nero Shade is small and feels just fine in the stairway. Borin does have some trouble though
Bali: Three thousand you say? And how many are part of your security services and pilots?
Nero Shade smiles
Bali: I'd imagine it would take quite a few to maintain order in such a a large and busy place.
Matriarch Clara: That number changes with our needs. I fear I can't recall the exact amount.
Bali: I see...
Bali: I apologize for being so blunt. It's just that, the sheer magnitude of your operation here astounds me.
Nero Shade: Understandably, the exact details of day to day life of three thousand people can't be memorized by one person
Chesterfield Taft: *you all emerge into a large room big enough to easily house over two hundred people. Pillars of a smoky glass lead up to a ceiling of purest white. A podium stands at the front of it all, carved of the smoothest of alabaster, shaped into the form of clouds*
Matriarch Clara: This is one of our classrooms.
Nero Shade: Reminds me of a temple
Bali: ((windows? ))
Chesterfield Taft: ((none. ))
Matriarch Clara: Temples and classrooms are much the same.
Nero Shade: Is this where you teach the teaching of Magnus and his prophet?
Nero Shade: That they are. Temples are meant to teach and refreash
Matriarch Clara: No, this room is reserved for engineering and the arts.
Nero Shade: interesting.
Matriarch Clara: We teach in one of the larger rooms.
Nero Shade: amazing
Matriarch Clara: Now, if you will follow me.
Nero Shade keeps up with Clara
Chesterfield Taft: *she leads you to another staircase*
Bali lingers a bit looking around some more before following the group.
Matriarch Clara: This one is a bit taller than the previous.
Nero Shade: I assume powering elevators would take away needed energy from other important systems
Matriarch Clara: That, and there are issues of maintenance and space requirements. The stairs, while a trial, are safe and give my people a chance to stretch their legs.
Chesterfield Taft: *she moves up it*
Nero Shade: [Borin] Makes sense
Bali concludes that there must be multiple access points along the length of the ship because these staircases could not possibly be used by large numbers of people.
Bali: Surely there must some way of moving larger numbers of people faster from deck to deck. What if there were to be an emergency?
Matriarch Clara: We make sure to take that in mind.
Nero Shade nods and takes out his note book and takes a coupld notes while following Clara
Chesterfield Taft: *you all come to a long 20 foot hallway*
Chesterfield Taft: *on either side are numerous doors*
Bali: This high up on the ship... these must be officers quarters ma'am?
Chesterfield Taft: *each bears various carvings on it*
Nero Shade: Interesting craftsmanship
Matriarch Clara: Oh no, these are just the living quarters of some of our workers.
Nero Shade: Are these carvings your writing or just for decoration?
Chesterfield Taft: *the carvings appear to range from ornate depictions of theatrical scenes, to simple carvings of people*
Nero Shade: *looking closer* oh, I see.
Matriarch Clara: Families are allowed to customize their living quarters as they see fit.
Nero Shade: Very nicely done
Nero Shade: They do this themselves or are there other workers hired to decorate like this?
Matriarch Clara: Themselves.
Bali: May we see the insides of the crew quarters?
Matriarch Clara: Hmm...perhaps.
Chesterfield Taft: *she turns to one of the acolytes*
Bali hastily adds, "If it is ok with the family of course."
Matriarch Clara: Talia, your quarters are here are they not?
Matriarch Clara: Talia: Yes Matriarch, I'd be happy to show you all.
Nero Shade: thank you Talia
Bali smiles and nods. "Thank you very much."
Chesterfield Taft: *she opens her door, which is itself decorated simply with carvings of a family*
Chesterfield Taft: The inside is a simple room about large enough to fit three hammocks, a small dresser, a chair, and a few strewn toys on the ground*
Bali: ((no desk?))
Chesterfield Taft: ((it appears the dresser is used as a desk, a candle and a few books sit upon it))
Nero Shade: Nice and simple.
Bali notices the toys on the ground. "You have children here. Where are they now?"
Nero Shade: [Borin] Good to see little ones have played.
Matriarch Clara: During the day while the parents work, the children are kept in communal nurseries where they are kept safe and entertained.
Bali nods.
Nero Shade: Am I safe to assume the community is very social and every member cares for the others?
Nero Shade: ((test ))
Bali: It appears they are and do.
Nero Shade: ((/me wonders if Taft died))
Chesterfield Taft: ((one moment please))
Nero Shade: ((kk ))
Chesterfield Taft: ((back ))
Matriarch Clara: I would like to think we all look out for one another. In many ways, we must, as it is all we can do to survive. If you will follow me, the last room of our tour.
Nero Shade nods and contiues to follow
Chesterfield Taft: *another staircase*
Matriarch Clara: This should not be too tall.
Chesterfield Taft: *she takes you up, and you begin to hear the sound of the open and wind*
Nero Shade seems only slightly concerned at the stairs and takes them in good pace. Borin does his best not to get stuck.
Chesterfield Taft: *you all emerge out into sunlight*
Chesterfield Taft: *as your eyes adjust, you make out great fields of green, this area being adapted to the growth of many crops*
Chesterfield Taft: *next to these crops are large water collectors that seem to feed into large tanks*
Chesterfield Taft: *there are a few structures that are covered in a white tarp, several individuals standing watch*
Nero Shade: It must have taken your people some time to develop a place like this that can support so many people for long periods of time
Matriarch Clara: It has been the work of ages. Refined and perfected.
Bali: What are those structures over there that are covered by white tarps?
Nero Shade: I think I would be correct to assume that asking about all these white tarps would be answered by no answer
Matriarch Clara: *smiles*
Nero Shade: or in an answer that leave us with no information about it.
Matriarch Clara: You are most astute.
Chesterfield Taft: *Clara continues to walk past an area of grown corn, she approaches a balcony area that overlooks Lhasa*
Nero Shade: But Clara, you must understand that we are here to discern if your people are a threat. For all I know those are cannons that can rival the firepower of even our own mighty ships.
Bali frowns, "I am almost certain those are weapons systems... With three thousand people here, you must have defenses to protect them with."
Matriarch Clara: Nero, while I do understand that, I am not one to reveal all my cards to a group who has not done the same. My information about your world is limited, and as such, I must be ever watchful for my people.
Bali: ((er... that's an aside sort of to Nero...))
Nero Shade: I understand. I mearly wished to be open with you about just one of the reasons I am here.
Matriarch Clara: *nods*
Matriarch Clara: Lhasa is a most beautiful place, and yet the monument is such a sad story.
Bali: May we see your engine rooms? I am very interested in seeing how you keep such a massive and quite beautiful ship afloat.
Matriarch Clara: A symbol of unity, never completed.
Matriarch Clara: Regrettably, we will not be visiting those areas.
Matriarch Clara: Perhaps another time.
Nero Shade: perhasp
Bali nods, "I'd like that, thank you."
Nero Shade: And you are right.
Nero Shade: Lhasa is very much beautiful and yet sad.
Matriarch Clara: Ah, but such is our world. *she turns away from the monument* Now, we shall return to the elevator.
Matriarch Clara: Fortunately, we have a cargo elevator that we may take from here.
Chesterfield Taft: *she moves past several fields, at one point passing a small podium where the statue of Arcadia has been placed*
Nero Shade: [Borin] a much apreciated device.
Nero Shade: I see you have the statue of Arcadia displayed.
Chesterfield Taft: *you all reach the cargo elevator, which opens for you all*
Matriarch Clara: Ours is a people who honors our gifts.
Nero Shade: ((i forget, was that the one I made or was that some other sculpture?))
Chesterfield Taft: ((it was.))
Nero Shade: You may not know but I am the artist of that gift.
Nero Shade: Zabrak did not tell me that what she commisioned me to create was to become a gift to you. Not that I minded.
Matriarch Clara: Ah, well it was most appreciated.
Matriarch Clara: Our people look on it most fondly.
Chesterfield Taft: *she enters the elevator*
Nero Shade stepps into the elevator
Bali follows.
Nero Shade: ((What is the name od Darth Vaders wife? Elevader! Ha!))
Nero Shade: ((sorry, couldnt resist))
Chesterfield Taft: *the elevator descends for quite some time*
Chesterfield Taft: *eventually, the doors open back onto the chaotic dock area*
Chesterfield Taft: *Clara leads you all back to the entrance*
Bali turns to face Matriarch Clara.
Matriarch Clara: I do hope we have given you all a bit of a look at our people.
Nero Shade: You have, and it has taught us a good bit
Matriarch Clara: I understand you had questions?
Nero Shade: If you still have time
Matriarch Clara: Perhaps for a few.
Nero Shade: Why come here? Are you running from someone, looking for more resources, or just looking to expand?
Matriarch Clara: Opening new trade agreements would be helpful to my people. But above all else, because it is our calling. Have the Skytopians not felt some loneliness? Wondering if there were other voices out there in the blue?
Matriarch Clara: We heard the whispers on the wind and chose to follow.
Nero Shade: That is understandable, and yes, we have had a disire to set out and explore but have not yet had the ability to do as you ahve done
Bali: I don't believe it. You mean to tell us that you set off into the setting sun without a clue as to where it would lead you?
Matriarch Clara: *smiles* It may be hard for you to believe, but that is our calling.
Matriarch Clara: Magnus calls us to service, and all we can do is answer.
Bali: ((Nero, do we mention Zabrak!'s report?))
Nero Shade: You call your home the Barrens. Why give it that name and what is it like? Are there skylands like ours, or of a differnt nature?
Nero Shade: ((not unless she does.))
Bali: ((well, technically, she shouldnt know about it...))
Nero Shade: ((and then we shouldnt deny it but give as much of the truth about it as we can.))
Matriarch Clara: The Barrens was a desolate region, similar yet different from yours. Under Alcuin's teachings, we managed to bring life to it.
Nero Shade: Like a desert blosoming?
Matriarch Clara: Much so.
Nero Shade: So the Barrens now have plants and crops like our skylands, or are they just habitable?
Matriarch Clara: Our is a land as diverse as your own. Some areas are now becoming more lush forests, whereas others are still struggling.
Nero Shade: I see.
Nero Shade: Your technology. How advanced compared to ours is it, and would you be willing alow a trade of it?
Matriarch Clara: Honestly, I am not sure. I have not been privy to much of your technology but it seems comparable to ours. I believe we can find some amount of information to share.
Nero Shade: On a similar note, would you be willing to send out your own engineers to both learn and teach our own engineers?
Matriarch Clara: I imagine such an exchange program could be most beneficial.
Nero Shade: That is good to hear. Now on to what I really want to know.
Nero Shade: How do you teach the doctrines of Magnus and are you open to allowing outsiders to come in and learn?
Matriarch Clara: We teach it in all ways. If necessary, we use words. I would be happy to personally teach you.
Nero Shade: But you would never resort to more zealous ways of teaching, such as forcing your doctines on people through violence?
Bali raises an eyebrow at Nero.
Matriarch Clara: Personally, I would not.
Nero Shade: would any of your people?
Matriarch Clara: I am sure you are no stranger to the fact that any group is made of diverse wills and interests.
Matriarch Clara: And I cannot make the choices of everyone.
Nero Shade: I apologize if I am asking some pressing questions.
Bali: More importantly, you /are/ in control of the majority of your peoples correct?
Nero Shade: I understand
Matriarch Clara: What does it mean to be in control?
Bali: They will follow you.
Matriarch Clara: I teach, and counsel them. I attempt to show them the way as I see it.
Matriarch Clara: But I am not naive enough to believe I know the will of each of their hearts.
Nero Shade: That is understandbly
Nero Shade: I promised a friend of mine I would ask couple more questions for the Blue faciton
Matriarch Clara: A general charges forward across the field of battle. He does not busy himself wondering if each soldier follows him.
Nero Shade: I told them I doubted you would know but it never hurts to ask.
Matriarch Clara: Ask away.
Nero Shade: Have you any knowledge of an explorer by the name of Islo? He disapeared some time ago. He may have come across your people.
Matriarch Clara: I am afraid I have not.
Nero Shade: Then you would more then likely not know anything about platforms and how they disapeared when a device owned my Islo was used.
Nero Shade: But the most important question they wanted to ask was: Do you know anything about the Throne of Magnus?
Matriarch Clara: Such platforms are unknown to us, although my people have encountered groups using a kind of camoflauging technology.
Matriarch Clara: The Throne of Magnus? There are many such things that could describe. It could literal or figurative.
Chesterfield Taft: ((I'm afraid we may need to cut this short. Such questions/answers could be move to a private red faction thread.))
Nero Shade: ((I was just about to end it. Fiancee is going to start beating me if this lasts much longer))
Bali: ((heh, sounded like you were in a rush.))
Nero Shade: Very well. I believe that is all i have for now. Can me continue to exchange letters and questions through mail?
Chesterfield Taft: ((let's move it to the forum then, sound good?))
Matriarch Clara: Of course. I welcome it.
Bali: ((Fine by me.))
Nero Shade: ((sounds good.))
Nero Shade: ((lets let the other reds ask a few quesitons if they like then))
Matriarch Clara: May the breath of Magnus carry you. *bows*
Bali: ((I'll probably post my official report on this meeting sometime in the next day or so.))
Nero Shade bows
Bali bows
Chesterfield Taft: ((gotta dash, good play folks))
Bali: ((take care Taft))
Nero Shade: ((see ya))

Still a cranky old man.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 12:15 pm 
RP Canoneer

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Public Report on the Earthen Order

After a tour and discussion with Clara of the Earthen Order I have come to understand only a little more about these people. From what I could see, they are simple, faith filled, and industrious. They do have defenses to properly defend themselves. Their leadership is wise and friendly, while also tactful and careful.

It is of my opinion that we should not fear any military action from these people. However, the leadership does not claim to control the people and there may be small strikes from individuals. I have no doubt that such actions will be dealt with.

As for the doctrine of Magnus, they follow it very strictly and zealously. They are kind people, they care for one another, and they worship devoutly.

One very interesting thing happened before this that should be noted here and that was my friend, Crash Shadow, was sent to help me in preparing and analyzing this meeting. In preparing she revealed to me that Blue has for some time now hidden the secret to why the Platforms disappeared after their first major wave. It seems that the bombs the Crimson Armada developed did not drive them away as first assumed. Instead a device discovered by the Azure League in a chest of personal items that belonged to Islo himself was the cause of the mysterious disappearance. Upon pressing a button that was beeping and blinking reports came in that the platforms dropped their cloaks and then vanished all together. Crash asked that I find out if Clara knew of anything related to this device but I was right to assume that she did not, as she had before stated that she knew nothing of the invisible fleets or of Islo himself.


All below comments are OOC: (this is from the Crimson Empire Forum.)

Both the Earthen Order and the Court are future factions that the Devs are setting up with RP events and interactions with existing players. This can be seen clearly in their vague descriptions and dodgy answers to direct questions. A great example is Nero's interaction with Clara. After several questions, Clara pretty much told Nero with much tact that she will not control the people in the Earthen Order but will be their leader. They will rule themselves. Also, we really only have one big NPC per faction, these new groups are no exception.

In adding The EO and the Court, we add two factions that will cover Art and Religion. If my suspicions are correct then we will have six total factions and one New Member group. These will be The Crimson Armada, The Azure League, The Emerald Republic, The Earthen Order, The (Purple?) Court, and Flight School Faculty.

In respect to capitals, Earthen Order will probably get Lhasa, as that is where Nero witnessed them setting up. It is also a skyland known for its cathedral. i have not followed the Court, and cannot begin to guess where they will have their capital.

Because Lhasa is further out on the rim, I think there will be another movement of Skylands. If this is true, we might find that there will be more skylands next round.

Still a cranky old man.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 5:22 pm 

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(Nero, are we to assume, then, that the whole transcript is included in the public report, or simply your summary?)

You would like to attain faith, and do not know the way? Follow the way by which they began; by acting as if they believed. What harm will befall you in taking this side? - B. Pascal

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 5:48 pm 
RP Canoneer

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The whole transcript is attached to the public report. This is to show that the Crimson Armada has nothing to hide in its dealings with the Earthen Order.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 6:09 pm 

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OOC: Except for the piece of the transcript you posted in the Empire forums, right Nero? It is a good thing Thorne gave me full access, it would be a shame if I missed out on such important information. :grin:

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 8:23 pm 

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Nero Shade wrote:
The whole transcript is attached to the public report. This is to show that the Crimson Armada has nothing to hide in its dealings with the Earthen Order.

Athrawes wrote:
OOC: Except for the piece of the transcript you posted in the Empire forums, right Nero? It is a good thing Thorne gave me full access, it would be a shame if I missed out on such important information. :grin:

Reconciling those two statements would be beneficial for analytical purposes.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 9:20 pm 

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Thank you, Red faction, for sharing this information with all of Skytopia.

Talon Karrde wrote:
Nero Shade wrote:
The whole transcript is attached to the public report. This is to show that the Crimson Armada has nothing to hide in its dealings with the Earthen Order.

Athrawes wrote:
OOC: Except for the piece of the transcript you posted in the Empire forums, right Nero? It is a good thing Thorne gave me full access, it would be a shame if I missed out on such important information. :grin:

Reconciling those two statements would be beneficial for analytical purposes.

I believe the latter quote is something known as "humor". I'm still analyzing its properties.

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You would believe correctly Alessan.

/me cries in acorner because no one gets his humour.

IC: Very interesting Nero, thank you. Do you believe it might be possible to obtain plant life from The Barrens? It sounds rather interesting.

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I believe the latter quote is something known as "humor". I'm still analyzing its properties.[/quote]

Aha! Analysis complete! Conclusion: ...'Humor' is strange but interesting. Should be investigated further, like the Barrens. :razz:

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 7:42 am 
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Athrawes wrote:
OOC: Except for the piece of the transcript you posted in the Empire forums, right Nero? It is a good thing Thorne gave me full access, it would be a shame if I missed out on such important information. :grin:

OOC: I am going to have to compare my two reports and make sure I get them in line. But my statement is still true, I posted my report in the CE forum for you as much as I did for Red.

And yes, I did catch the humor.

Edit: I changed the OOC to what I reported in the CE forum. I also added the bit about the Blue Device in case no one noticed.

Still a cranky old man.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 18, 2008 7:45 pm 

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Nero Shade wrote:
...the (Purple?) Court...

They have referred to themselves as the Court of Violets. ;)

""In teaching there should be no distinction of classes."
- Confucius; Analects XV

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