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 Post subject: Welcome back!
PostPosted: Wed Sep 23, 2009 6:11 pm 
Flight Master

Joined: Fri Sep 01, 2006 12:55 pm
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It's good to have you all here :smile:


 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed Sep 23, 2009 7:27 pm 
Flight Master

Joined: Fri Sep 01, 2006 12:55 pm
Posts: 2773
Location: Volstoy
Faction: Flight School
Change List

Plane Condition
We have gotten rid of needing to worry about ammo, armor, and fuel all the time.

Your plane will automatically be refilled with fuel whenever you land at no cost. Your planes armor will also automatically go back to full at the end of every combat. Within combat, your gun will reload when it is out of ammo.

Now, planes have a condition that ranges from 0-100%. As you fly around, do trades, and perform combats, your condition will drop. Mechanics and the Perception skill will slow the rate of drop.

At the moment, there are no negative effects for low condition. We are planning on implementing those shortly.

Servicing a plane's condition is no small matter. Servicing currently takes 8 hours to complete, regardless of how damaged your plane is, and is performed by queuing it up. Cost will depend on your plane's current condition, and its cost to repair stat.

The intent for this is to give you all a decision on how damaged you'll let your plane get before you go out of commission for 8 hours. This is not something you should just idly decide to queue up every day, but should be a specific choice.

Skyland Influence
The flag on a Skyland no longer flips as soon as the influence of one faction is higher. Now, the Skylands will change their flags once a day depending on who has the highest influence at that time.

We have plans on adding benefits to Skyland control, but those are not in the game at this time.

NPC Faction Influence Running
Two factions are now players in the Skyland Influence game. The Pirate and Hidden Fleet factions will now be running influence in the world. Throughout the day ou will

If an NPC takes over a Skyland, all other influence on that Skyland will go to 0. If a Skyland is controlled by an NPC faction, but is taken over by another faction, that NPC's influence goes to 0 at that Skyland.

Skylands now have a mood. If the mood is good, the faction in control of that skyland will get a boost to influence running while there. If the mood is low, all other factions gain a boost to running influence.

Mood becomes high once a Skyland is first taken over. The mood will then begin to decrease after each day.

At the moment, there is no other method for raising the mood of a Skyland. We have some plans here, however.

A Skyland controlled by an NPC faction will almost always have low mood.

Faction Capitols
Capitols will have high mood so long as they are controlled by their appropriate faction. If they are taken over by another faction, their mood will plunge to 'Rioting.'

Influence & Reputation Decay
Each day, the Faction Influence and Personal Reputation at each Skyland will decrease by a small percentage.

So if one Skyland has 1000 influence and 100 reputation on it, after one day, those number may go to 980 influence and 98 reputation.

Cargo Loss
We have decreased the amount of cargo that pirates steal after a lost combat.

Additionally, we plan to make it such that if you managed to shoot pirates down, but still lost the battle, the amount stolen will depend on the amount of pirates left at the end of the battle.

We plan to start doing more with player Reputation (also known as Personal Influence). As you complete missions, you will earn Reputation for yourself at that Skyland. At the moment, there are no in game benefits to this. However, we plan on adding some such as:

More combats, better trade prices, more missions offered.

Council House
There is a new location on the Skylands. The Council House is where matters of Influence and Reputation are talked about.

Currently, the Faction and Wing sections of the Tavern have been moved here.

Wing creation and invitations are now done outside of the client on a webpage. That page is here:

Here players can create, send out, and accept invitations to join Wings.

There is no longer a limitation on how many wings can be at a given Skyland.

At the moment, there is no limitation on how many people can be in a Wing.

Quitting a Faction (and rejoining)
After 30 days from when you quit a faction, you may rejoin it.

Trade License
Trade License now takes 8 levels instead of 7. Ore now requires a level of Trade License before you can trade in it. The overall cost of the Trade License skill has been reduced.

Flight License
Flight License has been increased to 10 levels. The overall cost of the Flight License skill has been reduced.

Skyland Info
On the Skyland view screen in the client, you'll now be able to see some information on the Skyland. This will include some information on influence running there, and a small fact about the Skyland.

Armor Class
Planes now have an Armor Class that represents how difficult they are to damage in combat.

Trade Prices
The profit margins of the upper tier trade goods has been increased.

Forum Smilies
The forum has some new smilies courtesy of Tommy Chong.

Forum Log in
Logging into the forum is now done via just logging into your game character. You may switch who you post as via changing your character on the character page.

E-mail Validation
We now require e-mail validation before you can play.

Upgrades are now implemented and in the game. They can be bought and installed at the mechanic.

Players may now mentor and apprentice one another. To do so, click on your avatar portrait, and then click on 'Community.'

Players may invite other players to become their apprentice. After one day of being an apprentice, the mentor will start receiving a small boost to their reputation whenever the apprentices completes a mission.

So if the apprentice completes a mission and earns reputation, the mentor will also gain reputation at that Skyland.

Apprentices are intended to gain a small speed boost. This is currently not implemented.

A mentor can have 5 apprentices. A mentor cannot be an apprentice, and an apprentice cannot be a mentor.

Missions for Newbies
There is no longer a 24 hour waiting period until when players can take missions. However, players must complete at least one flight before they are offered.

Status Effects
The various skills and upgrades create Status Effects that are visible on your plane's stat screen.

Combat background
The background in combat will now change color based on your local time.

The Barashiki is currently in the game and ready for purchase.

The play page has a new premium sized ad on the left side. We're looking forward to seeing what you folks come up with.

You can no longer buy a new craft if it doesn't have the cargo space to fit your current cargo.

There was some strangeness with how waypoints behaved with Flight License. This has been fixed.

Client cleanup
We've added dialogue & confirmation boxes in a number of places to ease 'accidental clicking.'

Website redesign
The website has been redesigned. Currently, it's missing a number of pages from the old website, but we are hard at work converting those.

Odds & Ends
We plan on giving the players a 'delete character' button.

A Crewmate Reunion Services webpage will be going up in some time.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed Sep 23, 2009 7:27 pm 
Flight Master

Joined: Fri Sep 01, 2006 12:55 pm
Posts: 2773
Location: Volstoy
Faction: Flight School
Other changes will be posted to this thread.

If you have any questions, please post to the forum or e-mail

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