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Alphas? Be ye afeared! - June 20th 2016
Ye pox-faced, kraken-lovin, bilgeladen rats with the silly unimaginative monikers! I've a fierce fire in m belly t' strike yer colors m'self onna count of ye salty, scrappy, good fer nothin' names. -Captain Remy
IRC - May 3rd 2015
With the recent retirement of Lurker, Narbot and Skylight, quite a few people have migrated over to an IRC channel, #skyrates. More details can be found on the Skybrary under 'Radio'. -Calvin
Tee-hee! - February 13th 2015
In honor of Singlehood Awareness Day, I've re-added a few Titles to the Store and outfitted my blimp to fiddle with the luxury market. I'm hitting Diamonds at Romeo and Juliet first. -Calvin
Back into the fray! - December 20th 2014
The Seasonal Legendary Combats have been reactivated, a few more titles are now available in the Store (some for gifting to others) and ''Happy 2014-15'' has been added too! -Capt. Nick Klaus
Annnd we're back. - August 15th 2014
Sorry about that folks. Server was full. Too much tear gas and too few lolcats. -Calvin
can haz cheeseburger? - August 13th 2014
No. -hidden frequency
Fireworks! - July 2nd 2014
Celebrate the independence of your nation by blowing up a small part of it! The 'July 4th 2014' title is on sale now in the Store. Grab it and type ''Fireworks'' in Chat. -Admiral Ignacious Fuseli
Get Crazy! Get Funky! - May 4th 2014
The coveted, limited edition Cinco de Mayo 2014 title is on sale now! Grab yours and get your Mayo on! -Shining One